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New fizik Powerstrap Aeroweave shoes with discount

New fizik Powerstrap Aeroweave shoes at a discounted price online
The original Fizik Powerstrap Aeroweave, which has provided lightweight performance and comfort to countless cyclists since their introduction, marked a substantial difference in the approach to road shoe construction. To make the ultra-lightweight, ultra-breathable road cycling shoe better than ever, Fizik went back to the drawing board, rebuilding it from the pedals down.


Breathable comfort
Constructed from a woven network of nylon fibers and thermoplastic polymer filaments, Aeroweave is an innovative, high-tenacity material that effectively serves two purposes: reducing weight and increasing breathability. Now in its second generation, Aeroweave is now even cooler, lighter and more comfortable.

Ergonomic support
fizik's proprietary Powerstrap closure system combines reliable simplicity with foot-hugging support for superior performance and comfort throughout your entire ride.

Explosive power
Same pace, a new sole: Powerstrap Aeroweave also benefits from the ultra-stiff and responsive R3 sole, with a new carbon fiber structure. The stiffest of the fizik range, the R3 sole further increases cooling capabilities thanks to two large air vents.
Colors: White/White, Coral/Orange
Sizes: 36 – 48 (half sizes from 42 to 44)
List price: €350
Discounted price: €322

Bont cycling: cycling shoes of exceptional quality

Online sale at discounted prices the BONT cycling shoes: Vaypor S, Riot +, ZERO +, Riot TR +
If you want to improve your cycling performance, you should go for a quality cycling shoe model. In our online store, you will find the best Bont cycling shoes, which stand out for their efficiency and resistance.

Bont Cycling: the perfect shoes for cycling lovers
Bont Cycling is the go-to brand when it comes to cycling shoes. On our site you will find Bont Cycling shoes that we have carefully selected based on their technical characteristics. In particular, we have focused on those that allow you to perform better without sacrificing comfort.

Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes
The BONT Vaypor S cycling shoes combine fit, breathability in all weather conditions and protection against injury. In fact, being made with Bont Cycling's hot molding technology, they adapt to the shape of your foot. Plus, they feature the Vaypor + carbon fiber frame wrapped in an ultra-durable kangaroo leather exterior.

Bont Riot + cycling shoes
The Bont Cycling Shoes Riot + are made of a carbon composite material and heat moldable, with the proven BOA Performance Fit system. Thanks to their excellent resistance and comfort, they are the ideal shoes for those who are starting to practice road cycling and do not want to give up the technical characteristics of the professional line.

Bont ZERO + cycling shoes
The ZERO + model is the fastest in the Bont Cycling Shoes range, making it perfect for timekeepers, long distance triathletes and rouleurs. It is no coincidence that these Bont cycling shoes were chosen by IRONMAN Jan Frodeno, three-time world champion in triathlon. At the moment this model is in great demand: customers appreciate its aerodynamic coating with BOA IP1 dial positioned in the center and its unparalleled lightness.

Bont Riot TR + cycling shoes
Bont Riot TR + cycling shoes, like the Riot +, are made of a mixed carbon material and heat moldable. In addition, they have a Velcro retention system to facilitate the transitions expected in triathlon, which makes them a great choice if you have just started practicing this sport.

New POC PROCEN cycling helmet, for races against the clock.

Online sale of POC cycling helmet at a discounted price 
The new POC Procen helmet takes inspiration from existing time trial helmets in the POC range, Cerebel Raceday and Tempor (which will remain in the POC range) combining them in a more conventional shape than we are used to from the Swedish brand. POC says its goal for the Procen was to improve the helmet's cooling characteristics, without sacrificing aerodynamic performance compared to the Tempor or Cerebel Raceday.

The Venturi effect: aerodynamics and thermoregulation
The three large ventilation holes on the front use the Venturi effect to improve cooling and reduce drag.
The Venturi effect – the reduction in pressure that occurs when a fluid (or airflow, in this case) passes through a choke point – helps improve the Procen's cooling and aerodynamics. The three large vents on the front of the helmet allow air to flow through it, over the rider's head and out the back of the helmet, carrying excess heat with it.
From an aerodynamic point of view, these holes are "designed to drain the high-pressure area at the front of the helmet." This reduces the buildup of “stagnant air and additional air resistance” that cyclists would otherwise have to overcome. The POC Procen helmet was designed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modeling and analysis and 3D scanning of numerous athletes from the sponsored men's and women's WorldTour teams, EF Education-EasyPost and EF Education-Tibco-SVB.
The rear trailing edge of the Procen helmet has been shaped to reduce turbulence and allow airflow from the outer edge of the helmet to combine cleanly with that from the inside. The "tail" of the Procen is slightly flared at the rear side edges in order to direct the air flow onto the cyclist's shoulders.

What is POC's fastest helmet?
When asked "which helmet is the fastest?", POC responded that it will "depend on the rider" and their position on the bike, but that they are "extremely satisfied" with the aerodynamic performance of the new Procen helmet.

He also noted that getting the best out of the Tempor typically “requires precise body position and technique.” The Tempor helmet is in fact very sensitive to changes in the position of the head, therefore not suitable for cyclists who are unable to optimize the fit of the bike around the helmet or maintain a constant head position during the ride. The Procen takes advantage of the knowledge gleaned from the Tempor (and the Cerebel Raceday) but puts it in a package that is better ventilated and less sensitive to changes in head position.

Adjustable visor, one size, colors
The Procen's final trick up its sleeve is an adjustable and detachable visor.
POC says the Clarity lens can be positioned so that it sits “approximately 10mm” away from the helmet to prevent fogging while a rider is waiting to start the race. It can then be quickly pressed into place just before starting.
The POC Procen is available in one medium size (54 to 60 cm), but includes different sized pads to optimize the fit.
The helmet made its race debut with EF Education-Tibco-SVB riders on Monday at the Vuelta Femenina and will be available for purchase from November 2023.
The two colors available are Hydrogen white and Uranium black matt

The public list price set by the POC parent company is €400.00. But it is possible to purchase it at a discounted price here:

X-Bionic: state-of-the-art sportswear

Online sale at a discounted price of X-BIONIC winter sports clothing: pants, socks, jerseys for cycling, trekking, skiing
xbionic clothing at discounted prices for sale online

If you want to have more satisfaction in outdoor sports, you should take a look at our X-Bionic clothing offer. This Swiss brand is known for its garments equipped with state-of-the-art thermoregulatory technology.

Wide range of X-Bionic clothing
To improve your cycling or winter sports performance, make sure you have the right clothing. In our online store, you will find the best X-Bionic products: from X-Socks to X-Bionic Apani Merino pants.

X-Socks socks
With the X-Socks, available in various models and colors, you will protect your toes, heels and shin from the cold and impact with the ground while skiing or practicing other winter sports. In addition, the integrated HeliXCoil system supports blood circulation and guarantees complete muscle control just as if you were barefoot.

xbionic clothing at discounted prices for sale online X-Bionic Apani Merino Pants
The X-Bionic Apani Merino pants are one of the brand's flagship products. In fact, thanks to the patented 3D Bionic Sphere® system with ThermoSyphon® technology, this garment guarantees exceptional performance even in very cold climates.

X-Bionic Energizer clothing line
The X-Bionic Energizer clothing line is dedicated to sports underwear: from women's sports bra to boxer shorts and underwear for both genders. You will immediately notice that they adapt perfectly to your body, leaving you free to move without discomfort or pain.

X-Bionic Twyce clothing line
If you are looking for comfortable cycling and running clothing in a wide range of colors, we recommend that you opt for garments from the X-Bionic Twyce line: in our online store you will find shorts, long pants and sweaters with and without zip.

xbionic clothing at discounted prices for sale online X-Bionic Invent clothing line
The X-Bionic clothing line is designed for running, but is also suitable for cycling and hiking. In fact, the pants, sweaters, tracksuits, long pants, boxer shorts and tank tops of this collection cool you if you sweat and warm you if you are cold.

X-Bionic Radiactor clothing line
The pants and jerseys of the X-Bionic Radiactor 4.0 line are also ideal for wearing in freezing temperatures. Indeed, these garments feature a lightweight decision layer and are enriched with high-tech features.

xbionic clothing at discounted prices for sale online X-bionic Energy Accumulator clothing line
With the X-Bionic Energy Accumulator clothing line, you will have access to the High Partialkomression® system, which optimizes blood circulation and skin cooling.

7 Swim Workouts Ideal for Triathlons (Beginners)

Seven free triathlon swim workouts in a format you can print and stick at the end of your lane.
Seven free triathlon swim workouts in a format you can print and stick at the end of your lane.
If you want to continue improving your swimming, it is essential to plan your workouts in advance. You can't just show up at the pool and swim without thinking.
These simple triathlon swimming sessions will increase your endurance, speed and technique - all key areas that will make you a better swimmer.
There's also a fitness test, so you can evaluate your progress and then set yourself some pace-based training zones. Why? Because training at a specific pace will keep you motivated and help you swim hard or easy at the right times.

