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Italian Championship of Triathlon in Average Molinari and Customs

LOVERE uomini
Were the Favorites ... and you are confirmed! Giulio Molinari (GS Carabinieri) and Martina Dogana (Laser Tri Schio) are the Italian champions 2016 Triathlon medium (1.9 k-85k-21k).
In Lovere (BG) the first starting were women:
The first to emerge from the cold waters (16°) of Lake Iseo, is the athlete of the Fiamme Oro Margie Santimaria, followed a short distance Michela Menegon (Val di Merse Triathlon). A minute and a half after you bring in T2 in third place Team of Silvia Colussi Forhans. On the pedals Margie Santimaria manages to maintain leadership to 30 kilometers and then remains the victim of a puncture which puts an end to his race. Michela Menegon brings so head followed by Martina Dogana, recovering with authority the gap accumulated in swim fraction. Marta Bernardi held firmly in third place instead of up back at T2. The village is a two foot race between Mahmood and customs, with the latter leading you in command at the end of the fourth of five laps of the race and go on to win the Italian Title 2016.
lovere donne
In the men's race the early 1900 m of swimming seen Marco From Venice (Liger Team) coming out of the water with 15 seconds lead over Andrea Pederzollli of Cus Trento. Giulio Molinari lingered a few seconds and Ivan Risti you wear in T2 respectively third and fourth. Cycling race, taking in the hamlet kills Molinari in his head since the very first kilometres of fraction. After 15 km has already almost two minutes ahead of Alberto Abadi, who follows him in second place. A little less than 30 km from the end of the lap, chronometric detection sees Giulio Molinari leading with almost 5 minutes ahead of rider of Golden flames followed with further one minute delay from Ivan Risti for DDS. Pally and Venice are fourth and fifth respectively. In T2 arrives Molinari first, followed about 5 ' from Abadi. Third great progression for business ideas that you bring in the area of medals, ahead in the order Pally, Risti and Venice. The village running Club is a long walkway to Giulio Molinari going easily to win the title, while behind it consumes a try exciting and closely fought. Alberto Abadi, defending champion hires a long confrontation with Federico Incardona, who manages to get the better of him in the last two kilometers of the race, putting his neck the silver medal.
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