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Tel/Fax: +39 055.828315 / Facebook
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International shipping

Cost € 8 and free after € 150

Cost € 15 and free above € 400

put a product in the cart and go to checkout, select your country and you will have the shipping cost

International shipments
MOTUS-WHY NOT SRL ships to many countries in the world.
The cost of shipping depends on the country of destination, according to the valaore of goods shipped and footprint of goods shipped.
In some countries, the shipping is free for orders worth more than a minimum threshold (variable from country to country)
The cost of shipping will always be displayed in your shopping cart before closing the order.
To know the possible cost of the order shipment controls the shopping cart before closing the order.
How long  to wait for delivery ?
Shipping times depend on many factors. MOTUS-WHY NOT SRL is committed to send to shipping all orders as soon as possible. Shipping in Europe may take 2 to 11 working days from the time when the goods are purchased from a store. In the rest of the world, from 3 to 10 working days from the moment of in-stock availability.
Can all the items be shipped overseas ?
We ship most items abroad, however some of them are subject to restrictions depending on the destination.
The following products are subject to restrictions in certain countries
energy drinks, foods and gels
aerosol products
In case you have placed the order of a product subject to restrictions in vs country, Motus-WHY NOT SRL will take care to contact you to inform you promptly and to cancel the order
How much does international shipping cost ?
The price of the shipments outside Italy depends on the weight and volume of the product ordered. You can view the shipping costs from your shopping cart. In some countries for orders greater than a predetermined minimum value, the shipping is free.
How shipped my international order ?
MOTUS-WHY NOT SRL ships with different express couriers (eg FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc etc). At the time when the goods are shipped from our warehouse, you'll receive an email with the tracking of your shipment data.
Traceability of my international order
MOTUS-WHY NOT SRL offers international shipping courier provided the code for full traceability.
At the time when the goods are shipped from our warehouse, you'll receive an email with the tracking of your shipment data.
What currency do I pay my orders ?
    You pay orders in the currency displayed in the final order confirmation page.
The price appears when you confirm an order will be the same as what you will pay on completion of the order.
This amount will be charged to your credit / debit card / PayPal in the currency displayed
The value added tax is already included for orders being shipped to Europe.
Do I have to pay the customs duty to my country?
There are no customs duties within the EU. All the goods delivered in the EU is inclusive of value added tax (VAT).
The goods destined for the non-EU market is excluded from value added tax, and may be subject to customs duties once they reach the destination country. Please note that: declare the total value of the goods being shipped is required by law outside the European Union, and shipments may be subject to import taxes or customs duties. Falsify data to Customs is illegal. We are not allowed to describe the contents of a parcel inappropriately declare a lower value of the goods at customs, nor claim it as gift. Please our customers not to proceed with any request of this type. For more information on customs charges please contact the customs agency.
Additional costs for customs duties are paid by the customer; we can not track these costs, nor to estimate exactly how much. also we can not pay back any of the customs duties.
The goods sent to the Canaries is exempt from VAT but are subject to customs duties at the reception, which are borne by the customer.
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