Triathlon swimming training instructions
These workouts can be used for various types of triathlons including Sprint Distance and Olympic Distance. All seven swim workouts assume you can swim at least 500 meters or yards, non-stop. The shortest workout is 1400 yards or meters, with frequent breaks. While the longest swim is 2800 yards or meters, with frequent breaks. Before you head to the pool, take a look at the training zone chart below. I used 5 simple training zones to break down the workouts into different intensities. This way you don't do all your training at one pace.

5 simple swimming training zones
Zone 1 (Z1). Easy. Effort level: 1 to 2 out of 10.
Zone 2 (Z2). Constant. Effort level: 3 to 4 out of 10.
Zone 3 (Z3). Moderately difficult. Effort level: 5 to 6 out of 10.
Zone 4 (Z4). Difficult. Effort level: 7 to 8 out of 10.
Zone 5 (Z5). Very difficult. Effort level: 9 to 10 out of 10.

“FS” means freestyle swimming “Breast” is breaststroke swimming “Back” is backstroke swimming
“Pull” means swimming freestyle with a float between your thighs.
"Kick" means to kick from the front, holding a float in your outstretched arms.
“Drill” means performing a swimming technique exercise of your choice
“Choice” means you can do any style you want, usually as recovery.

Swimming tips and equipment
You can swim in Yards or Meters, depending on what you prefer and the type of pool you use. You will need a kick float and a pull buoy. You might also benefit from a pair of flippers and a swimmer's snorkel. These swimming tools can help keep you buoyant while practicing swimming technique exercises. Or it can help you swim further/easier if you're relatively new to triathlon swimming. Workout 1. Endurance/Technique 1400 y/m This swim is designed to increase endurance and sensitivity in the water. It's a low-intensity workout that can also aid recovery from tough running or cycling workouts.

Warm Up:
1 x (100 Pull in Z2 + 100 Drill in Z2 + 20 secs rest),
1 x (100 Drill in Z2 + 100 Pull in Z2 + 20 secs rest).

Main Set:
1 x (50 Kick in Z2 + 50 Kick in Z4 + 20 secs rest),
2 x (200 Drill in Z2 + 100 Pull in Z2 + 15 sec rests),
1 x (50 Kick in Z2 + 50 Kick in Z4 + 20 secs rest).

Warm Down:
1 x (50 Breast in Z2 + 50 FS in Z2),
1 x (50 Back in Z2 + 50 FS in Z2).

POC Sports: leading brand in cycling and ski accessories

Online sale at discounted prices POC items: cycling and snow clothing, helmets and glasses.
When practicing an outdoor sport, you must have all the suitable equipment in order not to get hurt or suffer adverse weather conditions. Therefore, in our online shop, you will find the best products from POC Sports, a Swedish brand known for the quality of its cycling and winter sports accessories.

POC Sports: accessories for outdoor sports
Helmets, goggles, masks, protections and specialized clothing: on our site you will find all the accessories you need to practice winter sports and cycling. In particular, below we explain the characteristics of those of the POC Sports brand.

POC cycling helmets
On our site you will find different models of POC cycling helmets, in different shades of color. A few examples? The POC cycling helmets TECTAL have a high level of protection and resistance and feature an ultra efficient ventilation design, with reinforced EPS liner. On the other hand, the POC cycling helmets VENTRAL are ideal if you are looking for a lightweight helmet that still manages to protect your head from blows.

POC cycling glasses
The POC eyewear line for cycling is a benchmark in terms of quality and durability. On our site you will find different models of POC cycling sunglasses, such as the POC Nivalis, POC Do Half Bladem POC Crave, POC Aim and POC Aspire. Choose the one that suits you best based on the characteristics of your face.

POC snow goggles
POC snow goggles have full UV protection and feature an anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. Surely, among the various models of POC snow goggles you will find the one that's right for you. You can use the POC snow goggle for skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports!

POC protections
You will never be completely safe on your bike, without protection. For this reason, in our catalog you will also find POC knee pads, elbow pads and chest protectors with a personalized fit and excellent ventilation.

POC cycling clothing
In our online shop, you will find jerseys, shorts, vests, jackets and trousers for cycling. With the versatile and weatherproof POC cycling clothing, you can always ride safely, in the city and in the countryside!

MVC Group acquires 70% of Zoot and enters the triathlon market

MVC Group , specialized in outdoor and cycling clothing with the Castelli, Karpos and Sportful brands , has announced the acquisition of 70% of Zoot , a leading American company in the production and marketing of triathlon clothing and accessories. Founded in 1946 by the Cremonese family, now in its third generation, MVC Group is 40% owned by the Equinox fund and in 2022 achieved a consolidated turnover of 132.4 million euros.

“The acquisition of Zoot is part of our growth and expansion strategy and is very important for the consolidation of MVC in the American market, where we have already operated with a subsidiary for more than 20 years, as well as allowing us to enter the triathlon segment, a sport that is experiencing significant growth rates with an attractive high-spending consumer base. Zoot's direct presence in the Philippines will also allow us to benefit from vertical production integration with a further strengthening of our platform which, to date, manages the Castelli, Sportful and Karpos brands", commented Alessio Cremonese, CEO of MVC Group .

Born in 1983 in Kona, Hawaii, with headquarters since 2003 in San Diego, California, a factory owned in the Philippines, Zoot is today one of the most important and recognized companies for triathlon . The company expects to close 2023 with revenues of approximately $10 million and EBITDA of $3 million.

“Thanks to the acquisition of Zoot, in addition to strengthening ourselves in triathlon, we have the opportunity to consolidate the Group's positioning in a strategic segment such as the Direct To Consumer channel, where Zoot generates approximately 70% of its turnover, with an operating margin above 30%”, underlined Alberto Cremonese, president of MVC and head of the IT division.

The Direct to Consumer channel represents an important development driver for MVC Group, and is an integral part of the growth project carried out after Equinox's entry into the shareholding structure. The goal is to bring the channel, which currently generates approximately 14% of turnover, to 20% of the total by 2025.

“We are proud to be alongside MVC in this acquisition which will allow the Group to pursue its growth and development path, with the addition of a new important brand of a sport that is increasingly conquering new consumers, the implementation of the DTC and the strengthening of the subsidiary in the USA, which will draw on the skills of Zoot's management team to manage MVC's entire American business. With this operation, MVC Group also confirms its ability to grasp the challenges and trends of the market and to be an active part as an industrial unifying reality in the sector", added Massimiliano Monti, partner of Equinox.

Following the acquisition, Doug Vargo, current CFO of Zoot, will be named CEO of Zoot and MVC US ; Shawn O'Shea takes over as global head of the triathlon division and will manage both the Zoot and Castelli brands for the triathlon.

“We are thrilled to be able to become part of a Group like MVC and we are convinced that the great expertise of its management and the synergies that can be developed will offer new development opportunities for Zoot. Thanks to MVC's e-commerce platform we will also be able to expand our borders and reach new and interesting markets such as Europe, Japan and China", concluded Shawn O'Shea, current president of Zoot.

ORCA sport: trusted brand for triathlon wetsuits and accessories

Online sale and at discounted price ORCA neoprene wetsuits for triathlon and open water
ORCA SPORT: offer of neoprene wetsuits and accessories for triathlon and open water If you are looking for wetsuits or other accessories for swimming and running, you should take a look at our ORCA sport product offering. This brand is a reference point for sports equipment for triathlon, swim run and open water swimming.

Wide range of neoprene wetsuits and ORCA sport accessories
When swimming or running, there is no better feeling than having a wetsuit that fits perfectly and allows you to move easily. For this reason, in our online shop we offer the best products of ORCA sport: neoprene wetsuits and triathlon accessories of exceptional quality.

ORCA SPORT: offer of neoprene wetsuits and accessories for triathlon and open water ORCA Athlex and ORCA Apex triathlon wetsuits
On our site you will find triathlon wetsuits from the ORCA Athlex line, which have thinner materials in the upper part of the body and thicker in the legs to ensure buoyancy with high elasticity. If you are looking for flexibility, take a look at the triathlon wetsuits of the ORCA Apex line. The ORCA Apex Flow model is ideal for those who already have good technique and want to maximize the speed of their strokes, while the ORCA Apex Flex is the best for those who want zero interference while swimming.

Core TRN and Openwater perform open water wetsuits
To swim in open water, you need wetsuits with excellent thermal insulation. Therefore, we recommend that you opt for the Openwater Core TRN open water wetsuits, if you have just started practicing this sport, or the Openwater perform open water wetsuits, if you are at an expert level.

ORCA SPORT: offer of neoprene wetsuits and accessories for triathlon and open water ORCA Aesir and Vanir swimrun wetsuits
ORCA's swimrun line of wetsuits will help you improve your running and swimming performance. With the Aesir Flex swimrun wetsuit model, you can count on greater elasticity and freedom of movement and, thanks to the new DuraSkin 2 material, you will be protected from any abrasions. The Vanir Flex swimrun wetsuit model also combines these elements with the comfort of a front zip.

