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Sale New 2XU 2022 Triathlon Suit Collection

Online sale New 2XU 2022 Triathlon Suit Collection

The triathlon suit designed for those who ask for the top, from the Olympic to the lronman.
Maximum aerodynamics. Ergonomically developed it fits your body like a second skin for maximum aerodynamics.
PWX fabric offers powerful and lightweight muscle support thanks to 360-degree stretch circular knitting, reduces muscle swing and prevents fatigue, internal silicone print on the bottom of the shorts ensures a perfect fit and great comfort.

The perfect suit to start Triathlon, great for short distances.
The PWX fabric reduces muscle swing in the legs to prevent fatigue, while the SBR SKIN LITE fabric provides light and breathable support to the "core" area.
Using a hydrophilic Nylon-Lycra® fiber matrix, the SENSOR MESH fabric in the back panels guarantees excellent breathability.

Running shoe ENDA LAPATET 1.5, made in Kenya

The LAPATET 1.5 has in its name the DNA of its origins, in fact Lapatet in the dialects of
some Kenyan tribes means "RUN"
It is a versatile shoe that is well suited to both daily training, thanks to the level of
cushioning, which to the most performing race by virtue of its technical characteristics
who wink at a race with a predominantly midfoot attack; without
underestimate the comfort that is perceived immediately, at the first fit, thanks to the space
wide in the forefoot area and to the particular attention given to the area of the
So let's see, in detail, the characteristics of the E NDA LAPATET 1.5

The UPPER is made of light and soft knit, without seams (seamless) that allows
to the foot to lodge in the shoe without any constriction. The plot is managed with
waves with 2 different densities to offer adequate (denser wave) and perfect containment
flexibility (lower density wave) and crease lines that follow the movement of the foot
during all phases of the roll.
Furthermore, the alternation of the density of the fabric waves allows a perfect coupling
with the socks and the upper itself reducing the risk of chafing affecting the skin of the
feet and the resulting performance while running.

The weave of the knit allows a high breathability and a dispersion of the heat produced
from the movement of the feet reducing the humidity that is deposited in the shoe.
To the upper are connected 2 collars for the passage of the laces, laces that pass through
holes made with the same yarn as the collars, thus eliminating rings of rigid materials
which are poorly adapted to the structure of the tongue ( TONGUE ) which turns out to be thin
and soft, reconciling the comfort of fit with the containment of the overall weight of the
The particular construction of the upper, in the rear area of the shoe, allows you to
obtain a soft and minimally invasive heel counter on the Achilles tendon e
on the heel which, however, allows to obtain a good control of the phases of first support
thanks to the work of the midsole and its particular structure in that portion of the
In the internal medial portion of the upper there is the ENDA logo, which represents the
tip of the spears typical of Kenyan peoples, as well as the reference to the flag of
Kenya with 2 straps placed to the right and left of the collar where the system ends
The midsole is developed with some tricks that allow a fluidity of the gesture
ideal in all situations. It is made with a central body in EVA that allows a
excellent dissipation of load forces in the medial area of the foot and is supplemented by two
inserts (one front and one rear) with slightly increased density to obtain
precisely a correct movement dynamics. The rear insert stabilizes the whole
rear foot and is in the lower portion of the midsole and works directly with the lightweight
heel collar to get the best balance between these 2 important components of the
footwear. The insert, higher in the back of the shoe, tapers towards the side
medial, obtaining in the second step a control of the longitudinal torsion of the shoe.
To optimize cushioning, a layer of midsole remains between this insert
the assembly midsole, the one that joins the upper to the inner part of the shoe.

In the midfoot area (height 24 mm) there is only one layer of EVA which instead doubles on the
tip, where the toes, in the take-off phase, give the final push. This
thin insert reducing the compression phase of the EVA softer, allows to contain
the dispersion of energy to the benefit of running performance.

The sole is made of solid rubber with high abrasion resistance that fits both perfectly
to hard surfaces such as asphalt and to the easy dirt tracks of the dirt tracks. His
arrangement on the midsole and the design follows (front) those that are the lines of
natural crease of the feet. In the heel part, in the outer rear portion it is
slightly raised to protect the midsole and ensure greater durability.
The removable insole, in light and shaped Eva, has the purpose of obtaining comfort and contributes
to the overall cushioning of the shoe. As mentioned at the beginning, the shape of the
shoe is traditional in the medial and back, while the front area, where
they house the fingers and the metatarsals is slightly wider than the standard at which it is
normally accustomed, this trick is essential to allow the fingers of the
feet to always find adequate space in the phases preceding the take-off, when the area
of the metatarsals tends, lowering, to widen to optimize the thrust phase. The waves
of the upper also serve to respond to the need to delicately bind that
portion of the foot.
Finally, there is no lack of details related to Kenyan culture, and in addition to those already highlighted
in the upper (ENDA logo and National flag) there is a webbing in the back that
it serves to facilitate the fit that presents designs that recall typical designs of fabrics
Swahili. Even the waves of the upper have a Kenyan appeal, they represent
in fact the waves that are formed when a strong wind blows towards the land on the Indian ocean.
Another element closely linked to the Kenyan culture is the embossed HARAMBEE inscription
in the midsole. Harambee (Ha-rum-bay) is the official motto of Kenya, which in Swahili language,
means "let's all get together" and is used to refer to times when communities do
they combine to accomplish something that individuals could not do on their own.
Always in the lower part of the midsole, in the hollow that starts from the heel and reaches the
medial part there are micro grooves that represent the topographical map of the
Rift Walley.

Finally a note on the color charts where the variety of colors of the ENDA models and theirs
pairing takes up the characteristic colors of the plumage of some of the most common birds
of the highlands of Kenya.

Neutral shoe
Gr. 255 - 9 US man - 10,5 US woman
Drop - 6 mm
EVA Midsole & double density Midsole
High density rubber sole
Upper light knit
Made in Kenya
2021.01.24 GG

Sale X-Bionic Body Dragonfly Trisuit 5G with discount

Online sale BODY X-BIONIC DRAGONFLY TRISUIT 5G MEN with a 5% discount on the price

Online sale BODY X-BIONIC DRAGONFLY TRISUIT 5G MEN with a 5% discount on the price

Water: Perfect hydrodynamics and sliding in the water.
Air: Supreme aerodynamics that reduces drag.
Terra: Lightness and better performance.
AWARDED AND PATENTED 3D BIONIC SPHERE® SYSTEM WITH THERMOSYPHON® TECHNOLOGY. It features complex 3D structures of internal and external air channels. It cools you when you sweat and warms you when you are cold.
Patented precision bearing: Supports sliding in water through Newton's law of floating bodies. Provides optimal cushioning while cycling.
100% PURE SWISS ENGINEERED. Made in Italy. 700+ international awards and test victories, 800+ patent registrations for products with the "X".

Based on the dragonfly's aerodynamic properties, we have developed the revolutionary X-Bionic® Dragonfly Trisuit 5G. Through the innovative Dragonfly technological system, we have transferred the properties of Dragonfly, or dragonflies, to the new Trisuit. Dragonfly technology consists of three unique technologies, the ClimateSpeed spoiler, the ClimateSpeed structure and the H2 door.
Dragonfly Trisuit 5G is designed to be the fastest in every discipline, all thanks to the use of award-winning patented X-Bionic® technologies. Extensive studies in the GST wind tunnel in Germany provide scientific evidence that the Dragonfly Trisuit 5G reduces wind friction, which will ultimately allow you to perform at your best. Even before the official launch, the Dragonfly Trisuit 5G was awarded for its innovation. The German Innovation Award honored the product and voted it the 2021 winner.

Online sale BODY X-BIONIC DRAGONFLY TRISUIT 5G MEN with a 5% discount on the price

Dragonfly: The extraordinary ability to adapt to both aquatic and terrestrial environments has evolved in nature for millions of years. On Dragonfly Trisuit 5G we have reproduced the microcells of dragonfly wings and created a layer that minimizes friction.

H2 Port
H2 Port is designed to increase hydrodynamics and comfort in the water. Made of highly breathable material, it prevents water absorption and allows you to slide on the water quickly and easily.

ClimateSpeed Spoiler
is designed to reduce friction, optimally control the flow of air through the shoulder, upper back and chest.
In addition to the ClimateSpeed spoiler, the incorporation of the patented Precision Bike Pad provides a new level of protection for the bike, which adapts to the needs of the triathlete and leaves the pain to your opponents. photo slider
3D Bionic Sphere® system with Thermosyphon® technology

Patented in 19 countries
The award-winning patented 3D Bionic Sphere system with Thermosyphon® technology works with Dragonfly technology to ensure maximum performance. It cools when you sweat, it warms up when you are cold. In this way, your body always remains at the optimal temperature to cross the finish line.

Online sale BODY X-BIONIC DRAGONFLY TRISUIT 5G MEN with a 5% discount on the price

Online sale on motus the BODY X-BIONIC DRAGONFLY TRISUIT 5G MEN with 5% discount, discounted price

Running shoe ENDA KOOBI FORA, made in Kenya


The name KOOBI FORA comes from an important archaeological site near Lake Turkana
north-west of the Kenyan country, where the most ancient fossils that belonged were found
to Homo Rudolfensis.

KOOBI FORA is a TRAIL RUNNING shoe ideal for medium distances (up to 40-50
km) and if used by performing runners it is also suitable for more demanding distances.
Like the rest of the ENDA collection, it is a neutral, light and comfortable shoe that he prefers
quick supports and an efficient run.

