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Another success for the German who rides on Kuota KtZero5

Andreas Böcherer and Anja Beranek (both on KtZero5) are the bearer Kuotacycle that weekend have shone in the Ironman 70.3 St. Pölten. Victory for Boecherer, second in 2 years in this race, and 3rd place for Anja Beranek among women.

ANDI: a proof of safety than the German who gave an idea of power, particularly in the bike trial, where he forced their opponents to give all their energy.

Böcherer he checked opponents in the hamlet of swimming disputed with the Austrian Martin Bader with that published by the fraction in the water at 24:54 ". The Swiss Ruedi Wild and Marino Vanhoenacker were behind them.
It seemed very relaxed Boecherer always in the village bike although its advantage by Austrian Paul Reitmayr and the sviezzero Wild had never risen above the minute in the first 60 km in the saddle. Only in the second part of this test was able to give greater force to the pedals and show up in the transition area with 3 seconds and run that to victory half marathon.

ANJA: female test signals a major departure from Anja Beranek which in the hamlet of swimming was the best as well as cycling. Last year's winner very combative, la russa Anastasia Chernenko always close to Beranek. La russa in the finale, however, made very strong runner as Yvonne van Vlerken overcome by 2 (NED) and Laura Philipp (GER) that were 2 minutes behind her.

Beranek riding the KtZero5 clocked the fastest time in cycling, but the fearsome Vlerken was only 1:18 "behind her at the start of the half marathon. Thanks to the fastest time in the race, after 15 km is in fact passed overhead and behind her are left to battle for the silver medal.

For Kuotacycle it was a great competitive weekend which saw testimonials and products at the highest level.


1 00:24:54-11 2:09:03 Boecherer, Andi DEU-1:14:020 TOT 3:52:45

Wild 2, 12:24:5702: Ruedi that 2200:2301:12:5503:54:33

3 33 00:25:08 2:12:0401 Reitmayr, Paul AUT: 16:3:57:33 090


1 00:29:39 2:27:50 1:20 140, Laura Philipp DEU: 440 4:22:33

2 Van Vlerken, Yvonne NLD 00:29 246:3802:26:4601:22:140 4:23:20

3 00:27:46-2:27:56-348, Anja Beranek DEU 1:23:21 TOT 4:23:25
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