Triathlon accessories
In our online shop there are also triathlon accessories: a wide range of goggles, shoes, water bottles, bags and all the other elements necessary to make you perform at your best in this sport. ORCA SPORT: offer of neoprene wetsuits and accessories for triathlon and open water

Eight Week Half Ironman Training Plan

Training Tables for Half Ironman - 6 days a week - 8 Weeks Training Tables for Half Ironman - 6 days a week - 8 Weeks

This half Ironman training plan is designed for those who are able to commit to six days a week training for eight weeks
You will need a decent base level of fitness and the ability to work at different levels of intensity.

A key element in this half Ironman training plan is that some weeks have a number of "double days" where there are two training sessions: it is not necessary to do them in succession and, in fact, it is better to recover between training sessions. 'other and be ready to execute each session as strongly as possible.

Consider the best way to refuel between sessions on double days, with the right hydration and nutrition.

Each week includes a swim, possibly in open water. It is absolutely crucial that you spend enough time preparing for the swim; if you can feel as comfortable as possible in the open water environment and start the race well, then you have a great chance of overall success in the race.

Practice spotting, group swimming and getting used to physical contact, as well as building your swimming stamina.

If, as an athlete, you're used to running shorter distances at higher intensities, part of the transition to middle-distance races is to reduce your speed slightly but improve your endurance to tolerate stress for longer periods.

Longer bike and rides, as well as combined sessions, are your ideal opportunity to adjust your middle distance race pace.


Deda Elementi: leading brand in bicycle handlebars and stems

Online sale at discounted prices DEDA ELEMENTI: handlebar stems and aerodynamic appendages for gravel, triathlon, mtb, road, road bikes. deda Elementi: bicycle handlebars at a discounted price

Did you know that accessories, such as handlebars, stems and aerodynamic appendages, have an impact on your performance on the bike? In our online shop you will find the best products of Deda Elementi, a renowned brand in the cycling sector.

Deda Elementi: essential accessories for cyclists
Handlebars, stems and aerodynamic appendages allow you to control the direction and speed of your bike. To avoid accidents and improve your performance, you should choose ergonomic and resistant models: take a look at the products of Deda elements that we offer in our online store.

DEDA ELEMENTI: handlebar stems and aerodynamic appendages for gravel, triathlon, mtb, road, road bikes The Superzero RS, Alanera, Vinci and Superzero Gravel handlebars
On our site, you will find a wide range of Deda Elementi handlebars: you can choose according to their characteristics, the one that best suits your needs.
The Superzero handlebar, made with the highest-end 7050 alloy and an innovative mechanical forming process, allows for a much easier grip than traditional handlebars.
Then there is the integrated Alanera dcr handlebar, which is designed to facilitate the integration of cables and other elements to be mounted on the bicycle.
Furthermore, the Deda Elementi Vinci handlebar is designed to give maximum aerodynamics to your bicycle and has an ergonomic handle.
If you want to tackle more demanding terrain, you should instead focus on the Superzero Gravel handlebar, which allows for greater control and stability.

The RS and Vinci stems
Dumbbells must be paired with effective dumbbells. Otherwise, the bicycle will struggle to perform at its best. Superzero stems with RS finish combined with RS handlebars create the lightest aircraft kits on the market. However, the most versatile model among the stems offered on the market is Vinci: you will be impressed by its great aerodynamics.

The Jet One Two Clip-On aerodynamic appendages
We must not overlook the importance of the aerodynamic appendages when riding a bicycle. Therefore, among the accessories of your bicycle, you could include the Deda Jet Clip On aerodynamic appendages, with their Jet One and Jet Two kits. They are fully adjustable in width, length, angle and height of the spacers and are compatible with the passage of cables. deda Elementi: bicycle handlebars at a discounted price

Six-month training plan for the 70.3 Triathlon or Half Ironman race

Six-month training tables for the 70.3 Triathlon or Half Ironman race Six-month training tables for the 70.3 Triathlon or Half Ironman race

Switching to middle distance triathlon and want help with your training? Here's all the advice you need plus two free training plans

A 70.3 distance triathlon consists of 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21.1 km of running . It is also known as a half Ironman or middle distance triathlon .

This race distance can take the fastest athletes in under 4 hours and has an upper limit of 8.5 hours. This makes it a distance that represents a big step up for most athletes.

You will need : a wetsuit that will support you during a longer swim, protective glasses, road bike, helmet and trainers .

You can usually change between disciplines, but a good triathlon suit is ideal for medium distance racing.

You will also need : a nutrition plan that includes salts, hydration and fuel for cycling and running . Often training will be completed twice a day during the week, so your lifestyle needs to support this - make sure you're sleeping and fueling well.

Middle distance races are often said to be the “perfect distance” because they combine the endurance of long distances and, more importantly, the speed of short course racing.

For many triathletes, tackling a 70.3 race is the furthest they will ever go, for others it is a stepping stone to full-distance IRONMAN racing. Whatever it is for you, it should not be taken lightly and requires a commitment to training for race day to be successful.

To complete a 70.3 it's best to have some experience racing triathlons and, ideally, know how your body reacts to exercise stress after 2-3 hours.

Before starting this training program, we expect that you will have already done some basic training during the off-season so that you can complete the sessions described from the first week.

This training plan consists of three different phases: BASE PHASE (8 weeks) + BUILDING PHASE (8 weeks) + PEAK PHASE (8 weeks)

Sale Fizik Tempo and Terra Arcica winter cycling shoes

ONLINE SALE FIZIK WINTER BIKE SHOES ARCTIC TIME AND ARCTIC EARTH WITH DISCOUNT Sale Fizik Tempo and Terra Arcica Cycling Shoes Waterproof winter fizik bike shoes with GORE-TEX technology

The FIZIK bike shoe has been designed to face the rides in the worst winter conditions, the new range of fizik Artica GTX shoes blocks cold and humidity thanks to the effective characteristics of GORE-TEX.

Sale Fizik Tempo and Terra Arcica Cycling Shoes

Featuring a Koala insulation membrane made by GORE-TEX, the Arctic GTX is completely waterproof, meaning you can rely on its features and performance to stay dry when it matters most. But in addition to stopping the rain, GORE-TEX technology is optimized for better breathability. This means that while moisture remains locked to the surface, the vapor molecules produced by sweat inside the shoe can easily escape through billions of tiny pores to keep feet warmer and drier during colder, wetter winter rides. Inside the shoe, a soft brushed fleece lining increases both insulation and comfort, thus adding an extra comfortable layer of defense against the elements of winter, whether it's a ride in freezing rain or snow.

Sale Fizik Tempo and Terra Arcica Cycling Shoes

On the outside, a high-density PU laminated upper pairs perfectly with the lightweight GORE-TEX membrane, combining strength and warmth for a lightweight, long-lasting shoe. The addition of a velcro strap maintains the position of the ankle, while a single L6 BOA® dial makes micro adjustments easy, even with bulky winter gloves.

Online sale of winter cycling shoes in GORE-TEX ARCTIC TIME AND ARCTIC EARTH at a discounted price

Sale Fizik Tempo and Terra Arcica Cycling Shoes

6 Week Olympic Training Plan for Triathlon

6-Week Training Schedules for Olympic Triathlon 6-Week Training Schedules for Olympic Triathlon

Many of us would like to live the life of a professional athlete. Every aspect is programmed according to sporting performance: training, nutrition, sleep and rest.

But not being professionals, we have to adapt our training to busy modern lives, which usually include a home life, a work life, and a social life, and so on.
When you realize that you don't get paid to train and that your life includes many extra-sports commitments, you often have to sacrifice the amount of training you do.

This doesn't mean giving up and not challenging yourself, but you need to be well organized and rigorous in managing the time you dedicate to training

This six-week plan is suitable for those who only have 1 hour to train each day of the week and have a little more time available on the weekend.

You must be very good at time management, know how to divide the day and treat training sessions as appointments not to be missed.

Since training cannot last too long during the week, it is essential to focus more on the intensity of the sessions, making them more vigorous and challenging.

Competing in the Olympic triathlon requires absorbing fairly high levels of effort. Interval and pace sessions during the week help you get used to that uncomfortable feeling, while dedicating the weekend to that longer endurance session helps maintain the right balance between covering the distance and doing it to the best of your ability.

This training plan is varied but well balanced between the amount of swimming, cycling and running needed. If there was one key session not to be missed during the week, it would be the multi-brick (combined workouts), which prepares you for the race, simulates that feeling of being at the maximum limit and running away from the bike to evaluate your best pace.

Always include a warm-up and cool-down in each session. Warm-up = 5-8 minutes of gradual intensity from easy to vigorous. Cool down = 3-5 minutes of easy cardio followed by stretches

Before reading the training table, here are 4 general tips for the Olympic distance

1. Structure is key

Time is precious, so make sure you structure the sessions into your day like an appointment. If possible, get up early and get them done before life gets in the way.

2. Fuel

Practice drinking and taking energy products on the go. You don't want to waste time stopping to refuel. Experiment to find the best form of nutrition.

3. Swim with others

Prepare for the physical nature of open water swimming by practicing with others. Get used to swimming very close to people. Try not to let it upset you. Be strong!

4. Don't forget the combined workouts (brick)

Focus on improving the way you transition from cycling to running. Determine your best running speed for the first mile to stay consistent. Multi-bricks are really useful for this.

