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2XU: world leader in triathlon clothing and compression clothing


2XU Compression line products represent the essence of the technology applied to training, no product can boast so many awards in the academic sports world.

Today, Compression 2XU products are divided into 3 categories:

- PERFORM: compression products developed for use in racing or workout. They reduce muscle fatigue and provide great breathability and flexibility for perfect adherence to the body. This family of 2XU products includes the ELITE MCS COMPRESSION CALF GUARDS UA3064, 2XU COMPRESSION TIGHTS trousers, 2XU COMPRESSION SHORTS MA3851B, 2XU COMPRESSION CREW NECK TOP MA2308, and more

- XFORM: Compression products suitable for both training and retrieval. Combine power and gradual compression to provide muscles more oxygenation and help muscle recovery.

- REFRESH: compression products designed to boost post-work recovery. Great adherence to continuous muscle pressure to optimize circulation and oxygenation. Designed for the most demanding athletes.

The latest evolution in compression heads is called Mcs "muscle containment stamping", a revolutionary fabric with applications that can act by wrapping the main muscle groups directly, thus reducing muscular swing and thus fatigue, thus speeding up the recovery. These 2XU COMPRESSION products such as the Mcs compression calf guard leggings can also be worn under the triathlon ward.


2XU Recovery products provide a superior degree of compression to stabilize muscles and promote blood circulation
a faster muscle recovery.
More and more professionals are using this technology to get faster from workouts and races, reducing muscle damage and limiting post-training swelling.
REFRESH RECOVERY COMPRESSION TIGHTS are graduated compression trousers designed to offer maximum recovery in the shortest time. They provide a gradual compression of the ankle for quick recovery.
Developed with PWX 105 denim fabric 2XU RECOVERY TIGHT pants are able to reduce muscle fatigue and promote blood circulation.

From MOTUS to 2XU products from Compression, you can buy:
- the mute triathlon 2XU (2XU Propel, 2XU Ignition, 2XU Race, 2XU Active)
- specific triathlon clothing (2XU trisuit compression, 2XU performance trisuit, 2XU X-vent trisuit, 2XU Active trisuit)
- 2XU running apparel (2XU GHST singlet, 2XU GHST split short, 2XU GHST top, 2XU Tech vent top, 2XU active run tee and singlet)
- 2XU various types of accessories (2XU run visier, 2XU run cap, 2XU race belt, 2XU neoprene swim cap, 2XU transition bag)
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