Here are the characteristics of the KOOBI FORA

The upper is in thin multilayer mesh, resistant and breathable but with a closed weave for
eliminate the entry of macro-dust and is coupled, both in the internal medial portion and
external, by 4 thin heat-sealed bands that, once the lacing is completed, allow the
upper to wrap the foot and make it one with the shoe. These heat-sealed inserts
in their external portion of the upper they also become laces-loops precisely for
generate a custom fitting.


There is no traditional lace-up tongue (TONGUE ) which is replaced by a thin e
non-constricting sock in highly breathable perforated mesh that prevents little ones
pebbles and solid residues from entering the collar inside the shoe that integrates
perfectly with the heel collar.
Contrary to what normally happens with similar solutions normally adopted,
the tension of the collar is delicate, especially in its front part, and does not affect the
speed of fitting of the shoe and on the sliding of the foot inside it.

The construction of the lacing system, as already mentioned, provides for large buttonholes
where the laces pass and integrates a trapezoidal flap that increases the protection of the back
of the foot by covering the special construction of the entrance sock in the body of the shoe.
This particular construction allows you to tension the lacing in an optimal way
creating a stable fit also thanks to the binding buttonhole for the laces and not constricting for the
peripheral circulation of the dorsum of the foot.
To highlight the light TPU insert to protect the first metatarsal and all the fingers
that wraps the entire tip at 180 °, without being invasive for the fingers themselves during
dynamics of movement of the foot inside the shoe. This like in the other models
ENDA is possible thanks to an increased volume of that specific area of the
The heel counter is semi-rigid to stabilize the rear foot, which is useful for reducing
the torsional effect of the shoe during the support phases of the midfoot in order to
allow the Achilles tendon to work in line with the pushing forces. The collar is instead
soft thanks to the delicate sponges used inside. There is also a webbing
with ring to facilitate the fit, tape that in addition to having designs attributable to the
Kenyan culture printed the name ENDA.
The midsole used is the same as on the ITEN but is integrated by a thin sheet
full-length nylon to change the stability and protection characteristics of the foot
in typical Trail running situations.

The midsole is in blown EVA, very balanced and with a low profile, in fact it has a
front - rear differential of 4 mm (Drop) that invites you to search for the best support
possible of midfoot. The fact remains that in the back, in the heel area, there is
an insert that increases the cushioning, protection and overall stability of the
footwear whose details we will see in a few lines.


The front design of the midsole is therefore lowered compared to the standard of footwear
traditional and well suited to the increased volumes of the upper, where the toes of the
feet, to allow that natural enlargement of the metatarsal structure in the phase of
support and thrust even more important in off-road.

To reduce the torsional effect of the shoe, in addition to the aforementioned thin nylon insert, the part
rear of the midsole, in the heel area where there is the second layer of EVA (colored in
contrast) wraps the foot welcoming it with a slightly cupped shape to limit the
lateral movements of the foot, useful device in quick changes of direction as well as
for the aforementioned overall stability of the shoe.

The sole is in solid rubber with high resistance and traction, and is in full contact with the
ground with the particularity of having flexion grooves just in front of the metatarsals
they generate 2 areas of different sizes, a smaller one positioned under the big toe and the other
greater for the remaining 4 fingers. This solution is closely related to the choice to have
a wider area for the support of the fingers so that in the pre-detachment and detachment phases
metatarsal joints are in a position to express maximum efficiency.
The sole which has a slightly increased thickness, when compared with the models
road, has a design that allows a good MUD RELISE (mud release) even if the
footwear is not born for particularly muddy soils but the particular design leaves
uncovered the lugs in the shape of a spear point to ensure optimal traction. The anchors do not
they are very deep to limit that unpleasant feeling of tessellation when running
on harder surfaces. From this point of view, also the horizontal recess placed at the medial level
it allows to dissect the more robust portion of the meso foot (the internal one) from the more
light (external) offering the latter a greater support surface.
On the toe of the shoe the sole rises towards the toe protection insert while maintaining it
same design and tessellation to guarantee traction even in situations where it is necessary
making the most extreme tip of the shoe work.
Also not to be overlooked are the small rear recesses that work to not block
completely the torsional effect in that portion of the shoe. In the medial portion
inside, just above the word HARAMBEE the sole without the 3 small holes present on the
ITEN to increase the protection of the underlying midsole.
The removable insole , in light and shaped EVA, aims to balance comfort and
contributes to the overall cushioning of the shoe in relation to the presence of the thin
kevlar sheet already mentioned. And as also mentioned in the beginning, the shape of the shoe is
traditional in the medial and posterior part, while the anterior area, where the fingers are lodged
and the metatarsals is slightly wider than the standard one is normally accustomed to,
this trick is essential to allow the toes to always find
adequate space in the phases preceding the detachment, when the metatarsal area tends,
lowering, widening to optimize the thrust phase and increase the feeling between the foot
and land.
Also for the KOOBI FORA there is no lack of details related to the Kenyan culture, and in addition to the
mentioned tape to facilitate the fit, we find on the midsole is the word HARAMBEE.
Harambee (Ha-rum-bay) is Kenya's official motto, which in Swahili means
"let's all get together" and is used to refer to times when communities come together
to accomplish something that individuals could not do on their own. The detail of 12
grooves in the outer portion of the midsole are the reference to the date of 12 December,
Jamhuru Day, the day when Kenya gained independence in 1963 for a year thereafter
after exactly becoming a republic.
Printed on the heel buttress we then find the symbol present in the center of the flag
Kenyana or the Masai shield with 2 crossed spears whose stylized tip is the logo of

The logo is present both on the upper and on the sole, as if to leave a trace of the
passage of Kenyan culture; on the laces passes the figure 1470 which recalls the
KNM-ER code 1470 which was the acronym that identified the remains of Homo Rudolfensis found
in the archaeological site of Koobi Fora.

Finally a note on the color charts where the variety of colors of the ENDA models and theirs
pairing takes up the characteristic colors of the plumage of some of the most common birds
of the highlands of Kenya.

TRAIL RUNNING Neutral shoe
Gr 280 - 9 US man - 10,5 US woman
Drop - 4 mm
EVA Midsole & Midsole double density + kevlar sheet
High density rubber sole
Upper engineered mesh
Made in Kenya
2021.05.29 GG

Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO power meter online sale

At Motus you can find the new Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO power meter for sale online at a winning price
Based on the iconic SPEEDPLAY dual-entry road pedal, the Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO is now available for purchase in both single and double-sided options.
POWRLINK ZERO is built on the platform of the legendary Wahoo SPEEDPLAY ZERO pedal system, which already enjoyed a large and loyal following before being updated and relaunched by Wahoo in 2021.

Like the rest of Wahoo's SPEEDPLAY range, POWRLINK ZERO features a comfortable two-sided entry, low height, and 0-15 degree adjustable play angle. Its design makes it easy to move the power meter between multiple cranksets, allowing athletes to get the benefits of training with power measurement no matter which bike they choose.
Accuracy is key when it comes to power meters; Wahoo took the +/- 1% scrap of the KICKR smart trainer series and replicated it in the POWRLINK ZERO as well; combined with a rechargeable battery that provides 75 hours of autonomy, connection to third-party apps and devices via ANT + and Bluetooth and compatibility with the cleats of previous versions of the SPEEDPLAY ZERO pedals, POWRLINK ZERO is ready to become the power preferred by the most demanding athletes
The new Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO weighs just 250 grams in the single-sided option (left power measurement only), or 276 grams with the double-sided option. The retail prices are respectively 649.99 and 999.99 euros. The new range of power meters completes the Wahoo SPEEDPLAY pedal line which is made up of the COMP (€ 149.99), ZERO (€ 229.99), NANO (€ 449.99) and AERO (€ 279.99) models. .

ENDA ITEN 2 Running Shoe, made in Kenya


ITEN has its vocation in its name. Iten, is a small Kenyan town located in the Great Rift
Valley which produced the highest number of gold medals in the cross-country and medium-sized specialties
bottom in competitions that really matter in running such as Olympics and World Championships, and it is also
known as the home of champions.

It is a shoe with a vocation for performance that accompanies runners on medium distances a
good pace without forgetting protection and cushioning if you want to push yourself further,
inviting to the midfoot support for a run that is as natural and efficient as possible.
Here are the characteristics of the ITEN 2

The upper is in engineered mesh (triple yarn) with a tight weave to better contain the foot in
all stages of support and is structured with a second layer to wrap the entire area of the fingers
of the feet to eliminate the problem of mesh failure in that area subjected to stress
high when the ride is particularly fast. In the internal portion at the level of the first
metatarsal coupling is interrupted in order not to limit in any way the flexion of the midsole
during the push and pre-release phase of the foot from the ground.

The texture, as mentioned, tightly knit in the forefoot portion does not lose its naturals
characteristics of breathability, in the portion that wraps the body of the foot and integrates
with the lace-through structure, the shirt opens with decidedly wider inserts that concur to
increase internal ventilation.


