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Alessandro Degasperi has completed his first race "iron distance". The Queen of triathlon distance, what can glorificarti most of all. He did it with the sample catch conquering what seemed to a chimera, an unexpected 5th place.

Unexpected because Sunday 6 July theIronman Frankfurt Germany was valid as European Championship which took several among the strongest ever on the ironman distance.

Including the likes of triathletes Sebastian Kienle (2-time winner of the world title over the distance IM 70.3), Frederik Van Lierde (current world champion), Jan Frodeno (Olympic champion in 2008 and vanquisher of the Ironman 70.3 circuit), Andreas Raelert (holder of the best performance in a triathlon, 226 registered to Challenge Roth in 2011, 7:41 ' 33 "), Ronnie Schildknecht (7 Ironman winner).

Also unexpected because from May onwards has struggled with a calf strain and a major crackdowninflamed Achilles ' tendons.

When there is the Dega di mezzo, however, you can't take anything for granted: the guy from doing polite and quiet has within himself a grit and a fighting spirit out of the ordinary, characteristics that have allowed him to give us important pages in the history of triathlon, including fits this Ironman Germany.

Departure at 6.45, the 3.8 K swim takes place in very high pace and a group of 7 athletes, including Van Lierde, Frodeno, Raelert and Alonso, will start in T1 after just over 45 '. 4 ' off the band with Degasperi, Kienle, Schildknecht, Plese.

Start the bike that will give many twists: Van Lierde trying to stretch, from behind is overbearingly Kienle that eventually will register a stratospheric 4:12 ′ (180 miles no draft to 42.94 kph average!), Frodeno fora the tubular 3 times and lost precious minutes, Raelert can't keep up the pace of the first.

Degasperi chooses to keep his pace and eventually will mark its Pico White Chrono equipped Campagnolo, the partial day 3° (4:29 ' 51 ", at an average of 40.13 km/h).

Starts the last fraction, the marathon, which will give it too many twists: Kienle descends from the bike with an incredible advantage on the second, administers and wing at the finish line for his first victory in an Ironman and won the European title on the day of his birthday 30°.

Final time of Kienle: 7:55 ' 14 ", records of the event.

Van Lierde tries to recover, but you have to "settle" the second place in a time of 25 seconds for more than 8 hours. Will declare at the end of a perfect race, but have found a stronger champion him here today.

Frodeno, after repeated punctures, falls from bicycles, begins to run, accuses cramps, he recovers and starts flying: does mark a day of partial 2:43 ' 14 "that earned him the low rung of the podium.

Schildknecht, Degasperi and Plese run in pairs up to 25 km. Then accuses some problem Degasperi stomach and drops the beat losing ground on the duo.

The Dega once again do not lose heart and, after this moment of crisis, back to run and manage to overcome the 40° Plese, conquering thus the Top5 in time of 8:20 ' 39 ".

Time after Daniel Fontana and Danilo Pabustan, does it become the third Italian faster than ever over the distance.

This is the comment of Dega line: "I made a cautious race until mid cycle fraction, then I felt better and better and, in the second part of the race, I managed to do a bit of selection along with Schildknecht and Plese. In the village I started running at a pace that seemed quiet than those to which they are accustomed in 70.3. The second half of the Marathon was an ordeal, I was continually apart, I had to drop the pace and, in the last two kilometers, I clenched my teeth to regain fifth place. I paid, in this part of the race, the precarious preparation of the last period. The On and CloudSurfer Compressport us US helped me a lot to hold off inflammation to the Achilles tendon that patisco by a little, I'm looking for the ultimate solution with new Orthotics but still haven't found and thus, at 21° miles I replaced the new insoles with old ones to avoid overloading the calves. Thanks to my sponsors, my family, my team, my friends and my supporters that I have ever done to miss their support even in the most difficult times. "

Of course the Dega is happy of the result achieved which allowed him to earn valuable points for the qualification for the Ironman World Championship Hawaii at Kona. Now the Fort is the Fiemme athlete 51° instead of the world ranking.

Alessandro Degasperi
The blue dress Has more than once, and climbed on the podium of the most important national competitions and Olympic triathlon. After the runners-up in 2007 and 2008 at the Ironman 70.3 Championships decides to devote himself to collecting good results, especially from 2011. In 2012 the Dega Crown one of his dreams by winning the Ironman 70.3 of Zell Am See (Salzburg) and conquering numerous podiums. Defends the colors of CUS Trento. In 2013 is a bronze medal at the European Championships of Ironman 70.3 Wiesbaden, second at Ironman 70.3 Italy and third at Challenge Rimini. The Dega is supported by some of the most important companies worldwide: On, white, PowerBar, Aquasphere, Pasta Young Endurance, Compressport us, Rudy Project, Santini, fi'zi: k, Vision, Campagnolo, Garmin,
Twitter: @tridega

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