How sustainable is the Ironman really?


With the IronMan of Cervia which ended less than a month ago, that of Jesolo next weekend and finally the IronMan of Sardinia at the end of October, the most awaited events by the triathletes of the Bel Paese will end. Of course, the sensations that you have passing under the arch of the finish line are certainly indescribable but, once the finish line has been cut, one wonders what is the environmental impact of this mega event that involves thousands of athletes and companions.

Referring only to the IronMan of Emilia-Romagna 2022, this saw the participation of more than 6000 athletes from over 80 different nations, registering about 30 thousand tourist presences over the weekend of 17 and 18 September. What impact has all this had on the territory and the surrounding nature?

The guidelines of sustainability are dictated on a global level
At an international level, the World Triathlon Organization itself continues to work hard to minimize the impact of sporting events on the planet and has launched several green-themed initiatives and guidelines in recent years. In the latest document released on sustainability, the World Triathlon has structured some guidelines to help its partners and Local Organizing Committees to adopt more environmentally friendly approaches in hosting events.

The organization's Sustainability Guidelines define a set of best practices and approaches for each stage of the competition, from providing public transport to waste management. This attention throughout the event allows the events to be more and more green year after year, improving the conservation of the environments.

At the Italian level, all major events such as IronMan must comply with the international standard ISO 20121, which allows us to minimize the negative impact on the environment, but still seems not to be enough. This has been visible, for example, in many major summer events on the Italian territory which, even respecting all the foreseen rules, have sparked strong controversy on the part of environmentalists.

Why then are these events still allowed?
While on the one hand the environmental impact of the events is still uncertain, the economic one is very favorable for the locations hosting the events. The income generated by the IronMan of Cervia last September was estimated at around 30 million euros for the entire Riviera Romagnola, an amount that leads the Municipality of Cervia and the Emilia-Romagna Region to renew their commitment with the American organization.

What Ironman is doing to reduce the environmental impact of events
Each event differs from the others by marrying the needs and customs of the different realities in which the events take place. The greenest Iron Man seem to be overseas where a specific plan of sustainable, social and financial objectives is defined.
For example, in the last IronMan in Boulder in Colorado, there were multiple sustainability objectives including the implementation of public transport specifically for the event and the choice of 100% recyclable, compostable and locally reusable materials.

Even the event in Cervia was not far behind with the use of compostable glasses in supplies, extreme attention to recycling and the establishment of special areas where to throw waste, under penalty of disqualification of the athlete. Another thing that the American organization worked on was to optimize energy consumption, especially in a period of crisis dominated by ever higher electricity prices.
The next goal of the World Triathlon Organization will be to achieve carbon neutrality for every sporting event. The road is still long but the steps taken so far are important.

"Whatever the starting point, the main goal is a significant reduction in the climate footprint of events, which is the most comprehensive approach to measuring the impact of greenhouse gas emissions." These are the words of Marisol Casado president of the World Triathlon Organization.

What will the future of events be?
The international organization is evaluating a system to evaluate the sustainability of the various events around the globe.
Within this recognized three-tier evaluation system, there are "mandatory", "recommended" and "to-do" actions that local committees will have to carry out. A three-person commission, determined by the World Triathlon Sustainability Executive Council, will evaluate the dossiers submitted by the locations and award gold, silver or bronze certification based on the parameters set out in the guidelines.

With these guidelines, the World Triathlon wants to make events sustainable in the simplest way possible, so that all interested parties can work together from the beginning for the same goal: the conservation of the ecosystem. By doing so, awareness will be greater, the effect stronger and potentially reduced costs for both organizations and athletes.



The revolution shifts gears: Wahoo redefines the future of indoor cycling training with two new products: KICKR MOVE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT. KICKR MOVE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT.

Wahoo Fitness, the leading endurance sports fitness technology company, announced two new additions to its training ecosystem, and with them, an all-new, increasingly realistic indoor running experience.
In September 2022, the market-leading smart trainer, the KICKR V6, went one step ahead of the competition by introducing Wi-Fi, remaining the most popular to this day.
nico to be gifted with it; now, just one year later, Wahoo has taken another big step forward with the launch of KICKR MOVE, which offers a pedaling sensation even closer to reality. This new addition to the Wahoo range has integrated a mechanism that allows an oscillatory movement of 20 cm forwards and backwards compared to the base of the trainer itself: The integrated dual-axis movement creates a sensation very similar to that felt when pedaling outdoors, resulting in an immersive simulation that is more comfortable and more realistic than ever before, offering athletes comfort, motivation and enjoyment to get the most out of indoor racing and training.
The KICKR MOVE rests on wheels that sit inside a fixed, curved track: when the cyclist increases or decreases power output, sits out of the saddle or simply changes his riding position, the roller will move forward and backward along with he.
The track is curved to allow gravity to control the amount of oscillation; small adjustments in the saddle will result in little movement while sprinting upright for a sprint will create much more movement.

The KICKR MOVE also features a lock to deactivate the movement, making it easier to mount the bike or move the trainer or adapt it to the cyclist's preferences. In conjunction with the launch of the KICKR MOVE, Wahoo has created an easy-to-use add-on to make it compatible with existing equipment.
Mounted on the KICKR CLIMB base, the base adapter follows the same arc as the KICKR MOVE, so the two move in unison.
When combined with the KICKR HEADWIND fan, they create world-class realism and an unprecedented indoor riding experience.
As part of this launch, Wahoo also presents a brand new smart bike, with a very competitive price, the KICKR BIKE SHIFT; with the unrivaled pedal feel of KICKR BIKE, it maintains key features such as Reality Shift, True Fit, Real Ride Feel and, of course, Wi-FI.
Wahoo has helped open up the smart bike category to even more people by refining features including the introduction of a new brake and belt drive system to deliver lightning-fast resistance response to changes in incline and power, as well as a quieter ride than ever. KICKR BIKE SHIFT will be part of the offer alongside Wahoo's existing KICKR BIKE.
Chip Hawkins, founder of Wahoo, commented "Wahoo was founded on the principle of building the better athletes in all of us, with innovation at the heart of everything we do, we couldn't be more proud to once again push cycling indoors towards a new reality".
To make the transition from delivery to ride as quick and easy as possible, Wahoo is introducing a brand new unboxing experience, which will be rolled out across its entire range of indoor training products. An easy-to-use sliding mechanism has been incorporated into the KICKR MOVE box, which saves users from having to lift a heavy trainer out of the packaging; the latter is also more sustainable, with a 90% reduction in non-recyclable foam.
A QR code will take cyclists to a quick and easy digital guide, delivered via video. For the KICKR BIKE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT models this is a detailed installation and customization guide with two videos to help adjust the size of the smart bike.
For the KICKR CORE, KICKR and KICKR MOVE models there will be a custom set up experience based on the user's bike specifications, with all the necessary tools, accessories and spacers. KICKR MOVE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT.

GEOSMINA 2022 bike bag sale


SALE bike-packing geosmina

Traveling by bicycle fills us with life and at the same time offers us the opportunity to get to know each other a little better at every kilometer, every climb, every landscape.

New cycling adventures require new products that help overcome any obstacles that arise, ensuring a high degree of effectiveness and comfort and improving our experience in nature.

The new line of GEOSMINA bags is the result of meticulous attention to detail, to accompany you along the way so that you can enjoy the journey like never before.

The GEOSMINA products of the new 2022 line satisfy all your bike-packing needs.
Discover the new SEAT BAGS, FRAME BAGS, HANDLEBAR BAGS, FORK BAGS, available in various sizes.

SALE bike-packing geosmina

The new bags are made of 600D Nylon and Hypalon. They have seams sealed with high frequency welding technology.
600D nylon is completely waterproof and has a PU (Polyurethane) outer coating that repels water and allows bags to dry quickly in contact with the air. YKK zippers are also waterproof. The interior is reinforced with a padded frame that gives stability to the bags and protects the load from possible impacts

Geosmina bags are completely free of PVC in their composition.
The thermoplastic materials that make up the GEOSMINA bags can be disposed of and recycled for future reuse.

For the bike-packing needs of your next adventures, you can buy the new GEOSMINA 2022 bike bags in the and shops. For you a useful 15% discount on the list prices

What are you waiting for ? Discover the new GEOSMINA 2022 range… .. the leading company in bike-packing!
SALE bike-packing geosmina

Q36.5 cycling clothing Made in Italy

Sale at discounted price Q36.5 cycling clothing Made in Italy Q36.5 cycling clothing on sale and on offer Q36.5 offers a wide range of high quality products dedicated to cycling, designed to improve athletes' performance and ensure maximum comfort during their riding challenges. Here is an overview of the main products offered by Q36.5:

1. Cycling Jerseys:
Q36.5 cycling jerseys are made with cutting-edge technical fabrics, known for their lightness, breathability and elasticity. They are designed to adhere to the athlete's body and improve aerodynamics.

Q36.5 cycling clothing on sale and on offer 2. Cycling Shorts:
The Q36.5 cycling shorts are ergonomic and offer high-performance padding to ensure comfort during long rides. They are made with materials that promote freedom of movement and breathability.