The lacing system is integrated into the upper and follows a light one in the medial part
undulation to allow a correct adaptation to the shape of the foot. The lace loops
they are obtained with buttonholes that allow you to do without plastic eyelets at all
advantage of wearability and reduction of plastic waste at the end of the shoe's life.
The tongue for laces ( TONGUE ) is sized with limited thickness in order to wrap the back
of the foot respecting the general comfort of the shoe. However, it has the particularity of being, in the part
terminal towards the instep, asymmetrical so as to better protect that portion of the neck of the
foot (external) where the soft tissues are most exposed to movement and compression stress
of the lacing itself.
The heel counter is semi-rigid to stabilize the rear foot, which is useful for reducing the effect
torsional of the shoe during the support phases of the midfoot in order to allow the work of the
Achilles tendon in line with the pushing forces. The collar is instead soft thanks to the delicate

sponges used inside. There is also a webbing with a ring to facilitate the fit,
ribbon that in addition to having designs attributable to the Kenyan culture has embroidered the name ENDA nearby
to the figure 2%. This 2% identifies what ENDA reinvests from its profits in support of
development in Kenyan communities.
The midsole is in blown EVA, very balanced and with a low profile, in fact it has a differential
antero - posterior of 4 mm (Drop) which invites the search for the best possible support of
midfoot. This does not mean that in the back, in the heel area, there is an insert that
increase the protection and overall stability of the shoe, the details of which we will see in a few

The front design of the midsole is therefore lowered compared to the standard of traditional footwear
and is well suited to the increased volumes of the upper, where the toes are housed, to allow
that natural enlargement of the metatarsal structure in the support and thrust phase. The part
front is particularly flexible while maintaining an excellent balance between elastic return and
cushioning. This situation allows the entire skeletal muscle complex to work
tendon of the foot and ankle to achieve maximum efficiency. To guarantee efficiency, the
rear part of the midsole, in the heel area where there is the second layer of EVA (colored in
contrast) wraps the foot welcoming it with a slightly cupped shape to limit the
lateral movements of the foot, useful device in quick changes of direction as well as for the
overall stability of the shoe.

This solution is not necessarily the optimal solution for all runners, especially those more
slow and heavy that tend to have rear foot support, but this is a performance shoe
which can, for the runners just mentioned, be the second shoe for fast races or training
specific. In addition, the particular geometry and density of the midsole is well suited to fast walkers,
category constantly increasing among consumers.
The sole is in solid rubber with high resistance and traction, and is in full contact with the ground with the
particularity of having flexion grooves just in front of the metatarsals that generate 2 areas of
different sizes, one smaller positioned under the big toe and the other larger for the remaining 4 toes.
This solution is closely related to the choice of having a wider area for the support of the fingers
so that in the pre-detachment and detachment phases the metatarsal joints are in the condition of
express maximum efficiency. From this point of view, also the horizontal recess placed level
medial allows to dissect the more robust portion of the meso foot (the internal one) from the more
light (external) offering the latter a greater support surface.


The removable insole , in light and shaped Eva, has the purpose of obtaining comfort and contributes
to the overall cushioning of the shoe. As mentioned at the beginning, the shape of the shoe is
traditional in the medial and posterior part, while the anterior area, where the fingers and i
metatarsi, as mentioned, is slightly wider than the standard one is normally used to,
this precaution is essential to allow the toes to always find adequate
space in the phases preceding the detachment, when the metatarsal area tends, lowering, ad
widen to optimize the thrust phase.


Also for the ITEN there is no lack of details related to Kenyan culture , and in addition to the aforementioned ribbon
to facilitate the fit, we find on the midsole is the word HARAMBEE. Harambee (Ha-rum-bay) is the
Kenya's official motto, which in the Swahili language, means "let's all get together" and is used for
refer to times when communities come together to accomplish something that individuals do not
they could do it on their own. The detail of the 12 grooves in the outer portion of the midsole are the
reference to the date of December 12, Jamhuru Day, the day in which Kenya obtained in 1963
independence and then exactly one year later to become a republic.

The logo, which represents the tip of a spear, is then present both on the upper and on the sole almost a
wanting to leave a trace of the passage of Kenyan culture.


Finally a note on the color charts where the variety of colors of the ENDA models and theirs
pairing takes up the characteristic colors of the plumage of some of the most common birds of the
highlands of Kenya.

Neutral shoe
Gr. 245 - 9 US man - 10,5 US woman
Drop - 4 mm
EVA Midsole & double density Midsole
High density rubber sole
Upper engineered mesh
Made in Kenya
2021.05.24 GG

Online sale of the new Garmin Fenix 7: Standard, Solar and Solar Sapphire

At Motus you can find the new Garmin for sale online: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 and Fenix 7x in the Standard, Solar and Solar Sapphire versions.

online sale of the new Garmin: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 and Fenix 7x in the Standard, Solar and Solar Sapphire versions.
New Garmin Fenix 7S for sale online
Garmin presented the seventh generation of Fenix sportwatches, available in three different models: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 and Fenix 7x and depending on the model we find a version
- Standard (without solar, with Corning Gorilla Glass DX)
- Solar (with Powerglass glass) with steel case
- Solar Sapphire (with Power Sapphire sapphire crystal) with titanium case
except for Fenix 7x which will only have the Solar and Solar Sapphire version. Compared to the previous version Fenix 6 has made an evolutionary leap, both in terms of technology and functionality and a longer battery life.
What stands out most is how - in the substance of Garmin's intentions - there is the will to work alongside the athlete, putting him in a position to get to know each other better, as well as to have a device designed and dedicated to his needs and activities.

PROMOCODE Send us an Email
is an active function for running and cycling profiles and tells you, when you start a race or a workout, what your range is, i.e. how long or how many kilometers you can run.
As you progress and based on your pace and heart rate changes, the system updates the forecast for kilometers and time. The interesting side is that you are provided with two data, one in real time and one "potential", which allow you to understand with a quick glance what your "energy condition" is and, consequently, establish your strategy.
This allows you to always give your best, avoiding running out of energy before the work session or the race (and therefore running into problems and risks of injury), but reaching your goal by giving everything.

vendita online i nuovi Garmin: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 e Fenix 7x nella versione Standard, Solar e Solar Sapphire. Touch screen
In the new Garmin Fenix 7 it can now also be used with a touchscreen. The system is fast and useful, especially for scrolling through data and maps, customizing screens and typing texts. Real-time settings from Garmin Connect All Garmin Fenix 7 settings can be managed directly from your smartphone with the Garmin Connect app. So we can use the app without having to navigate through the keys.

Multi-band GPS
With this function, generation 7 Garmin Fenixes significantly increase the accuracy of the GPS track. The reception of the additional L5 frequency guarantees greater precision even in conditions of poor sky visibility and minimizes positioning errors due to the multipath effect (the anomalous reflection of the satellite signal in the presence of obstacles or reflective surfaces such as water or mountains) .

the Garmin Fenix 7X also has a very intense LED light that allows you to illuminate the road or paths and it is possible to activate it so that, when we run, the device follows the movement of the wrist and emits white light when the arm is forward, red when the arm is back.

online sale of the new Garmin: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 and Fenix 7x in the Standard, Solar and Solar Sapphire versions.
PROMOCODE Send us an Email

New 4th generation heart rate sensor
The Garmin Fenix 7 also introduces a new heart rate sensor on the wrist. Completely new in design with sensor placement aimed at better optical reading, it is now even more precise and efficient. The bottom of the case has been redesigned to protect it from solar infiltration.

Map management
To facilitate the management of maps and the optimization of the internal memory, some models do not have preloaded maps but give you the possibility to download via wi-fi only those of the areas that interest you. While, in the case of the Sapphire versions, the maps are all already contained in the 32 GB memory of the device.

Online sale of the new Garmin: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 and Fenix 7x in the Standard, Solar and Solar Sapphire versions

ENDA Running Shoes made in Kenya

Sale of running and running shoes made in Kenya, Africa: ITEN, LAPATET, KOOBI FORA models
Sale of running and running shoes made in Kenya, Africa: ITEN, LAPATET, KOOBI FORA models

In the world of sports shoes intended for running and walking, a new brand appears with a very different story from that typical of large multinational sports companies. It is ENDA (in Swahili dialect it means Go) the first African brand that proudly claims its made in Kenya.
ENDA, was born less than 5 years ago through a crowdfundind (self-financing) and from the idea of 2 boys, the young lawyer Kenyana Navalayo Osembo and the American Weldon Kennedy with experiences in associations involved in the social sector including Change.Org

At the base of the project there was immediately the desire to create a sports shoe where the strongest long-distance runners are born but with the immediate aim of doing so through a path linked to social and environmental sustainability with unique choices.

CREATING JOBS IN KENIA - In a country with an average age of only 18, and a youth unemployment rate of 17%, both the Kenyan government and leading development experts felt that creating jobs in sectors such as manufacturing was one of the Kenya's top priorities. Part of the challenge, however, is that it is almost always cheaper (as well as easier) to produce in Southeast Asia. The strategy, then, was to overcome this obstacle by creating a brand that could leverage the added value of being made in Kenya, also being able to count on preferential tariffs for the importation of footwear and clothing into the United States, established by the treaty. "African Growth and Opportunity Act".

SUPPORTING THE LOCAL COMMUNITY - Many Kenyans still do not even have access to essential things, such as clean water, sanitation, medical care, as well as education. Fortunately, many determined and courageous people are working hard to overcome these limits, and ENDA also wants to contribute, donating a portion of its profits for this purpose. With the help of a pool of experts, projects to be financed are selected every 6 months, a choice to which every ENDA buyer can also contribute, thus creating an important link between the company, runners and walkers from all over the world, and the local Kenyan community; this also to foster empathy, creativity and innovation. To support this, a percentage of the purchase price is immediately used to support various social activities directly in Kenya and for these reasons ENDA is the only brand in the world, of technical footwear, to have obtained the international certification "B Corp ", for the social imprint of the project.

