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Challenge Rimini: Giulio Molinari (ITA) and Ivonne Van Vlerken (NED) win the ed. 2016!

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1.9-90-21 k
Parterre of excellence in both the Elite men's race, than in the female.
Among men the hamlet sees first swim the water the Italian Marco From Venice, followed at a short distance from all the Favorites. Giulio Molinari lingers lightly in the transition area and comes out at the end of the group. Nothing to worry about anyway for the Italian Carabinieri sport team, that within only 10 km has already recovered the lead and goes to distinct advantage over all the other athletes. At 30 kilometers of cycling fraction Molinari has already two minutes on the German Christian Otto and defending winner Filip Ospaly. Follow a wheel German Wollner and Bittner. At the halfway point of the 45th kilometre cycling around Molinari fraction increases its lead pursuers, keeping the head of the race by a margin of almost five minutes on Bittner and Ospaly. Back at T2 Molinari has definitely increased its advantage and brings you to return with eight minutes ahead of Bittner and Ospaly. The village running club for the policeman is a matter of energy management. Czech to 7th kilometer of the village run passes Bittner and launches the desperate pursuit of Molinari. The hankering for but do not last long and Ospaly Bittner reacts by retrieving the gap and reaching back into second position. From here onwards, the Bittner is a decisive and definitive progression. At the finish line Rimini explodes with an ovation for Giulio Molinari, undisputed winner with more than 7 minutes on silver by Bittner. Ospaly from 2015 Edition honors the winner outgoing event with a more than Honourable bronze and complete a podium of the highest technical merit.
Challenge U 2016
Among women the fastest in water is the britannica Drewett, closely followed by Italy's Veronica Signorini, debuts on the distance. Third is Margie Santimaria for Golden flames, holding at Bay the big favorite Leanda Cave. After a few kilometers of cycling fraction la Cave manages to recover the gap which separates it from the front of the race. To step on the 30th kilometer la favorita has over 1 ' 30 "on Drewett, preceding Margie Santimaria an additional 1 ' 30". Follow Veronica Signorini and Ivonne Val Vlerken, a minute behind the first three. At the halfway point of the bike firmly maintains the head into the Cave fraction race with 2 ' 30 "on a live Chaser, Margie Santimaria. Ivonne Val Vlerken approaches this point at great speed, with a few seconds of delay. Back to Rimini from turning point sees an amazing split to Ivonne Van Vlerken, passing the Santimaria and goes to close the gap on the Cave. It is precisely the Dutch athlete to take the change in T2 with 15 seconds advantage. Third great performance bike rider of Golden flames, Margie Santimaria. The fraction race sees Ivonne stubbornly in the head with a direct advantage Chaser, which remains at around 30 seconds for half of the race. The Santimaria fails to get more than five minutes in the first two and gradually loses ground. Twice as fast the German outsider Julia Viellehner is the author of a great comeback in the village and walking around in midstream brings you firmly in third place. The athletes maintain this hierarchy to the finish, with Ivonne Van Vlerken which triggers a strong progression, and carries on the finish line with over four minutes on the silver from the Cave. The third step of the podium is occupied legitimately from what is surely the fastest runner of the day, Julia Viellehner.
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Honour also for Italian athletes Martina DOGANA (CY LASER TRI SCHIO) arrived 4° à and Marta BERNARDI (TRIEVOLUTION Florence) 5° with upon arrival.
Challenge D 2016
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