3. Cycling Jackets:
Q36.5 jackets are designed to protect cyclists from the elements. They are light, compact and highly breathable, ideal for dealing with variable weather conditions.

Q36.5 cycling clothing on sale and on offer 4. Vest and Windproof Vest:
Q36.5 vests are perfect for cooler days or to provide additional protection against the wind. They are highly compact and easy to store in jersey pockets.

5. Cycling Outfits:
Q36.5 offers matching cycling outfits that combine jerseys and shorts for a stylish look and optimal performance. These suits are designed to fit close to the body and improve aerodynamics.

Q36.5 cycling clothing on sale and on offer 6. Cycling Accessories:
The brand offers a variety of accessories, including gloves, headgear, socks and wristbands, all designed to improve comfort and functionality while riding.

7. Layered Clothing:
Q36.5 promotes layering clothing to adapt to different weather conditions. Base layers, wind vests, thermal shirts and jackets can be combined to provide thermal comfort and protection against wind and rain.

8. Triathlon clothing:
In addition to cycling clothing, Q36.5 also offers triathlon-specific products, including triathlon suits, running tops and shorts, and transition accessories.

Q36.5 cycling clothing on sale and on offer 9. Casual Wear:
Q36.5 also has a line of casual clothing, ideal for free time and relaxation after a long ride. These garments maintain the style and attention to detail typical of the brand.

In summary, Q36.5 products are the result of scientific research, technological innovation and Italian design, all aimed at improving the cyclists' experience. Whether you are a professional cyclist or an enthusiast, Q36.5 offers high-quality clothing to meet your needs and improve your riding performance.

10% discount on BONT cycling shoes: road, off-road, triathlon and time-trial, track

Online sale Bont cycling shoes with 10% discount: road, off-road, triathlon and time-trial, track
Bont cycling shoes 10% discount: road, off-road, triathlon and time-trial, track
All Bont cycling shoes are made to the highest quality standards to ensure the best fit and performance, day in and day out. BONT shoes are made for the various disciplines of cycling: road, off-road, triathlon and time-trial, track BONT cycling shoes stand out on the market for the construction quality, for the quality of the materials used and above all for the technologies innovative used Here, for example, are some of the main technologies used in the construction of the VAYPOR series shoes

Present throughout the Vaypor range, closed cell memory foam keeps your feet drier and more comfortable in all weather conditions. Designed to repel moisture and provide a more stable connection between your feet and the shoe, closed cell memory foam sits on the base of every shoe in the Vaypor series, just below the insole. The closed cell memory foam inner lining is one of the reasons why the cyclist feels BONT shoes the same throughout their lifespan, even after years of use.

From the Riot to our premium-level Vaypor series, Bont cycling shoes feature our patented low-temperature hot stamping technology, designed to run from the comfort of your home. Our industry-leading resin gives every rider the ability to fine-tune their fit for the ultimate in comfort and performance.

Present throughout the Bont Cycling range, the BOA® Fit System combines our renowned anatomical fit and construction methods with the BOA advantage; for a quick, easy and precise fit. Designed with premium materials and built to withstand use by professional WorldTour cyclists, the BOA Fit system is guaranteed to perform on any terrain or season. The dials and laces of the BOA Fit system are guaranteed for the life of your shoes and backed by the BOA guarantee.

We do things differently in Bont Cycling and it shows. From anatomically correct shaping, which means we design shoes around the shape of a human foot, to aesthetics, every detail is intentional. Our Vaypor series construction method involves building a pair of shoes from the inside out and that's how we can deliver a true monocoque construction that you can feel throughout the entire ride.

Originating exclusively from Toray in Japan, the world's number one carbon fiber manufacturer, and built using over three decades of experience, the Vaypor series is built like no other. Featuring a true monocoque construction, the heart of the Vaypor S series is what allows for high rigidity despite the low weight. The use of unidirectional carbon fiber laid by hand allows us to fine-tune each model in the range to meet the specific needs of its use. That's why Bont Cycling is the shoe chosen by the best athletes in the world: WorldTour races attest "once you go to Bont Cycling, you never go back". The Riot series uses a mix of carbon composites that includes fiberglass for added strength and ride quality while keeping weight to a minimum. The Riot Series remains the only mid-range heat moldable cycling shoe with our renowned anatomically correct shaping, for stable and efficient pedaling.


World record of the hour on the track by bike

Vittoria Bussi organizes this fundraiser
My name is Vittoria Bussi and I am a mathematician. And a professional cyclist.
In 2018 I conquered the World Hour Record on a bicycle track: 48.007 km. In September 2021 my record was broken.

Almost ready. Because accessing the hour record involves huge expenses, and to complete the budget that serves to formalize my attempt, I need your help.

Why should you help me?
Because the record is something that goes beyond the sporting result. It represents a possibility that you give me today and that tomorrow will be the dream of a young cyclist; the possibility of believing and going all the way despite the often tortuous roads ahead for those who choose to be an independent athlete and entrepreneur of herself.

Everything I've learned and received over the years, on and off the track, I want to give back .
  • With my mathematical skills I contribute to the aerodynamic and technological studies of the project: I intend to break down the 50km wall to bring the women's record into the same 'window' as the men's.

  • I fight to promote a cultural change so that road safety is no longer a hope but a reality.

I am committed to ensuring that women's cycling is treated on an equal footing with men's. Therefore my desire is to found a cycling academy dedicated to a new generation of athletes, girls who are aware of their value, beyond the result.
Because sport changes lives. I tried it on my skin.

On the track I seem alone against the clock, but I'm never alone because I bring with me all the people who believe in my fight. Thanks to those who want to support me in this new venture .

Because BONT shoes are different from all other cycling shoes

Sale BONT Shoes with 10% discount: Road, off-road, triathlon and time-trial cycling shoes, track
SALE BONT cycling shoes
Because performance and comfort are everything for a cyclist!

Born, managed and designed in Australia, Bont Cycling is driven by the passion to make every ride the best. Designed around the shape of a human foot, according to a scientific and uncompromising approach to performance and injury prevention, BONT shoes are unlike any other, and that's just how it should be. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing high-performance sports footwear, Bont Cycling is and continues to be the only cycling shoe company that puts your feet first, every time.

Bont Cycling knows that every foot is unique, having performed more than 20,000 foot scans in the process of perfecting the last and it is this deep approach to fit that is fundamental for all models in the range. That's why BONT offers 19 sizes in 5mm increments and 4 standard widths, because the right fit means greater efficiency and superior comfort, regardless of distance.

Conventional cycling shoes offer a “dress shoe” style shape. Although aesthetically pleasing, this shape can cause constriction of the toes and metatarsals, compressing the nerves between the metatarsals leading the rider to experience dreaded "hot foot" sensations and more serious conditions such as Morton's neuroma. Bont cycling shoes feature true anatomical shaping to allow the foot to function in its most efficient and functionally correct position. The foot is supported in its effort to relax through the metatarsal joints allowing the pedaling force to be distributed over the largest possible surface.

SALE BONT cycling shoes
Structural medial longitudinal arch support is provided in all models to stop foot pronation. Excessive pronation is a major contributing factor to incorrect knee tracking and can cause unwanted rotation of the tibia and femur while pedaling leading to injury. Additionally, rotation of the tibia and femur can cause the pelvis to tilt resulting in lower back fatigue.

SALE BONT cycling shoes
The lateral forefoot support of Bont cycling shoes ensures neutral forefoot positioning and alleviates common problems associated with over pronation and supination. These problems often result in mis-tracking of the knees causing injuries along with hip and lower back pain.

The anatomical heel of the Bont cycling shoes is designed to increase stability during the pull-through and pull-up phase of pedaling. This stabilization is achieved without any mechanical operation or additional tightening of the retention system so that the foot can experience greater comfort through improved blood circulation.

Sale BONT Shoes with 10% discount: Road, off-road, triathlon and time-trial cycling shoes, track

New SCOTT magnetic ski goggles at a discounted price

Online sale at a discounted price the new scott ski goggles with magnetic system

Online sale of the new scott ski goggles with magnetic system at a discounted price


The new SCOTT REACT goggle is our first goggle with a magnetic lens change system. With the magnetic system, changing the lens is intuitive and easy, even when wearing gloves.

Super safe “CLICK”, AND THAT'S IT!

The magnetic lens change system allows you to easily position the lens and keep it securely in place once it is automatically locked.

Very easy

The REACT stands out with its clean, modern style and our AMPLIFIER lens technology, which enhances contrast and clarity. Its smart, eyewear-compatible design offers an ultra-wide view and a perfect fit on the face.


All SCOTT goggles and helmets are designed to be perfectly compatible with each other, with colors and designs that stand out, on their own or together. Try any combination to find the style that fits you.

