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The first start at number 32 Edition International Triathlon Bardolino was given, punctually, at 12.30 with a starter of exception, the blue Marathon champion Gianni Poli, who said he was very impressed by the charm of the event and the real party atmosphere that permeates the Lake.

After the female battery, have followed one after the other all other men, broken down by categories of age.

After swimming and bike village, during the third fraction, after the bridge, the 5 k next to the finish line, simply Anna Maria Mazzetti had almost halved and Dossena mollava prey, Bush struggle.

That is decided at 1 k from the finish, when Davidson overcame Mazzetti and detached without chance her inexorably from sticking.

A really deserved success by Sara Davidson that was so neck finally put the gold medal after a rather long series of silver.

In third place, held botta Mateja Simic who was due to defend itself from trying to return a kicking, lift up Priarone in fourth place.

Have completed the top ten Signorini, Steinhauser, Zane, Forstner, Sylvia Gehnbock and the region of DDS Fajardo Diaz.

As for the men's race, the first to exit the water was Briton Raoul Shaw followed by teammate of PPR Aurelien RaphaelTeam, then the sample of Ukraine Sergiy Kurochkin, Gianluca Pozzatti and Trigres of Los junior Matias Montenegro.

To follow just a few seconds, here is the "King of Bardolino" Vladimir Polikarpenko (Aquatica), the Argentine of DDS Flavio Morandini, Andrea Secchiero, Thomas Charles, Marco Chandran, Giulio Pugliese and the other British Karl Shaw.

In the 40 k bike hills, manage to run away in 3 (our Pozzatti of CUS Trento and the two PPR Shaw and Aurelien): the trio arrived in T2 with about 1 ' direct and trackers on Pozzatti was the swiftest in via scappar to start the final 10 k.

We tried with courage the Pozzkilometre after kilometre, but is coming off the class of crystalline talented Frenchman Raphael, likely French and Olympic winner in Bardolino in 2012.

And so he arrived for the bis, in 1:55:15, with his teammate Shaw who completed the work arriving after 6. The Bishop of Gold Flames Secchiero, author of the second partial run, went up up to third place and preceded by a few seconds the Ukrainian Kurochkin, forcing ever domo fifth Pozzatti square.

Complete the top ten, Karl Shaw (great split day walking), the young of DDS, the fourth rider Charles PPR Levente Szatmari, Morandini and the immense Polikarpenko which this year was able to give wire twist until the last meter to his opponents, despite having already abandoned for some years the world of Elite and became a Master.

At the finish, Dante Abed, the man anywhere the International Triathlon of Bardolino, hugged his smiling two new samples and crowned winners of 2015.

From there onwards the game finish line Festival which saw arrive one after another all the protagonists of the event, welcomed by a great cheer, from a hearty refreshments, showers, pasta party, massage and the ever prestigious technical shirt, gadgets that depopulated between triathletes.

In all, they have completed the 32° International Triathlon of Bardolino and 1,237 women 135 menfrom 23 Nations, for a total of 1,372 finisher!

Source: press release International Triathlon Bardolino curated by Dario Nardone/


1 1 6 AURELIEN RAPHAEL PPRTEAM ita S2 1 1:55:15
2 2 98 RAOUL SHAW PPRTEAM gbr 1:55:21 +7 2 S2
3 3 3 SECCHIERO RECY G.S. FF. OO. ITA S2 1:56:16 + 3 01:01
4104 4 SERGIY KUROCHKIN CAPITAL TRI ukr 4 1:56:23 + 01:09 S2
5 7 5 GIANLUCA POZZATTI CUS TRENTO CTT ita S1 1:56:32 5 + 1:18
6 6114 KARL SHAW PPRTEAM gbr 1:57:25 + 6 2:10 S3
7 7 17 ANDRE ' THOMAS CREMONA TRIATHLON ST. between 7 1:57:41 + 2:27 S2
8 8 4 THOMAS CHARLES DDS ita S1 8 1:58:37 + 3:22
9 9 95 LEVENTE PPRTEAM SZATMARI hun S1 + 1:59:15 9 04:00
10100 10 FLAVIO MIGUEL MORANDINI DDS arg S1 1:59:21 + 10 04:06

1003 1 1 SARA DAVIDSON S3 ita 1 707 02:07:27
2 ANNA MARIA 1064 2 BUNCHES G.S. FF. OO. ITA S2 02:07:43 +16 2
3 3 MATEJA 1088 SIMIC DDS svn S4 02:09:44 + 3 2:17
4 1002 4 GIORGIA PRIARONE T.D. RIMINI ita S1 4 2:10:14 + 2:48
5 5 1006 VERONICA SIGNORINI TRIATHLON CREMONA ST ita S2 2:11:13 + 5 3:47
1005 6 6 VERENA STEINHAUSER TRIATHLON CREMONA ST. ita S1 6 2:12:19 + 4:53
7 7 ILARIA 1004 ZANE DDS ita S1 7 2:13:51 + 6:24
8 8 1109 RENATE FORSTNER ROSENHEIM ger S4 + 02:16:06 8 8:40
9 9 SYLVIA-NCB GEHNBOCK 1094 TRITEAM aut 2:18:40 + 9 11:13 S4
1007 10 10 FLAVIA DIAZ DDS chl S2 2:22:41 + 10 15:14

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