Then there is the ecological spirit with the reduction of the environmental impact, where ENDA, with its choices and its production, immediately creates the first technical running shoes with the aim of achieving zero impact as recognized by the international certification. "Climate Neutral". There are many production processes put in place to achieve this goal, including the choice of reducing the production of packaging through the choice not to use cardboard packaging to contain the shoes but to deliver them to the recipients in shoe bags made of recycled fabric too. made in Kenya.

Finally there are the shoes, 3 models, which will begin to be distributed in Italy from June 2021 through specialized running and walking stores throughout the country, models intended for running and walking and which will offer in addition to a standard and high durability also the their story. The most interesting model for advanced walkers or fast runners is the ITEN , the first model ever produced that takes its name from the famous Kenyan city nicknamed the city of champions.

Then there is the LAPATET , a very comfortable more protective model ideal for medium and long distances to which the KOOBI FORA ideal for off-road activities has been added.
Text Giorgio Garello

SCOTT: sale of ski clothing for men and women

SCOTT is a leader in the sale of ski clothing for men and women in particular ski suits, trousers, jackets, helmets, gloves, overalls, goggles, goggles. SCOTT WINTERSPORT has created three different collections.

SCOTT Freeride ski clothing: the ultimate powder experience. When the mountains were calling, the freeriders were ready with wide skis looking at the trajectories filled with ridges, pillows, channels and fresh snow. Whether freeriders climb, ski in resorts or hop on a helicopter, the adrenaline felt in carving slopes, sculpting curves and descending canals, always in safety, does not change.

SCOTT SKI TOURING ski clothing: embodies the hunger for adventure in the realm of winter wonders. It's about the trips that every mountain skier has on their bucket list when winter begins. Walking through forests, crossing snow-covered expanses, balancing on the crests and finding new paths to reach the top: all to be able to find the perfect descent.

SCOTT ALL MOUNTAIN ski clothing: It's about drawing curves on steep slopes at resorts, or working your knees on bumps and zigzagging off-piste. ALL MOUNTAIN skiers need to be as versatile as their equipment is. They mostly ski in the plant.

Sale of SCOTT ski clothing for men and women: ski suits, pants, jackets, helmets, gloves, overalls, goggles, masks

Compressport: sports compression clothing

Compressport leader in sports compression clothing for running, triathlon, cycling, running: sleeves, shorts, pants, t-shirts and compression socks to jackets
Compressport is a company founded in 2008 and since its inception it has become famous all over the world for compression clothing and accessories. These specialty garments are meant to offer high performance due to the type of spandex material they are made from. It is essential for athletes to choose the right set of footwear and clothing as it affects their performance.
Compression garments from Compressport help reduce injuries, maintain body temperature, absorb moisture and reduce muscle tension. Compressport manufactures its products with extraordinary techniques and designs.

Compression can improve performance and optimize recovery by reducing lactic acid in the muscles and therefore fatigue after a race.
Compressport products are designed and developed in Europe, from research and development to fiber, knitwear, assembly, dyeing ... everything is done in Europe. The products are the result of a collaboration between doctors, athletes and manufacturers specializing in medical compression to improve the well-being of athletes in their practice and in their daily life.

Compression clothing
A complete range of compression clothing: sleeves, shorts, t-shirts and compression socks to jackets designed for athletes who practice running, trail running, cycling, triathlon and racket sports.
All products are knitted with treated yarns to protect against bacteria and prevent odors. The fibers used are Oeko-Tex certified, that is, they do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin.

Why choose Compressport compression?
Compressport products are the result of the collaboration between doctors, athletes and manufacturers specialized in medical compression. Our production process guarantees a perfect level of compression for the use of the product. The machines used are designed to adjust the different compression zones on the targeted muscle areas to the millimeter.

Why is compression important?
For beginners, an amateur or an athlete, Compressport helps you improve your performance. Compressport has developed a rich range of clothing and equipment specially designed for trail running, triathlon, road running, cycling. In your daily workouts, in races up to recovery sessions, Compressport helps you with its compression clothing for men and women.

New ZOOT ROAR 2021 Triathlon Collection for Men and Women

At Motus you can find online triathlon, cycling and running items from the latest ZOOT ROAR collection for both men and women.

The Zoot Ellie Salthouse ROAR collection is designed for athletes who find motivation every day Whether in the competition field or along the roads of your training, there is no lethargy. With Ellie Salthouse ROAR, ignite the animal spirit within you. When you swim, when you pedal, when you run… .. ALWAYS BE READY TO ROAR

Payment by installments for sporting goods

It is now possible to pay in installments the articles present on motusport that have a value greater than € 300. Payment in installments for bikes, triathlon and ironman frames and wheels, triathlon and ironman wetsuits, garmin watches, triathlon clothing and accessories for men and women

Buy now and pay later with PAGANTIS

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Pagantis is a financial entity authorized to operate by the Bank of Italy on the national market.

Considered a pioneer fintech, on an international level, she has a great experience in the financial sector and payment methods.

Its offices are located in Madrid, Barcelona and Milan, with more than 100 people employed who take care of monitoring the safety and trust of customers.
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All you have to do is go to My Profile and enter your ID card number and password.

POC presents the new Kortal Race MIPS and Devour helmets

The Kortal Race MIPS is a brand new all-mountain bike helmet packed with advanced safety, innovation and technology. It is also the first helmet ever to feature the recently presented Integra MIPS. The Devour takes a new approach to vision and features POC's Clarity lens technology. Integrated with exceptional coverage and eye protection, it has been designed for the needs of modern off-road and on-road riders.

The Kortal Race MIPS and Devour Clarity, which recently received the Design and Innovation Awards, are available for purchase online and in-store from today.

Commenting on the new releases, Oscar Huss, Head of Product, POC , said: “ Today mountain bikes are more capable than ever, offering everything from XC efficiency to declining DH performance. Riders now have a host of new opportunities that we wanted to enhance with a new benchmark in helmet and goggle protection. With a host of integrated technologies, safety solutions and brand new innovations, Kortal and Devour represent a significant advance in terms of protection and vision. "

Inspired by the Tectal, which introduced POC's vision for trail helmets, integrating innovative safety technology into a lightweight, well-ventilated helmet, the Kortal Race MIPS takes POC's ideas further. It sets a new benchmark for mountain bikers at home with the most aggressive and capable all-mountain bikes. The helmet features a brand new design, a patented detachable visor system to protect the rider's neck, aramid bridges for strength, a Medical ID NFC chip that uses digital technology to allow the helmet to speak for you when you can't ™. A RECCO® reflector that allows you to be searchable over large areas, especially in mountain environments. The Kortal Race MIPS is also the first helmet in the world to use the brand new Integra MIPS system, an almost invisible rotational impact protection system.

To further extend its protection, the Kortal Race MIPS is a certified speed pedelec helmet, which exceeds the Dutch standard NTA8776, which tests helmets at higher impact speeds than using the standard bicycle. The visor of the helmet has several positions to allow you to store the goggles underneath when not in use. And of course it goes perfectly with the new Devour Clarity sunglasses and even has a rear "eye garage" for storage. The Kortal, which will feature a reduced list of technology, will also be released alongside the Kortal Race MIPS.

Oscar Huss, Head of Product, POC, continued: “Developing world-leading protection is the real reason why POC exists. This, coupled with our clear mission, opens up a whole new world of innovation and opportunity. Kortal Race MIPS and Devour Clarity have benefited from this approach and present a number of integrated technologies and new ideas that have been recognized with innovation awards. Being recognized with these awards is humbling and inspires us to keep looking for new solutions and innovations, to always consider things that have never been done before ”.

Devour sunglasses , developed with exceptional coverage, give a new sense of freedom and flexibility and are comfortable both on the road and on the trail. The sunglasses feature fully adjustable nose pads and temples that make it easy to find a secure fit for each head shape and allow the rider to create a more personalized fit. Surface details will be crystal clear thanks to Clarity lens technology that optimizes the color spectrum and the frame design maximizes peripheral vision and allows for significant airflow. Devour Clarity offers full UV protection (UV400) and features a Ri-Pel lens coating that protects against dirt, oil and water and a scratch-resistant coating.

The Kortal MIPS race

Exceptional coverage, uninterrupted ventilation, fully adjustable fit and integrated technology for added safety. The MTB helmet where borders no longer apply.

Patented detachable visor: detaches in the event of an accident to improve neck protection and reduce the possibility of injury.
MIPS Integra - MIPS's newest nearly invisible rotational impact system
NFC Medical ID: Stores vital medical information and emergency contacts inside the helmet so first responders can get the information they need immediately.
RECCO® Reflector - A RECCO® Reflector helps rescue services locate you easily and quickly if something goes wrong.
E-bike ready - Developed for use with e-bikes, the Kortal helmet meets the Dutch standard for NTA 8776 e-bike helmets.
Goggle Compatible - The helmet offers a perfect fit with POC Ora goggles, which fit under the visor when not in use.
Eye Garge - storage space created in the back of the helmet
360 ° Adjustable Fit: A 360 ° adjustment system makes it easy to find a secure and comfortable fit.
Uninterrupted Ventilation: The design ensures that the goggle strap does not cover the ventilation ports.
Unibody Shell - The unibody shell improves the structural integrity of the helmet
EPS Liner - A light weight

Garmin pedals for power measurement and advanced cycling dynamics analysis

Garmin officially introduces its new family of pedals for power measurement, for both cycling and mountain biking. The innovative Rally RK, Rally RS and Rally XC have been extensively tested, even in extreme conditions, and offer compatibility with Look Keo, Shimano SPD-SL and Shimano SPD bindings, for both on-road and off-road riding. Precise, reliable and easy to install, they have a new design that makes them performing and at the same time robust and resistant.