Online sale at a discounted price the new scott ski goggles with magnetic system

Online sale at a discounted price the new scott ski goggles with magnetic system

Online sale at a discounted price the new scott ski goggles with magnetic system

Online sale at a discounted price the new scott ski goggles with magnetic system

Sale New 2XU 2022 Triathlon Suit Collection

Online sale New 2XU 2022 Triathlon Suit Collection

The triathlon suit designed for those who ask for the top, from the Olympic to the lronman.
Maximum aerodynamics. Ergonomically developed it fits your body like a second skin for maximum aerodynamics.
PWX fabric offers powerful and lightweight muscle support thanks to 360-degree stretch circular knitting, reduces muscle swing and prevents fatigue, internal silicone print on the bottom of the shorts ensures a perfect fit and great comfort.

The perfect suit to start Triathlon, great for short distances.
The PWX fabric reduces muscle swing in the legs to prevent fatigue, while the SBR SKIN LITE fabric provides light and breathable support to the "core" area.
Using a hydrophilic Nylon-Lycra® fiber matrix, the SENSOR MESH fabric in the back panels guarantees excellent breathability.

Why do athletes take creatine monohydrate?

Online sale of SANTA MADRE creatine monohydrate for athletes at a discounted price

Online sale of SANTA MADRE creatine monohydrate for athletes at a discounted price

What is Creatine Monohydrate?

Before you start buying Creatine Monohydrate, let's start by clarifying what Creatine is.

Creatine is a chemical normally found in seafood and red meat that our systems produce naturally.

This chemical is capable of providing extra energy to our muscles, so it is mainly associated with improved performance during exercise and muscle mass after consumption.

Although there are no studies that prove it, apart from an improvement in performance, it is also usually used against multiple sclerosis, fatigue, muscle cramps, even against depression.

Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate

Going into more detail, buying creatine monohydrate will bring multiple advantages and benefits to our day to day, thus buying creatine monohydrate, an excellent decision for your athletic development.

Performance improvement

According to several studies, creatine has been shown to provide an increase in strength and athletic performance of 5% to 15%. Which makes it a great option for high intensity sports such as cycling in its disciplines, downhill, BMX, track, athletics and swimming, in its more explosive disciplines such as jumping, speed and middle distance, etc. And in team sports like football, basketball, handball, etc. And like not all racket sports.

Add strength

As demonstrated by the US National Library of Medicine in its study, consuming creatine during an eight-week training period will be able to generate an increase in strength that provides ease of mobility

A lack of creatine in the body can lead to movement problems, decreased mental function, seizures and autism, so maintaining the correct levels of creatine in the body will help improve mobility.

Injury prevention

Creatine monohydrate is able to reduce injuries to ligaments, nerves, bones, tendons, muscles, prevents muscle cramps and reduces the frequency of dehydration.

Why buy Creatine Monohydrate in SANTA MADRE?

At SANTA MADRE we are experts in nutritional supplements that help you improve your performance and achieve your goals, and in the case of creatine monohydrate we are no exception.

Being creatine one of the most requested and used supplements in the world of "fitness", it is not only focused on it, its sporting uses being infinite, that's why it is one of our best products.

Pure Creatine is a pure creatine monohydrate, 100% natural, and which will be responsible for giving you that energy boost so famous of creatine, helping you to achieve your goals of muscle gain, strength and optimize your performance.

Buy Creatine Monohydrate in Santamadre and trust a brand with more than a decade of experience in the sector, being one of the leaders in this, and start achieving all your goals.

Online sale of SANTA MADRE creatine monohydrate for athletes at a discounted price

When should I take Creatine Monohydrate?

Creatine is a loading supplement, it is true that it does not matter what time of day to take it, for example after training it accompanies your protein shake, the ideal when buying Creatine Monohydrate is to take into account the fact that you must take it daily.

When do you start noticing the effects of creatine?

First of all, you should be aware that its effects will increase as you consume, for example, after a week, its effect will be more noticeable than the first day.

On the other hand, when it comes to gaining muscle mass, no progress will be noticed until after six weeks of consuming creatine monohydrate.

What results will you get by consuming Creatine Monohydrate?

This extra energy that creatine monohydrate provides will make you have greater resistance to efforts, such as sprints, repetitions of weight lifting.

It will also mean an increase in strength and mobility and an improvement in mood, which will also affect the motivation you present to train, perform exercises and feel good about yourself.

Purchasing creatine monohydrate and consuming it afterwards can also improve cognitive abilities, it also prevents bone and muscle loss.

How long should you take creatine monohydrate?

Although creatine monohydrate can be very useful and a great help in achieving goals, if certain guidelines are not followed it can also be harmful.

This supplement is directly focused on aiding in the performance of your workouts, keep in mind that being a loading supplement it is important to take it every day whether you train or not.

The intake can be maintained as long as we want our preparation to last, regardless of the time, as creatine is a natural substance in the body.

Although it is recommended to drink two liters of water a day in addition to purchasing creatine monohydrate, it should also be noted that it will be of great help during the periods in which it is consumed.

Can Creatine and Protein be taken together?

Although there is some fear, or respect for the idea of mixing these two supplements, as long as their consumption is responsible, there is nothing to fear, far from being harmful, both supplements are 100% safe , it can be very helpful to combine both substances.

Together they are able to achieve muscle gain in less time, but it should be taken into account that a proper and balanced diet must be maintained and supplements taken as an extra during training

If you make good use of them, they will be able to provide an increase in your performance and reduce the fatigue you may suffer during training, this protein and creatine blending treatment is usually seen in the physical preparations of soccer players, tennis players, athletics, cycling, etc.

We take this opportunity to remind you that if you are thinking of buying Creatine Monohydrate and Protein, you will find the highest quality and many other top supplements in SANTA MADRE.

Creatine monohydrate and its benefits for the brain

Buying creatine monohydrate will not only help you in your sports performance, muscle building or increase strength, but will also provide you with brain energy.

What do we mean by brain energy? Well, with the replacement of ATP, which is a cellular unit of energy, that creatine provides, among all the benefits mentioned, it also assumes a basic function of the metabolic networks of the brain.

In conclusion, consuming creatine will also help you in your brain, improving memory, intelligence and contributing to faster mental processing

Sale X-Bionic Body Dragonfly Trisuit 5G with discount

Online sale BODY X-BIONIC DRAGONFLY TRISUIT 5G MEN with a 5% discount on the price

Online sale BODY X-BIONIC DRAGONFLY TRISUIT 5G MEN with a 5% discount on the price

Water: Perfect hydrodynamics and sliding in the water.
Air: Supreme aerodynamics that reduces drag.
Terra: Lightness and better performance.
AWARDED AND PATENTED 3D BIONIC SPHERE® SYSTEM WITH THERMOSYPHON® TECHNOLOGY. It features complex 3D structures of internal and external air channels. It cools you when you sweat and warms you when you are cold.
Patented precision bearing: Supports sliding in water through Newton's law of floating bodies. Provides optimal cushioning while cycling.
100% PURE SWISS ENGINEERED. Made in Italy. 700+ international awards and test victories, 800+ patent registrations for products with the "X".

Based on the dragonfly's aerodynamic properties, we have developed the revolutionary X-Bionic® Dragonfly Trisuit 5G. Through the innovative Dragonfly technological system, we have transferred the properties of Dragonfly, or dragonflies, to the new Trisuit. Dragonfly technology consists of three unique technologies, the ClimateSpeed spoiler, the ClimateSpeed structure and the H2 door.
Dragonfly Trisuit 5G is designed to be the fastest in every discipline, all thanks to the use of award-winning patented X-Bionic® technologies. Extensive studies in the GST wind tunnel in Germany provide scientific evidence that the Dragonfly Trisuit 5G reduces wind friction, which will ultimately allow you to perform at your best. Even before the official launch, the Dragonfly Trisuit 5G was awarded for its innovation. The German Innovation Award honored the product and voted it the 2021 winner.

Online sale BODY X-BIONIC DRAGONFLY TRISUIT 5G MEN with a 5% discount on the price

Dragonfly: The extraordinary ability to adapt to both aquatic and terrestrial environments has evolved in nature for millions of years. On Dragonfly Trisuit 5G we have reproduced the microcells of dragonfly wings and created a layer that minimizes friction.

H2 Port
H2 Port is designed to increase hydrodynamics and comfort in the water. Made of highly breathable material, it prevents water absorption and allows you to slide on the water quickly and easily.

ClimateSpeed Spoiler
is designed to reduce friction, optimally control the flow of air through the shoulder, upper back and chest.
In addition to the ClimateSpeed spoiler, the incorporation of the patented Precision Bike Pad provides a new level of protection for the bike, which adapts to the needs of the triathlete and leaves the pain to your opponents. photo slider
3D Bionic Sphere® system with Thermosyphon® technology

Patented in 19 countries
The award-winning patented 3D Bionic Sphere system with Thermosyphon® technology works with Dragonfly technology to ensure maximum performance. It cools when you sweat, it warms up when you are cold. In this way, your body always remains at the optimal temperature to cross the finish line.

Online sale BODY X-BIONIC DRAGONFLY TRISUIT 5G MEN with a 5% discount on the price

Online sale on motus the BODY X-BIONIC DRAGONFLY TRISUIT 5G MEN with 5% discount, discounted price

Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

The Bont Vaypor S represent the flagship product of the Australian company.
They are shoes designed for competition, made with cutting-edge materials and technologies, but just look carefully at the shape to understand that it is a shoe that is decidedly different from its main competitors.

