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Brand new for 2018.
Inspired outside the world of triathlon, the Performance Culture range bridges the gap between high-end fitness and triathlon-wear, using a mix of technical fabrics to give you the most comfortable, functional and stylish garments possible.
Made with high quality 4-way Italian fabrics, ergonomic seams and soft and breathable mesh panels to ensure that the collection allows you to walk the most difficult routes. This range is designed to offer unparalleled comfort, support and performance.
What makes this product different:
• Made with a combination of premium 4-way stretch Italian fabrics for a mix of compression, comfort and breathability.
• High-tech water-repellent Teflon coating.
• The new Italian leg clamps with a comfortable fit ensure that overalls and shorts will not rise.
• Thinner triathlon pad for maximum comfort and support.
• Laser cutting technology and glued joint eliminates friction.
• Thin black reflective prints ensure visibility in low light conditions.

The Performance Culture Trisuit has been developed to offer maximum comfort and performance while offering a contemporary style and wearability. The suit is designed for performance in all three disciplines, both in training and in the race, offering optimal comfort and temperature control. A game of style on marbles and blocks of color combined with ergonomic seams ensures that this is an innovative product that elevates the triathlon clothing market to new levels.
Features include:
1. Hydrophobic Ultraflat fabric: maximum compression and minimum water absorption. It is designed to offer low levels of resistance thanks to the water-repellent Teflon coating. You will notice that when the fabric is splashed with water, it will rise and flow away from the dress. This hydrodynamic effect is maximized during the swim, helping to achieve faster times. The fabric is a lightweight jumper with 4-way stretch that looks like a second skin, providing athletes with the high levels of support needed during a race.
2. Balanced compression thanks to the legs and core thanks to a carefully designed panel shape and high-performance ultra-high-knit fabric. This improves muscle support and helps increase blood flow away from the legs, thereby reducing the amount of lactic acid by accumulating and helping to improve endurance and endurance.
3. Wicking: all fabrics have been carefully selected to ensure maximum breathability and to allow moisture to leave the body, while offering great coverage and freedom of movement.
4. UV protection UPF 50+ brakes the effects of the sun with the new structure and the particular fibers used, offering exceptional sun protection.
5. Tri-lite Pad - A race-specific triathlon pad, tested and tested, offering different fit and comfort than anything else on the market. Minimization of water absorption and protection during the cycle, without hindering swimming or running. In addition, new thin seams to further reduce irritation. This pad has been used since 2015 and the reviews have been fantastic.
6. Ergonomic pocket - Two pockets carefully positioned on each side to improve accessibility for nutritional products or other race accessories.
7. Premium Italian grippers - The new wider calipers offer even pressure distribution and greater comfort than silicone calipers. These are sewn on the bottom of the leg material rather than on the inside to create a more comfortable fit and do a fantastic job to prevent any movement of the fabric during the cycle and stroke.
8. Bonded Technology offers a snug fit without discomfort around the arms and neck lines. Also, new construction of the seam to prevent any rubbing under the arm.
9. Elegant laser cutting and glued seams - Designed for maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin.
10. Semi-automatic front zipper for increased ventilation during the cycle or run.
11. Total zip protection: soft fabrics are used to cover the inside of the zipper and this is combined with the "collapsible" cover to minimize any discomfort caused by the zip on the chest.
A high quality outfit for any level of triathlete looking for comfort, support and style
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