In the modern language of cyclists, professionals or amateurs, the meaning of "power" has been widely assimilated, so much so that today talking about watts is no longer a taboo. And among the main players who have contributed to the spread of this technical culture, there is certainly Garmin which today announces Rally , its new series of power sensors. In addition to the power values, the new pedals have been designed to measure cadence and to analyze all the advanced cycling dynamics, such as right / left leg balance, power phase and other data of interest to all cycling enthusiasts on road and mountain bike, up to the gravel world.

Highly technological and performing tools, therefore, which will accompany the athletes in their preparation, to obtain better and better results.

« We know that cyclists and bikers train to improve their performance every day, and for this reason we have designed and created not just one, but a real complete family of power sensors that they can rely on to achieve their goals. - comments Stefano Viganò , CEO of Garmin Italia - These pedals have undergone numerous tests and tests, taking their use to the limit, to ensure high levels of reliability in measuring power which, as we all know, is a reference value important in the preparation of every enthusiast, even in the amateur world ».

The project managers who developed the Rally family drew on a group of over 100 testers from various disciplines, who pedaled an overall mileage equal to five times around the Earth.

Three models for one passion

The Rally power sensors are available in three different versions, two for road cycling and one for off-road cycling. Each of them is available in two further types: one with double pedal detection (200) and one with single detection (100).

  • Rally RK100 and Rally RK200 : designed for road cycling and compatible with Look Keo cleats.
  • Rally RS100 and Rally RS200 : designed for road cycling and compatible with Shimano SPD-SL cleats.
  • Rally XC100 and Rally XC200 : designed for off-road cycling and compatible with Shimano SPD bindings.

Designed with the sensor incorporated in the spindle, the models of the Rally series ensure precise and reliable measurement of the power data during any training or competition.

DOUBLED POWER . With the dual sensor pedals Rally RK200, Rally RS200 and Rally XC200 athletes can independently analyze the values expressed by the right and left leg, so as to intervene in case of discrepancies or substantial differences in the expression of power between the two limbs. With the ability to measure cadence, power, left / right leg balance and advanced cycling dynamics, they show how and where most power is produced, helping cyclists and bikers understand their strengths and strengths. of weakness, so as to be able to intervene in a targeted manner. Another analysis that the new Garmin pedals allow concerns the time spent pedaling seated and standing, thus showing the effectiveness of the two positions. Last, but certainly not least, the Rally sensors allow you to accurately measure in which point of the foot the most force is applied, and therefore power, so as to be able to suggest a better positioning of the shoe cleats.

INDOOR TRAINING . The recent success of training in indoor cycling has brought many cyclists closer to knowing their power value in a more or less precise way. Depending on the model used, smart trainers are able to provide this parameter to those who ride at home. Those who want to have a super precise evaluation data on their performance, can associate the power data of the Rally via Bluetooth ® or ANT + protocol to interactive eTraining programs such as Tacx Training app or others from third parties.

SINGLE DETECTION POWER . Garmin offers a power sensing approach solution with the single sensor models Rally RK100, Rally RS100 and Rally XC100 , which read only instantaneous, average, maximum power and cadence. If the user subsequently decides to switch to a dual sensor system, because he wants to expand the critical knowledge of his way of pedaling in a surgical manner, he can do so by purchasing a second pedal with integrated wattage detector; as a result, a world of new metrics dedicated to him will open up.

A COMPLETE NETWORK . With the new Rally series, Garmin provides users with a real network of tools to monitor their performance on the pedals. The new power sensors can in fact be associated with the Edge line cycle computers (where compatible) and with the Garmin Connect ™ app, through which it is possible to download all the recorded data, analyze them and compare them with each other, to plan your workouts even more accurate and efficient. They can interface with the most popular indoor training platforms, such as the Tacx Training app, or those of Zwift and TrainerRoad.

EASE OF INSTALLATION AND EXTENDED DURATION . The Rally power sensors mount like any other pedal, and can therefore be moved quickly from one bike to another. A particular novelty concerns their portability: to allow those who are divided between on-road and off-road training, Garmin has designed a spindle for Rally that makes them easily transferable to different pedal bodies. In this case the user will have to purchase the appropriate kit separately.

The new Rally power sensors feature a replaceable battery with up to 120 hours of life, ensuring extended use before it needs to be replaced.

Available right now in the best stores, the new Garmin Rally power sensors have a recommended retail price that varies depending on the type of model.

Personalized training programs for TRIATHLON, IRONMAN, XTERRA, RUNNING, CYCLING, MTB

Personalized training programs for TRIATHLON, IRONMAN, XTERRA, RUNNING, CYCLING, MTB

We specialize in personalized training programs.
Whether you're training for your first race or you're already an expert, a proper training program will help you be ready for the day of the next race.
You can choose the one that suits you best from our training plans, created directly by our coach.


For those who sign up for any 12-month subscription, the FITRI Membership is FREE!

  • Athlete medical history
  • Objective evaluation based on field tests
  • Personalized training program with 8-week sending frequency
  • Account Base TrainingPeaks
  • Monthly feedback through TrainingPeaks
  • FITri membership
  • MTrainingLab Triathlon Body Castelli All Out Speed Suit
  • Athlete medical history
  • Field test with evaluation of video footage taken by the athlete and related considerations
  • Discussion of training sessions, organization of future training and race planning
  • Personalized training program with 6-week sending frequency
  • Account Base TrainingPeaks
  • Weekly feedback through TrainingPeaks
  • Food tips
  • Possibility to modify the training program without restrictions
  • Advice for choosing products for swimming, biking, running
  • FITri membership
  • MTrainingLab Triathlon Body Castelli All Out Speed Suit
  • Athlete medical history
  • Field test in the presence of the coach
  • Field meetings during training and / or competitions for a minimum of 4 matches
  • Personalized programs with 4-week sending times
  • Personalized programs for muscle strengthening and core stability
  • Premium TrainingPeaks account
  • Weekly feedback through TrainingPeaks and telephone conversation
  • Dietary advice and supplementation during the various training periods
  • Possibility to modify the training program without restrictions
  • Advice for choosing products for swimming, biking, running
  • FITri membership
  • MTrainingLab Triathlon Body Castelli All Out Speed Suit

Second generation Cloudstratus on-running running shoes

Second generation Cloudstratus on-running running shoe

When it comes to long-haul mileage, comfort is king. That’s the guiding philosophy behind the new Cloudstratus – engineered to deliver supreme cushioning on the road, whether your long run is a couple of miles or a marathon. The second-generation Cloudstratus is where maximum cushioning meets maximum performance and the latest evolution of our shoe with a double-stack of CloudTec®, now gives you even more confidence to conquer your runs. If you’re looking for more comfort to go the distance, the Cloudstratus is for you. Here’s how we created the perfect performance shoe that offers maximum cushioning over medium to long distances.

Second generation Cloudstratus on-running running shoeDouble impact

The original Cloudstratus was the first shoe to feature two layers of CloudTec® and we’ve improved on that winning formula, extending the double layer of Cloud elements into the forefoot and adding our Helion™ superfoam. It’s a powerful combination that delivers even more cushioning and a more dynamic take off. Maximum protection, without sacrificing that all-important responsive feel.

Wider ride

We wanted even more runners to enjoy the benefits of that unique max cushioning on their road runs, so we also totally re-engineered the bottom unit to include a wider forefoot. That wider forefoot improves the overall support without stifling speed, and while the Cloudstratus isn’t a support shoe like our Cloudace and Cloudflyer, the result is an even more cushioned sensation with additional support. It takes even more impact out of asphalt. All without slowing you down.

Second generation Cloudstratus on-running running shoeRelease the pressure

The more energy you have, the further you can go. But providing energy-saving responsiveness and the kind of cushioned protection that keeps legs and feet feeling fresh, is a tough nut to crack. That’s where a trio of unique On innovations come in, creating a midsole that’s big on energy return, durability and road protection. Those double stacked layers of Helion™ superfoam work with connected forefoot Cloud elements to enhance vertical and horizontal cushioning, distributing pressure as your foot lands, then supporting a powerful push-off as our carefully tuned polypropylene Speedboard® drives you forward. “Along with a slightly stronger rocker design in the forefoot, the Speedboard® supports a very smooth transition from heel to toe,” says Edouard Coyon, Head of Footwear Product Management at On. “But it also provides the snappiness or dynamism that’s part of the DNA of all On shoes. Together this helps the shoe to feel a bit more dynamic than its competitors.” The result: less impact, more running.

Second generation Cloudstratus on-running running shoeFlex appeal

“People who run longer, beginner runners and anyone who just wants more cushioning and comfort, tend to like a bit more room in the forefoot,” says Edouard. “So we wanted to make sure the upgraded shoe offered a more generous forefoot fit.” In addition to the wider forefoot, we’ve refined the inner sock construction and improved the heel hold, to create instant step-in comfort and reliable custom fit that'll make you want to run twice as far.

