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Aeroforce Nano men's short-sleeved tri-overalls:
What makes this product different:
• Short-sleeved design for aerodynamics and extra coverage around the upper arm.
• Elongated hinge for easy access and temperature control.
• Designed for pure speed both on and off the water.
• Aerodynamic fabric based on Golf Ball technology.
• Laser cutting and gluing for comfort and minimum resistance.
• New comfort for Italian legs.
New design! Making the most of the next generation of technical fabrics, the new Aeroforce Nano short sleeve has been designed to be slimmer and worse than ever. If you are looking to get the most out of your performance, create new Personal Coupons and get higher finishing positions, then this race suit is a must. A front zip and back pockets make it perfect for any Sprint up to 70.3 away.
Designed to be the most aerodynamic suit on the market, the Aeroforce collection has been perfected for this year, with improved fit, fabrics and color combinations to ensure that this is the most elegant and fastest tri apparel on the market. Boasting a combination of high performance fabrics from Italy, a further improved ultra-slim fit and advanced heat bonding technology, these seeds are all made for fast running in maximum comfort.
Like the flagship range of Tri 3 clothing, these offer the best in terms of performance, with 220 Triathlon describing the range as "World Class".
Aeroforce is a unique dimple fabric based on golf ball technology and is located in key areas to minimize drag and increase speed by creating a thin layer of turbulent air that clings to the surface of the suit. This allows the air to gently follow the contours of the body, thus reducing the size of the wake - slicing the air faster and more efficiently.
This is combined with a lightweight, highly breathable and 4-way stretch fabric for comfort and a fully water-repellent coating for maximum aerodynamic drag. The suits are then constructed using laser heat cutting technology on the front of the suits to further reduce the resistance caused by seams and prevent any irritation caused by traditional seams.
  The main features include:
1. Four fabrics are used to offer maximum speed and comfort during the race. With water repellent Nano coatings to significantly reduce drag and minimize water absorption during swimming.
2. Aerodynamics: the revolutionary Aeroforce fabric on the chest and on the front of the legs is designed specifically to make the outfit as aerodynamic as possible. Made in Italy, this unique structured fabric creates turbulence in a layer of air around the body. Air separation is therefore delayed, which results in a smaller vortex and less resistance. This fabric is found in areas that usually create the greatest resistance; Our innovative design helps you cut the air faster with each revolution or step.
3. Support and breathability: the front part of the suit is made of extremely lightweight, supportive, breathable and quick-drying Revolution-Energy fabric. An ultralight and breathable Silk-X fabric on the back is designed for temperature control.
4. Bonding technology is used in the front to further reduce drag.
5. Pectoral zip - A waterproof zip on the chest is used to block any water ingress and allow greater ventilation and temperature management during the execution phase.
6. High quality Italian pad: a specific triathlon pad for the race. Not too big and not too small. Minimization of water absorption and vital protection during cycling, without hindering swimming or running.
7. New pocket design: two pockets carefully positioned on each side panel of the suit to allow access to nutritional products or other race accessories with ease.
8. Premium Italian grippers - The new wider calipers offer even pressure distribution and greater comfort than silicone calipers. These are sewn on the bottom of the leg material rather than on the inside to create a more comfortable fit and do a fantastic job of preventing any movement during the cycle and running.
9. Elastic technology and binding offer a snug fit with no hassles around the arms and neck. Also, new construction of the seam to prevent any rubbing under the arm.
10. Full zip protection: the soft fabrics are used to cover the inside of the zipper and this is combined with the 'collapsible' cover to minimize any discomfort caused by the zip on the chest.
The overall suit is designed to improve speed, comfort and efficiency in all three disciplines. It's a great looking jumpsuit with the performance and comfort you need to maximize your results this season.

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