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

The distinctive elements of the Vaypor S are the shape of the forefoot and the particular unidirectional carbon sole which can also be thermoformed at home.
To these is added a wide range of possible customizations (some with a surcharge), difficult to find on the market.

We talked about it in detail in the video below:

1- Technical details

– Materials used: 9.5
The Bont Vaypor S are top-of-the-range shoes and, as you would expect, they are made with top quality materials.

The highlight is the Toray unidirectional carbon monocoque sole , worked with a specific proprietary technique, which allows the use of little resin and, therefore, reducing weight.

The upper is in Durolite, the padding (rather minimal) in Memory Foam, the insole in thermoformable Eva.

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

– Closing system: 10
The locking system is entrusted to two latest generation Boa Li2 rotors.
Compared to the previous IP1 they are lighter, smaller in size and offer even more precise micro-adjustments, both when it is necessary to tighten and loosen the clamp.

Combined with the tongue that wraps around the entire neck area and the heel structure, they allow for very firm retention, but without creating pressure points.

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

– Permitted settings: 10
The Boa double rotor, in my opinion, remains the best solution for those who love well-fitting and easy-to-adjust shoes at every stage of running or training.

The vote goes beyond the adjustments allowed by the closure system and takes into account the possibility of customizing the fit thanks to thermoforming , which allows you to slightly modify all the carbon parts placed on the perimeter of the shoe, with variations of state up to 1-2 mm .
In this way it is possible to obtain an "almost made-to-measure" fit.

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

Thermoforming can be easily done at home by preheating the oven to 70°. Attention, it is important to use the normal oven and not the microwave and not to exceed 70°. At this point you can put the shoes in the oven for 20 minutes and then take them off, put them on and shape them around your foot.
The operation can also be performed more than once and repeated over time.

Below you will find a video with a detailed explanation of how to carry out thermoforming:

– Price: 6
The retail price of the standard version is 399 euros.
Tall, but all in all not very different from that of the top of the range of most other brands and partly justified not only by the quality of the materials, but also by the possibility of choosing, when ordering, between 4 different plant widths.
To these are added 2 more, which however fall within the semi-customization project, which among other things also allows you to customize the color and choose shoes with different sizes between right and left.
The price of this option is still quite interesting, since we are talking about 50 euros more.

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

For the full custom option, with a shoe made around the mold of your foot, however, the price rises a lot and is close to 1,000 euros. Stuff for professionals or designed for those with foot problems or very special needs.

Final score (from 1 to 10): 8.87

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

2 – Performance

– Comfort fit: 9.5
It is the strong point of the Bont Vaypor S, always bearing in mind that these are shoes designed for competition and, therefore, very rigid.

The merit is largely of the wide plant and the particular shape of the tip (called Ergoshell), very wide and rounded. It is an ideal shape for those with toes of similar length, but above all designed to minimize pressure in the metatarsal area, even when the feet are in the push phase.
This allows you to limit the annoyance that is often felt on the plant, especially over long distances.
Be careful though, because if you use customized insoles it will be difficult to use them even with Vaypor S, precisely because of the particular conformation, which obviously also affects the insole (photo below).

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

Added to this, we remind you once again, the possibility of choosing between 4 different widths of the sole, to obtain an ideal fit for the shape of your foot.

In comparison to most competition shoes the comfort is above average. They will be even more appreciated by those with particularly wide feet.

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

– Sole stiffness: 10
As anticipated at the beginning of the article, the unidirectional carbon sole is another of the strengths of the Bont Vaypor S.
The use of low quantities of resin makes it possible to reduce weight, obtaining a stiffness/lightness ratio of the highest level.

Also noteworthy is the stack, i.e. the thickness of the sole, which is only 3.6 mm , one of the smallest on the market. As is now known, the more contained the thickness of the sole, the better the biomechanics of pedaling and the transmission of power.
It is precisely due to the reduced thickness that, compared to some other models, it may be necessary to slightly lower the saddle.

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

The carbon sole also envelops part of the upper, especially in the heel area, increasing the rigidity of the entire structure and limiting unwanted movement of the foot in pronation and supination.

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

- Weight: 9.5
The measured weight, in size 44, is 246 grams per shoe.
They are not among the lightest ever, but the weight is still very low, also in relation to the use of two Boa rotors.

Ventilation: 10
It is one of the added values of Vaypor S.
I haven't tried them yet in the warmer months, but the impression is that the ventilation is definitely above average. This is possible thanks to generously sized holes positioned throughout the toe area, perhaps questionable from an aesthetic point of view, but very functional.

To these are added 4 air intakes positioned on the front of the sole and other small slits in the arch area.

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

– Fit (which size to choose?): 10
The fit of the Vaypor S, in terms of length, is similar to that of the new Shimano S-Phyre 902, therefore, to be clear, not very generous.
As for numbers, there is ample choice, since they range from 36 to 50 , with half numbers between 40 and 47.

The real plus of Bont shoes, however, is the possibility to choose, when ordering, between 4 different sole widths (narrow, wide, standard and Asian fit), without any extra charge.
To these are added two other options (double wide and double Asian fit), which however fall within the semi-custom project and therefore involve an increase in cost.

On the Bont website there is a specific section in which it is explained precisely how to take the measurement of one's foot in order to correctly choose the number and width of the sole.

Final grade (from 1 to 10): 9.8

OVERALL MARK (from 1 to 10): 9.33

Online sale at discounted price Bont Vaypor S cycling shoes: technical details and performance

In conclusion

The Bont Vaypor S are competition shoes with a very specific shape and characteristics.
They sacrifice something in terms of aesthetics (which is always subjective), but their structure allows you to find an enviable balance between stiffness, fit anatomy, comfort and pedaling biomechanics.

They are at the top of the category for comfort and ventilation.
They also stand out for the wide availability of sizes, but the real added value is the possibility to choose between 4 different sole widths, without extra charge.


Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO power meter online sale

At Motus you can find the new Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO power meter for sale online at a winning price
Based on the iconic SPEEDPLAY dual-entry road pedal, the Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO is now available for purchase in both single and double-sided options.
POWRLINK ZERO is built on the platform of the legendary Wahoo SPEEDPLAY ZERO pedal system, which already enjoyed a large and loyal following before being updated and relaunched by Wahoo in 2021.

Like the rest of Wahoo's SPEEDPLAY range, POWRLINK ZERO features a comfortable two-sided entry, low height, and 0-15 degree adjustable play angle. Its design makes it easy to move the power meter between multiple cranksets, allowing athletes to get the benefits of training with power measurement no matter which bike they choose.
Accuracy is key when it comes to power meters; Wahoo took the +/- 1% scrap of the KICKR smart trainer series and replicated it in the POWRLINK ZERO as well; combined with a rechargeable battery that provides 75 hours of autonomy, connection to third-party apps and devices via ANT + and Bluetooth and compatibility with the cleats of previous versions of the SPEEDPLAY ZERO pedals, POWRLINK ZERO is ready to become the power preferred by the most demanding athletes
The new Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO weighs just 250 grams in the single-sided option (left power measurement only), or 276 grams with the double-sided option. The retail prices are respectively 649.99 and 999.99 euros. The new range of power meters completes the Wahoo SPEEDPLAY pedal line which is made up of the COMP (€ 149.99), ZERO (€ 229.99), NANO (€ 449.99) and AERO (€ 279.99) models. .

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB complete wheels

Online sale of new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB complete wheels at a 10% discount

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

These are two sets with tubeless ready carbon rims, which take advantage of many of the characteristics of the top-of-the-range version of the Italian brand, i.e. the RS4DB, but which are offered at a lower price.

We tell you right away that the cost is not among the lowest ever on the market, but it is interesting for the refinement of the components used and for the goodness of the technical solutions that characterize these wheels.

The characteristics of the circle

The main difference between the two models lies in the height of the profile: 45 mm for the SL4DB and 62 mm for the SL6DB.
The SL4DBs appear as more versatile and all-round wheels, the SL6DBs as wheels decidedly more oriented towards aerodynamics and fast races.

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

In both cases, the internal width of the rim is 19 mm , which is rather small by current standards.
A solution that allows you to save a few grams of weight, which guarantees better response promptness and which will make the happiness of those who don't like tires with too large a section.
The 19 mm internal channel, in fact, allows you to use 700×25 or 700×26 tires without problems, in addition to the now widespread 700×28.

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

In addition to the height, there is another substantial difference between the two models: the SL4DBs have a rim with an asymmetrical profile , while on the SL6DBs the profile is perfectly symmetrical (photo below).
The asymmetrical rim allows the spokes to have more similar angles between the right and left sides, increasing the overall stiffness of the wheel, as well as its reliability.
In the case of the SL6DB, this is an unnecessary solution, as the higher profile (and therefore a shorter spoke length) already helps to compensate for the different angle of the spokes, which is therefore less evident.

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

The rims are tubeless ready and can be used both with tubeless ready tires and with clincher and inner tube.