“We wanted to give runners confidence and create a shoe that’ll be your best friend, with superb comfort you can really rely on. We worked hard on the details to ensure maximum comfort and a really cosy foot feel

For example, the full engineered mesh has a limited number of overlays to avoid unnecessary pressure points. The heel has additional foam for better hold and plush comfort. And the anatomically engineered mesh upper is designed to be soft and strong, optimized for comfort and breathable for airflow. But made with movement in mind. We also kept the popular star-lacing configuration from the first-gen Cloudstratus. This recruits more mesh from the shoe’s flank, wrapping the foot for a secure fit and supporting your natural motion. Where your foot flexes, the shoe flexes too. And that makes for a natural ride no matter how long you’re in the saddle.

Second generation Cloudstratus on-running running shoeOutsole

The CloudTec® outsole has evolved too. The Cloudstratus features a high-performance rubber grip compound that delivers unshakeable road hold and the kind of durability that gives you the confidence to go further.

Treading lighter

As part of On’s bigger commitment to reduce environmental impact, we’re working hard to create shoes that perform for the planet too. In the all-new Cloudstratus, we’ve used twice the amount of recycled material than in previous generations. That means 70% of the polyester is recycled and 20% of the entire shoe is made from recycled materials. And we’re working on the rest.

Sale of running and trail running shoes ALTRA

Sale running shoes and trail running shoe Altra lone peak, torin, escalante racer, Olympus, Vali, Paradigm

Sale running shoes and trail running shoes ALTRA: sale price shoe Altra lone peak, torin, escalante racer, Olympus, Vali, Paradigm

ALTRA running shoes: anALTRA way to run and imagine your ride When you run there are things you can measure. Times that can be enclosed by a stopwatch. Distances that can be marked with scientific precision from your GPS. And then there are performances that you can't measure but that you can feel and live on your skin. Like the performance of your running shoes, the only real companions of hundreds of miles ground on roads and dirt roads. In this case you have no tools to tell you how it will go first, or that they can tell you how it went, but you will have only yourself: the most severe judge for your body. This is what Brian Beckstead, one of the founders of Altra, must have thought when, in 2010, at the 94th mile of the Wasatch 100 ”he found himself crying with joy for having realized that he didn't even have a blister on his feet, and to have improved, to same time, his own record of the previous year. It is in situations like this that a shoe can say a lot about itself to those who are wearing it. And if there are running shoes that can be described based on materials, design, or a logo, there are ALTRAs that can be told based on a passion that becomes the first technique and then reality.
This is Altra running running shoes . It's a passion for running cultivated by two young people. It is the curiosity to understand how to change and improve, grown in the back room of the running store of your family. The courage to experiment, kilometer after kilometer, challenge after challenge like a trial shoe can change and make your running experience more and more comfortable. AnALTRA is all this that becomes a trial running shoe where passion translates into an unparalleled realization technique. Suffice it to say that one of its creators, warmed the shoes that his friends wore, in a toaster oven, to modify the structure and make them more suitable for the way of running.

ALTRA men's running shoes and ALTRA women's running shoes . The top models for these running shoes are lone peak, torin, escalante racer, Olympus, Vali, Paradigm.
Altra's attention to runners has reached levels never touched so far. The shoe is differentiated on the basis of female and male physical characteristics, thus reaching models dedicated to female runners. The starting point of such a revolutionary concept is the physical conformation of the female foot, characterized by a higher back of the foot and a longer arch. This is how Fit4Her was born, the shoe imagined and designed for her.

ALTRA zero drop running
But Altra is a universe of ideas that turn into a pair of running shoes. All the models are characterized by the ZeroDrop system, which allows the foot to remain perfectly aligned so as to have a more natural position, a zero impact support and a more correct running posture.
FootShape Toe Box is the ALTRA system designed by Altra and present in all shoes. Thanks to this patent, all the toes can be extended inside the shoe in a natural way, allowing the toe to remain straight. This position will result in a stability never achieved before and in a considerable capacity to push.

The ALTRA flagship running and trail running shoes are lone peak, torin, escalante racer, Olympus, Vali, Paradigm and ALTRA women's trail running shoes

How to choose the perfect wetsuit


Every athlete is an individual, and open water swimming is no different. One swimmer's needs can be hindrances or hindrances for another. This is why it's important to know what gear you need, especially when it comes to your wetsuit. The wrong choice can negatively affect your technique and your performance in the water.

To choose your perfect wetsuit, you need to look at various factors; above all, you need to know yourself well as a swimmer and athlete. Knowing what your needs are, as well as your preferences, strengths or weaknesses, is essential when choosing among the models.

We will offer you five factors to consider when choosing your wetsuit: your swimming level and technique, the performance of the wetsuit, your goals as an athlete, the size and finally the price.


Knowing your swimming level is the first point you need to consider when considering purchasing a new wetsuit. Obviously, those new to open water will not have the same needs as an experienced swimmer with several kilometers behind him.

If you are just starting out, your technique is probably not fully perfected yet. You will need more buoyancy, especially in the leg area, to lift your hips and help position your whole body correctly, achieving the least hydrodynamic restriction possible. In this case, wetsuits such as Predator or 3.8 are recommended and will be the most suitable for your needs.

If, on the other hand, you are an experienced swimmer and technique is your strong point, you will seek maximum flexibility. You might want to consider a wetsuit like the Alpha that fits your body like a second skin, allowing you to enjoy every swim.


Once you have a good understanding of your swimming level, you can then evaluate the performance of each wetsuit model and make a decision based on your needs. You should look into the following aspects:

● Flexibility: More flexibility means more freedom of movement.
● Buoyancy: As discussed above, a wetsuit with more or less buoyancy can help or damage you depending on your swimming technique.
● Hydrodynamics: For swimmers with a less refined technique, greater buoyancy will help you correct your posture, achieving a more hydrodynamic position.
● Thermal Insulation: If you love swimming in cold water or if you enjoy swimming in the ocean even during the winter months, the amount of thermal insulation a wetsuit can provide will be a key factor to consider. The new RS1 Thermal, for example, is the wetsuit that offers the greatest thermal protection of the entire Orca range. It has a specially developed inner lining to maximize heat retention in open water swimming, which will allow you to swim longer in lower temperatures.
● Visibility: an important point to consider if you are used to long training sessions in open water. In addition to the buoy as basic equipment, a wetsuit that makes you visible to boats, surfers and other swimmers will provide you with greater safety, allowing you to always be located. This is the case with wetsuits such as the Open Water Core Hi-Vis or the Open Water SW.


Another factor to consider when choosing your wetsuit is your goals as an athlete. Do you want a wetsuit for recreational swimming? For competitions? For participation in a triathlon or an Ironman?

So, depending on your motivations and your goals, you will choose a wetsuit that suits your swimmer needs from the triathlon range, the open water range or even the swimrun range.


Once you have chosen a wetsuit model based on your needs and goals, you need to determine your size. You can consult the following guide or get advice from an expert.

In general, the suit should fit very well, without being baggy. This is to prevent water from entering and creating the unpleasant "swelling effect" while swimming. A wetsuit that doesn't fit and doesn't fit your body well, whether it's too big or small, can produce unnecessary chafing and discomfort during your sessions at sea.


When it comes to wetsuits, a high or low price doesn't mean a wetsuit is better or worse. That's why it's important to note that a wetsuit shouldn't be chosen for its price, but rather for everything mentioned above: its performance and your needs and goals as an open water swimmer. Just because it's the most expensive model doesn't mean it's the best choice for you.

We hope these five tips have been helpful in clearing up any doubts about choosing the right wetsuit for you.
If you want to know more, be sure to watch the video that our friends at GTN have prepared on the same topic.

Sale ON RUNNING running and trail running shoes

Sale Shoes On running: running and trail running shoes for those who love running.

Sale Shoes On running: running and trail running shoes for those who love running.

From motus you can find the Shoes on running at the best price: men's running shoes, running shoes for women, trail running shoes for men and trail running shoes for women

No one, more than the creators of the On running shoes, must have wondered what a runner is looking for in a pair of running shoes. It is a question that only those who really run can answer. And whoever imagined and then created the shoes On running knows this well. Because behind it there is not only experience but three experiences: those of three fans for running, able to look at the race with different eyes. A former duathlon champion, an engineer from the Zurich Polytechnic and a simple, so to speak, lover of running. Together, they decided to create the perfect running shoe. The shoe that in just eight years has become the running shoe chosen by millions of runners worldwide. At the base of the global success of On Running shoes, there is only technique and passion. The technique behind the design of every single model is the passion of the race, which makes On a shoe suitable for the amateur race as well as to face the toughest routes and allow, for example, Frederik Von Lierde to win in the 2013 the title of Ironman cutting the finish line first with his On Cloudracer at his feet. Or suitable for those who, like Triathlon champion Nicola Sprig, get on the podium at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro after running with an On running pair

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What makes On running shoes so special?

Technique and knowledge of the race. Of the ability to give to those who run on a pair of shoes, the feeling of "running on clouds". Extreme lightness is accompanied by a cushioning capacity limited to just the foot support phase, letting the shoe be free to follow the natural thrust of the foot a second after touching the ground and giving, literally, the feeling of taking flight from the ground. Cushioning and take-off thus become a natural sequence that never hinders the race but accompanies it making it incredibly light. And it's not just a feeling. Studies carried out on On shoes, performed by leading scientific institutes such as the Swiss Federal Institute in Zurich, show that those who have raced wearing On shoes on their feet, run with a lower than average heart rate and lower blood lactate levels.
Wearing On Running shoes means choosing a company that makes research, innovation and development a goal to be achieved every day. And the succession of prototypes and models over time testifies to attention to the race that never fails. As in 2014 when On launches the On Cloud shoes, the first fully cushioned shoe.
Today On running offers models based on patented technologies such as Helion super foam, which ensures maximum resistance to stress and, at the same time, the highest levels of lightness that combine cushioning and elasticity, maintaining maximum performance in all weather conditions.

