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The Canadian brand Argon 18 competes with Cervelo with four new TT bikes based on two platforms - E117 Tri (UCI-legal) and E119 Tri (UCI no legal) - affirming that the second of these is faster than a P5 in real terms pedaling.

Both bicycles are designed to offer features and speeds, and are available in standard and 'plus' versions, featuring a range of accessories to contain essential elements for race, nutrition and hydration.
E119 Tri +
The E119 is not a development of the previous E118 Next TT bike in the Argon range. Rather, brand engineers have created a completely new platform from scratch to try to beat the bicycle of another Canadian company - the Cervélo P5.
Argon 18 used CFD technology to design the new chassis, consciously taking the decision to sacrifice aerodynamic performance at 0 degree angles in return for better performance than the realistic P5 at 5 or 20 degrees. Argon 18 measures its aerodynamic performance in terms of CDA (and publishes wind data in this format). With this standard, the E119 Tri is 14.89 percent more aerodynamic than the E118 Next, which was used by the professional Bora-Argon 18 team.
The chassis has deep tubes, low back lower lining and a clean, integrated front. Argon 18 says the weight of the chassis is 1,200 g, 300 grams lighter than the E118 Next, launched at Eurobike last year.
The practical elements include a simple centering brake on the front, covered by a fairing that doubles as a guide for the cable in order to maintain the brake calibration. It's lighter than a Dura-Ace brake caliper.
The rear brake has been moved over the vertical lining and is located in a fully horizontal position to minimize drag. In order to allow this positioning, Argon 18 engineers have developed a rotating cam wedge that activates the gripper.
The path of the brake cable crosses the handlebars, continues down from the steering tube then into the oblique tube and finally from the lower end into the wing tube where it is attached to the cam wedge. There is also a brake liner, which retains the chassis aerodynamic lines, and a cover under the tube to protect it from splashing the road.
Both brakes are designed to accommodate 28mm rims and tires, making life much easier for both removal and compatibility. Simple screws on the sides allow you to adjust the holes in the fairing, so you do not need to remove them during assembly.
Argon 18 also wanted to meet the needs of long-distance athletes. In order to avoid ruining all their hard work on the chassis because of aftermarket storage solutions (hydration and accessories), Argon engineers 18 have also designed storage and hydration systems.
The Tailwind is a rear-mounted system that has useful space to carry up to three luggage holders. It securely attaches through a bar that fits into the oversized cable carbon section on which the Ritchey bracket clamp is mounted.
In its original configuration, two bottles are placed on the sides of a large plastic storage container. It may seem like something too much, but Argon 18 says its use helps to fill the low pressure area behind a cyclist, giving a small advantage of 0.8 percent, but also allowing it to contain the most part of your essentials to the competition .
Cookie tray instead is a simple plastic food container that wraps the top tube, allowing easy access to power through a rubber cover. The Tri + is also equipped with AeroZ of Torhans among the front aerodynamic appendages, offering cyclists the chance to place a tank - unlike Scott Plasma 5 or the new Canyon Speedmax prototype.
In your triathlon specialized MOTUS online store you can find the E119TRI + frameset at less than 4500 euros ( HERE ). The complete bike is then available for sale with any type of mounting in terms of wheels, transmission unit, components.
The 'normal' E119 Tri uses a slightly different carbon layup, giving a bit of weight and presenting a seat with a slimmer support.
The frameset of the standard E-119 TRI model is on sale by MOTUS at 3.863 euros ( HERE ). Also for this chassis it is possible to provide mountings with wheels, transmission group and components as desired.
The Argon 18 is also launching the E117 Tri +, a truly practical option for those who want a stable handlebar control - albeit with the advantage of the Argon 18 Aero 3D steering tube extensors designed to alter the " Stack height without losing stiffness .
The bike uses exactly the same fork as the NITROGEN PRO aero road bike model, the 340g weight with TRP brake integrated on the rear edge. That ultra-low weight is combined with a 1,300-g frame that makes the E117 Tri + a great choice for cyclists who need a bicycle that can behave well even uphill. The rear brake is always TRP, positioned at the top of the vertical creams just like Nitrogen.
Argon 18 says the E-117 is nearly as fast as the E118 Next and is much easier to use - thanks to a less integrated cockpit - and comes with Cookie Jar, Tailwind and Torhans additions, perfect for those who makes longer distance workouts and easy to remove for any UCI sanctioned races you want to do.
The E-117 TRI PLUS chassis kit is available from MOTUS at the price of 2,612 euros (HERE) or in the standard version at the price of 1,848 euros (HERE).
Starting with the ARGON18 E-117 frameset you can set up complete bikes with components as desired.
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