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

Hub and spokes

The hub represents one of the main upgrades compared to the previous models (SL62 and SL45).
The SL4DB and SL6 DB, in fact, are equipped with the RS hub which derives directly from that of the more prestigious RS4DB.
Bodice and external workmanship are practically identical and very refined. The only thing that changes are the bearings, no longer ceramic, but in steel.

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

RS stands for "Rifling Design", a mechanical process that creates a series of grooves that cross the entire body of the hub longitudinally.
These grooves have a dual function.
The first concerns aerodynamics , since with the rotation of the hub these "lines" generate micro turbulence and reduce aerodynamic resistance.
The second is related to the so-called Magnus effect : in this case the lining creates a downforce that pushes the wheels downwards, with the aim of obtaining more stability, especially at high speeds.

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

The freehub body uses a double ratchet system, i.e. two opposing rings with 20 teeth each. The smaller ratchet is located in the freehub body, while the larger one is positioned inside the hub flange for better power transmission and quicker engagement.

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

As for the spoking, both models are assembled with 24 steel spokes , straight pull, both at the front and at the rear. A choice that favors sturdiness and stiffness.
Compared to the RS4DB, here we find external aluminum nipples, less beautiful and aerodynamic, but more practical.

new Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels at a discounted price

New Deda SL4DB and SL6DB wheels: weights and prices

The measured weight of the new Deda SL4DB wheels is 1,530 grams (710 grams for the front and 820 grams for the rear), including tape and tubeless valves.
The SL6DBs, on the other hand, tip the scales at 1,650 grams (770 grams for the front and 880 grams for the rear).

They are available with bodies for Shimano, Sram XD-R, Campagnolo, Campagnolo 13S.


Online sale of the new Garmin Fenix 7: Standard, Solar and Solar Sapphire

At Motus you can find the new Garmin for sale online: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 and Fenix 7x in the Standard, Solar and Solar Sapphire versions.

online sale of the new Garmin: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 and Fenix 7x in the Standard, Solar and Solar Sapphire versions.
New Garmin Fenix 7S for sale online
Garmin presented the seventh generation of Fenix sportwatches, available in three different models: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 and Fenix 7x and depending on the model we find a version
- Standard (without solar, with Corning Gorilla Glass DX)
- Solar (with Powerglass glass) with steel case
- Solar Sapphire (with Power Sapphire sapphire crystal) with titanium case
except for Fenix 7x which will only have the Solar and Solar Sapphire version. Compared to the previous version Fenix 6 has made an evolutionary leap, both in terms of technology and functionality and a longer battery life.
What stands out most is how - in the substance of Garmin's intentions - there is the will to work alongside the athlete, putting him in a position to get to know each other better, as well as to have a device designed and dedicated to his needs and activities.

PROMOCODE Send us an Email
is an active function for running and cycling profiles and tells you, when you start a race or a workout, what your range is, i.e. how long or how many kilometers you can run.
As you progress and based on your pace and heart rate changes, the system updates the forecast for kilometers and time. The interesting side is that you are provided with two data, one in real time and one "potential", which allow you to understand with a quick glance what your "energy condition" is and, consequently, establish your strategy.
This allows you to always give your best, avoiding running out of energy before the work session or the race (and therefore running into problems and risks of injury), but reaching your goal by giving everything.

vendita online i nuovi Garmin: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 e Fenix 7x nella versione Standard, Solar e Solar Sapphire. Touch screen
In the new Garmin Fenix 7 it can now also be used with a touchscreen. The system is fast and useful, especially for scrolling through data and maps, customizing screens and typing texts. Real-time settings from Garmin Connect All Garmin Fenix 7 settings can be managed directly from your smartphone with the Garmin Connect app. So we can use the app without having to navigate through the keys.

Multi-band GPS
With this function, generation 7 Garmin Fenixes significantly increase the accuracy of the GPS track. The reception of the additional L5 frequency guarantees greater precision even in conditions of poor sky visibility and minimizes positioning errors due to the multipath effect (the anomalous reflection of the satellite signal in the presence of obstacles or reflective surfaces such as water or mountains) .

the Garmin Fenix 7X also has a very intense LED light that allows you to illuminate the road or paths and it is possible to activate it so that, when we run, the device follows the movement of the wrist and emits white light when the arm is forward, red when the arm is back.

online sale of the new Garmin: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 and Fenix 7x in the Standard, Solar and Solar Sapphire versions.
PROMOCODE Send us an Email

New 4th generation heart rate sensor
The Garmin Fenix 7 also introduces a new heart rate sensor on the wrist. Completely new in design with sensor placement aimed at better optical reading, it is now even more precise and efficient. The bottom of the case has been redesigned to protect it from solar infiltration.

Map management
To facilitate the management of maps and the optimization of the internal memory, some models do not have preloaded maps but give you the possibility to download via wi-fi only those of the areas that interest you. While, in the case of the Sapphire versions, the maps are all already contained in the 32 GB memory of the device.

Online sale of the new Garmin: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 and Fenix 7x in the Standard, Solar and Solar Sapphire versions

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

Online sale at a discounted price Deda Superbox, one stem, four mounting options and cable routing.

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

The brand based in Campagnola Cremasca (Cr) presents the evolution of a component used and appreciated by various bicycle brands precisely for its ability to adapt to different set-ups.

Don't be fooled by the aesthetic appearance and shapes that recall the previous version. Two holes have been made on the underside of the attachment to allow the cables of the braking system to pass through.

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

This solution allows you to choose between four different cable routing modes: DCR (Deda internal cable routing), S-DCR, direct and external.

The perfect combination? With Deda DCR handlebars

The fully integrated cable routing is achieved when the Deda Superbox stem is combined with any Deda DCR handlebar.

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

This system allows you to bypass the cover which is used instead to route the cables in the semi-integrated version (S-DCR) .

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

A solution, the latter, which allows you to carry out installation, adjustment or maintenance without particular complications to the point of being very useful when you have to adapt to a new bicycle.

During the test phase, in fact, it is possible to mount the cables through the openable plastic cover. Once the right set-up has been found, it is possible to move on to the integrated passage.

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

Superbox can be mounted on a traditional 1-1/8” steerer tube and is compatible with a 46 mm (for 1-1/8” bearing) or 56 mm (for 1.5” bearing) frame head tube. The configuration is completed by a series of openable spacers (10 or 20 mm) with special channels for the passage of cables.

The body is made of 6061 aluminum alloy with a POB (Polish on black) finish, reproposing the flat shape of the previous generation with an angle of 82° and a height of 32 mm (47 mm with the cover).

Eight sizes available : 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 to which you can add the 70 and 80 mm attachments particularly suitable for gravel/mtb.

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

The addition of the 70 and 80 mm sizes makes the Superbox stem the best choice for mtb and gravel bikes too. Available in POB (Polish on black) finish.

The new stem weighs 175 g in the 110 mm version.
The upper thicknesses of the head tube developed by Deda make the component compatible with the bikes of the main brands: Bianchi, Cervélo, Colnago, Orbea, Pinarello, Ridley, Trek, Wilier, etc.).
HERE the complete list with all the details.

New Deda Superbox: there is also a bike computer support

In addition to the two holes for the passage of cables and the measurements, the novelties focus on the front panel made up of two completely revised independent plates. Here a clip (D-Clip, supplied as standard) has been added between the two blocks which makes the design even cleaner as well as limiting the entry of dirt and debris.

The Deda Superbox stem is accompanied by a cyclocomputer support (Superbox mount kit, item code SBOXMOUNTKIT) that can be integrated into the front panel made of reinforced nylon and glass fiber which stops the needle at 35 g .

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

The support, available as an accessory, includes three different inserts for Garmin (500, 800, 1000 series), Bryton, Wahoo as well as the GoPro action camera attachment located in the lower part.

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options

The system is also fully compatible with the previous version of the Superbox stem. In addition to the cycle computer holder, it will be enough to purchase the new front panel (item code FCSBX-DCR).

Deda Superbox stem, four mounting options


SCOTT: sale of ski clothing for men and women

SCOTT is a leader in the sale of ski clothing for men and women in particular ski suits, trousers, jackets, helmets, gloves, overalls, goggles, goggles. SCOTT WINTERSPORT has created three different collections.

SCOTT Freeride ski clothing: the ultimate powder experience. When the mountains were calling, the freeriders were ready with wide skis looking at the trajectories filled with ridges, pillows, channels and fresh snow. Whether freeriders climb, ski in resorts or hop on a helicopter, the adrenaline felt in carving slopes, sculpting curves and descending canals, always in safety, does not change.

SCOTT SKI TOURING ski clothing: embodies the hunger for adventure in the realm of winter wonders. It's about the trips that every mountain skier has on their bucket list when winter begins. Walking through forests, crossing snow-covered expanses, balancing on the crests and finding new paths to reach the top: all to be able to find the perfect descent.

SCOTT ALL MOUNTAIN ski clothing: It's about drawing curves on steep slopes at resorts, or working your knees on bumps and zigzagging off-piste. ALL MOUNTAIN skiers need to be as versatile as their equipment is. They mostly ski in the plant.

Sale of SCOTT ski clothing for men and women: ski suits, pants, jackets, helmets, gloves, overalls, goggles, masks
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