The leading shoes are ON RUNNING, running and trail running shoes: ON CLOUD, ON CLOUD X, ON CLOUDSWIFT, ON CLOUDFLOW

How to choose equipment for open water swimming

When you start out in the world of open water swimming, it is completely normal to face doubts and questions, such as: What equipment should I have? What kind of wetsuit should I wear? How many millimeters thick should it be? Do I need accessories?

Obviously there is no answer to all these questions, since every athlete is different and will have different needs depending on their experience and future goals for open water swimming.

An experienced swimmer who has trained in the ocean for years and knows the area won't need the same equipment as someone just starting out in the discipline. There will also be differences depending on whether you swim in winter or summer, if you are considering competing in any event or triathlon, or if your goal is to simply swim for the fun of it (our favorite).


Aside from the essential swimming cap and goggles (best mirrored to avoid sun discomfort) that everyone should wear, if you have little or no experience in the ocean, you should first worry about safety and comfort. As a novice swimmer, you will want to be comfortable and calm. You want to dive into the water with the confidence that you can take your first strokes in the ocean without worrying about the cold or the new equipment you are using that affects your swimming. A wetsuit that has high flexibility, neutral buoyancy and provides the right amount of thermal insulation will be ideal for starting this new adventure in open water swimming.

And of course, when it comes to safety, visibility must also be mentioned. It is important, especially if you have limited skills in open water swimming or if you are unfamiliar with the area you will be swimming in, to be clearly visible to others while in the ocean. Wear items such as a high visibility cap (neoprene or silicone depending on the water temperature), a buoy or a

wetsuit with orange sleeves will provide more safety in training sessions and avoid unnecessary fright with other swimmers, surfers or boats. The buoy, in addition to providing high visibility, is an essential element for any open water swimmer and should always be present. Not only is it a basic safety accessory, but it gives you greater buoyancy should you stop for a rest. It also allows you to transport your personal items in a safe, practical and watertight way.


Regardless of your level of open water swimming experience, the equipment and accessories you need will also vary based on your goals.

For example, if your idea is to start swimming in cold water, you will definitely need to consider a suit with superior thermal insulation that prevents as much cold water as possible from entering the suit while swimming. In this case, you should also consider neoprene accessories such as a cap or hood, booties or gloves that will help you retain as much body heat as possible to withstand longer workouts in cold temperatures.

On the other hand, if your goal is to swim in warmer waters while always maintaining buoyancy and a high level of freedom of movement, you should look for a sleeveless wetsuit or you may like the option of a two-piece that you can alternate depending on. the situation.

If you want to compete, you won't have the same needs if your goal is a triathlon as if you were preparing for a long-distance race. For a triathlon, for example, you will not only focus on flexibility and buoyancy (depending on your level) but you will also look for a suit that is particularly easy to put on and take off, which allows you to make the transitions as quickly as possible. If, on the other hand, you are preparing for an event that will take you many hours in the water, you should again look for good thermal insulation so that the cold does not move you.

There are certainly many variables to consider and many options available to you, but only you know what the best solution is when choosing open water swimming equipment. To summarize what we just discussed, you should consider your experience and goals. From there, you can make the selection that best suits your needs and how you will use your equipment.

KUOTA: promotion combined with CHALLENGE RIMINI 2019

For the 2019 edition of Challenge Riccione, a partnership was signed between two brands, which make the desire to win their distinctive mark.
Kuota is the brand that has written the history of Italian and international triathlon along with athletes like Norman Stadler and Daniel Fontana.

Already a partner in the past seasons of events over the Olympic distance, Kuota has chosen the prestige of Challenge Riccione to stand out as a protagonist in the multidisciplinary racing world over long distances. The company has chosen this year to confirm its support for the event, in the belief that it can receive a visibility that matches the best marketing ambitions.

Kuota is thus presented in Riccione with all the best products, a highly qualified bike service to support all the athletes in the race and an unmissable promotion.

All the details of the promotion dedicated to athletes enrolled in Challenge Riccione 2019

Take advantage of the promo dedicated to you who are enrolled in Challenge Riccione. Choose your bike among all the models in the range and pick it up at the race village stand, directly in the company, at the nearest retailer or at the address that suits you best!

They are waiting for you:

  • A 20% discount on the list price for products in the Kuota range dedicated to triathlon.
  • Two very rich mechanical maintenance products kits for the no-draft world and the road world signed by some of the best companies on the market.
  • A professional Bike Fitting service offered by FitLab, based on an advanced posturological evaluation, to discover all the advantages that can derive from being correctly placed in the saddle according to your biomechanical needs.
The advice of the specialized technicians of the company, in the guide to the choice of the most suitable product for you and technical support and assistance through an exclusive dedicated channel via email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Facebook Kuota Italy , or telephone 339 6980077
MOTUS is your KUOTA dealer triathlon store. Look at the KUOTA products here:

For information on KUOTA products and promotion call us at 055 828315 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How to clean and store a wetsuit

Taking care of our equipment is an excellent choice to extend the life of our neoprene and enjoy it as we did on the first day.


By cleaning our wetsuit after each use we will be able to keep all the properties of its materials in perfect condition.

This procedure must be done especially after using the neoprene in salt water or in water with chlorine.

Duration: 10 minutes
Materials: Water, neutral pH soap.

1. Clean the suit with fresh water to remove excess salt water or chlorine.

2. Apply a small amount of neutral pH soap to the suit and gently scrub the suit panels.

3. Rinse the neoprene to remove any soap residue.

4. Turn the wetsuit over and hang it from the waist to dry naturally without exposing it to direct sunlight or any heat source.


Proper storage of the wetsuit will prevent the appearance of wrinkles in the neoprene and will keep the seams free from tension over time.

The best way to store a wetsuit is to hang it at the waist, to avoid tension in the most sensitive areas (shoulders and arms).

1. In high elasticity suits (eg Orca Alpha, Orca Predator), it is very important not to use a hook to hang the suit from behind.

2. In other models it is possible to use a coat hanger, as long as it is wide and the neoprene is not subjected to tension in the neck and shoulders.

3. To protect the SCS liner on the outside of the suit, it is recommended to add a small layer of talcum powder when storing it for long periods of time to better preserve the liner.

HOKA ONE ONE is official shoe of IRONMAN Europe and North America

hoka ironman partnership Ironman has announced a multi-year deal and extends its collaboration with the Hoka One One running shoes brand. Based on this renewed partnership, Hoka is the official running shoe for Ironman Europe and North America . In 2017 Hoka was the most used shoe by the Ironman World Championship finisher in Kona, Hawaii.

The partnership between Ironman and Hoka will add further content to the "Humans of Hoka" campaign that follows the journey in real life and the stories of triathletes and athletes of all levels, from the finisher of the first time, to those who are overcoming the challenges of life up to professionals committed to compete at the highest levels. The campaign consists of engaging content and videos distributed online and on social media. With the new agreement, 40 new stories will be released around the world that will talk about Ironman and Hoka throughout the year.

"We are thrilled to continue to expand our support to Ironman competitions and thus reach more and more triathletes, both established and beginners, in the world". Says Lee Cox, Hoka One One's global sales and marketing vice president . "Hoka is committed to telling authentic stories and the partnership with Ironman allows us to spread it more widely in Europe and North America. Those who participate in an Ironman face one of the most exhausting processes imaginable and has high demands on footwear. It is no coincidence, therefore, that our products are at the foot of an increasing number of triathletes every year ".

"All members of the Ironman family are delighted with the new partnership with Hoka One One," says Ironman CEO Matthieu Van Veen . "Being a partner of such a prestigious running brand demonstrates how we constantly strive to offer excellence to our athletes. This innovative collaboration is focused on producing creative content from the Ironman digital team. The Humans of Hoka series will highlight the incredible journey of the Ironman ".

The renewed partnership between Ironman and Hoka sees two great endurance and sports ambassador brands lined up, such as the new acquisition, the three-time world champion Ironman Mirinda "Rinny" Carfrae, the world champion Ironman Heather Jackson , the former triathlete included in the Ironman Julie Moss Hall Of Fame, and six-time Ironman world champion Dave Scott .

Hoka will be present at a selection of events Ironman and Ironman 70.3 which includes 40 races in North America and 32 in Europe , in addition to the cAMPIONS of the world of Ironman and Ironman 70.3 . Each Ironman race consists of 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles on bikes and 26.2 miles of running. The Ironman 70.3 is articulated in 1.2 miles swimming, 56 miles by bike and 13.1 miles of racing.

ORCA openwater CORE HI-VIS wetsuit

The Openwater Core Hi Vis is the perfect wetsuit for swimmers who want to get started with open water safely. This wetsuit features high visibility, shoulder flexibility and a neutral buoyancy. High visibility panels on the arms and legs make you easily recognizable while swimming, even from a great distance. The high flexibility of the shoulders make your first open water workouts very comfortable, while thanks to the buoyancy it will make you feel safe.

2.5mm Yamamoto 38 material is used in the torso and legs. In this area, there is less distortion than in the upper body. In these areas, elasticity is not given the same importance, so materials with more compression characteristics like this Yamamoto 38 can be used. This technology provides a good fit to the swimmer's body, preventing water from flowing between the suit and the skin.
For greater flexibility in all phases of the stroke, Yamamoto 39 neoprene is used in conjunction with the high-end 2mm Infinityskin liner. This material has a high elasticity which allows it to be used in different areas of mid-range wetsuits. For fast, short-distance movements, such as those in the arms and especially in the elbow, this material requires 35% less strength than conventional neoprene. For long-distance movements, such as in the shoulders, it requires 45% less force than conventional neoprene

To keep you as safe as possible in the water, this wetsuit has been designed with a high visibility orange that will make you visible to boats and other swimmers, so you can be located at any time.

The unique design of this product is based on the best materials available in the market. Orca works closely with Yamamoto Corporation to develop new materials for their wetsuits. The exclusive materials Orca 0.88 Free and Yamamoto 44 are proof of this. Orca is also the only certified brand to make all of our suits using exclusive Yamamoto material, ensuring the highest quality in all products. Currently, the most sustainable raw material for obtaining neoprene is limestone, compared to other much more polluting processes in which lower quality neoprene is obtained from oil. The process for obtaining neoprene from limestone was developed in the 1960s by the Yamamoto company and has been perfected over time to arrive at the current process, where the best quality is obtained from neoprene. Not only the characteristics of this neoprene contribute to its best performance, but also ensure its maximum durability. Other very important materials in our products that can go unnoticed are the materials used for packaging. To minimize the impact of these, starting in 2020, our entire range of wetsuits and accessories uses recycled cardboard packaging instead of single-use plastics.

Cleaning the wetsuit
Neoprene can be damaged by excess salt or other disinfectants such as chlorine when used in swimming pools. It is important to wash the suit with full water. You can use a small amount of neutral pH soap and then rinsed off. Once cleaned, make sure it dries so it doesn't retain moisture, outdoors or in a ventilated indoor space without direct exposure to sunlight as this can damage materials.
Properly storing the wetsuit prevents materials and seams from being folded and stressed for long periods of time. It also prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the material that can affect both the wetsuit's durability and its aesthetics.
The best way to store the neoprene is to hang it in the center, so that the most sensitive areas like the shoulders and arms don't have any kind of tension on them. For this model you can use a hook if you cannot hang it halfway, as long as it is wide enough not to stretch the suit in the shoulder and neck area. Voyage
Although travel time requires such a small amount of the payoff of a life suit, it is important to keep in mind that every time it is worn, it must be carried. Poor carrying, even for short periods, can shorten the life of your suit. It is not recommended to compress or curl the suit during transport, especially in the seam areas. It is also recommended to rinse with fresh water before transporting it after it has been used. Be careful that the wetsuit is not stored in high temperatures (such as in a hot car), as this can accelerate its degradation. The elasticity of the upper part of this suit allows you to adapt the size in this area well to different bodies. However, the bottom sizing needs to be adjusted due to the thickness of the panels. So if the size guide suggests going up one size, plan on weight affecting sizing more on chest and height measurements


scott-brake-to-disk-news-pic1 About 20 years ago there were discussions about disc brakes for mountain bikes. Nowadays, on the trail you can hardly see anything different than disc brakes.
Let's take a look at both systems to see their positive points and their shortcomings before giving us an opinion.

Braking power

Disc brakes offer substantially more braking power than traditional brakes. This allows the rider to apply less force to the lever to stop the bike. As a result, muscle fatigue in the hands is reduced, favoring better control and greater safety.


Disc brakes offer significantly better modulation than conventional brakes, meaning that it is easier to measure how much to pull the lever and travel at the desired speed. With the disc brakes it is also less likely to lock the wheels because better modulation helps that limit of maximum braking power avoiding blockages.


Traditional brakes are a system that has big problems when wet, while disc brakes offer consistent performance in all conditions. Moreover, with the disc brakes the fear of a broken circle or of a puncture due to overheating of the rim in the long descents is something that belongs to the past. Without having the problem of having to accommodate the caliper, road bikes with disc brakes can now more easily use larger section tires and wider rims for better traction on more terrains. Recent studies have shown that the risk of injury to a cyclist using disc brakes is minimal.


Traditional brakes are even lighter than disc brakes. A frame kit for disc brakes is commonly 120g heavier than the equivalent frame kit with traditional brakes. Not necessarily the difference is as important as in the case of the new Foil Disc (45 g heavier than Foil with caliper brakes). In addition, a group with disc brakes weighs about 200-250 g more than one with traditional brakes in the same category.

scott-brake-to-disk-news-pic2 aerodynamics

Historically, bikes with disc brakes have been considered less aerodynamic than equivalent versions with traditional brakes. The bikes with newly launched disc brakes, including the Foil Disc, have shown that with a caliper integrated into the chassis design the disc brakes can have a slightly lower aerodynamic drag than the equivalent solution with conventional brakes. ± With a very negative angle the configuration with traditional brakes creates less aerodynamic drag


Both systems require periodic maintenance to ensure that their braking performance is optimal. Replacing brake pads is usually simpler and faster for disc brakes, as compared to conventional brakes they do not need to be realigned. However, the risk of rubbing the brake pads is more likely with disc brakes. The free space between the disc and the pads is minimal, so for bikes with disc brakes it is recommended to have a through-pin system to get around this problem.


The life of the wheels with disc brakes is generally longer than those with traditional brakes as the rims do not wear out due to friction and heat. A worn circle can be very dangerous if it breaks in speed. This can not happen with disc brakes because the rims are not used to brake.

Possible future improvements

The wheels will most likely change to accommodate disc brakes because the rims will no longer be an element of the braking system. As a result, tire rims can be designed to have better aerodynamic and lightweight performance, which will positively influence the acceleration of your bike. Road bikes will have larger wheels: 28-30 mm tires can be used easily on bikes with disc brakes, and offer exceptionally low rolling resistance, better grip and more comfort than 23 or 25 mm tires. Since the disc brakes are still quite new one can expect that there will still be some chance to design them much lighter.

Safety is the main advantage of disc brakes on road bikes. However, disc brakes do not only improve safety. Surely speed and performance can come from the aerodynamics, but it must be emphasized that an efficient braking also leads to an increase in speed. So it was no surprise to see Romain Kreuziger win the Ötztaler 5500, the professional race with most of the altitude meters on a bike with disc brakes (Addict RC disc).

We believe it is important to improve the safety of cyclists and this is possible with disc brakes without compromising the overall performance of the bike. Better brakes, better acceleration, aerodynamically improved wheels prevail over the minimum additional weight of disc brakes. scott disc brakes news

Wahoo SPEEDPLAY: Bilateral bicycle pedals

Wahoo SPEEDPLAY is the only bilateral pedal platform that offers the ultimate in efficiency, engagement and comfort. Together, these benefits provide a direct link between rider and bike, maximizing each pedal stroke through fit and float adapted to individual pedaling dynamics.


The very light SPEEDPLAY NANO, ready for the podium, offers every advantage in the race.

SPINDLE: Titanium
WEIGHT: 168 g


The revolutionary SPEEDPLAY ZERO, ready for competition, offers maximum power transfer with exceptional durability.

SPINDLE: stainless steel
WEIGHT: 222g


The versatile SPEEDPLAY COMP, ready to ride, offers benefits to cyclists of all levels.

SPINDLE: Molybdenum chrome steel
WEIGHT: 232g


SPEEDPLAY AERO, knurled and aerodynamic, defies the wind, increases speed and delivers results.

SPINDLE: stainless steel
WEIGHT: 224g


SPEEDPLAY is the only pedal system that offers independent 3-axis adjustment to optimize fit and improve performance through improved biomechanics.

The cleat support base offers 14mm back and forth adjustability to fit your unique physiology.

TOPO ATHLETIC: + 70% IN 2017

Stephen Matera 10-18-17 DSC1937-740x400 The running of Topo Athletic is all downhill. The American company founded in 2013 by Tony Post has in fact closed 2017 with a growth of 70% on 2016 and an increase of 20% in stores . But if the past year has been more than positive, the trend for the coming seasons is about an already announced success. The orders for the SS18 have reached + 100% compared to the previous season and the order collection for the FW18 / 19 starts in the same direction of growth. Online sales also contributed to this success , increasing by 50% compared to an increase in contacts of 10% (increase in consumer purchase references).

The company is preparing for a great 2019 with new projects , including the inclusion of three new models dedicated to trail running that will have the Vibram Megagrip sole and two new road models with numerous color variations. Topo Athletic aims to win back many awards in 2019 , as done earlier in 2016 (Best Runner's World debut with the Ultrafly model, best Trail Running shoe with MT2, best product with Hydroventure for the National Geographic Adventure, best training shoe with Halsa for Health) and prepare the real take-off in the American and international market , where to represent the brand there are already 100 ambassadors with leading exponents in different disciplines.

The stores that sell Topo shoes in the USA are currently 400 and are specialized running and outdoor stores . The giant REI in the outdoor has just started a partnership that involves the development of different products in collaboration with the brand. The Terraventure model in 2017 was one of the best sellers in the American chain . The target audience is very interesting because it is mainly a matter of millenials or a target called early adopters, a very eclectic consumer and ready to embrace the news without prejudice.

The natural running is also growing and is driven by wellness in general , which now includes many segments in clothing, training, food & drink, etc. In 2018 there are already collaborations with exceptional technical partners such as Event and Ortholite.


Stephen Matera 10-18-17 DSC0345

(Source RunningMagazine)

(photos by S. Matera)

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