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A new bike triathlon semi-integrated with particular brake installation from the chassis the Spaniards.

Instead of a fully integrated system for the stem, BH uses a standard steerer tube for mounting the handlebar. The top tube of the frame is raised to eliminate the gap (the scalinoo) behind the stem in the low position, with a stem created ad hoc to blend smoothly with the shape the frame. Special steering tube spacers may raise the stem up 45 mm above the steer tube, just like a typical stem, if you want to raise higher the handlebars.

The frame measures graph BH on show at Eurobike was devoid of signs of the stack and reach, the best way to evaluate the features of adaptation of a bicycle. Standard frame sizes were available and indicate that the frame Aerolight fits in a manner similar to the current GC Aero tri bike. The top tube and head tube length suggest that this bike is adapted moderately vertical driving styles instead of forcing triathletes to support only aerodynamic positions thrusts.

BH uses two additional bays for bottle cage on horizontal tube just behind the stem, to give the rider the ability to add additional devices of hydration. The Spanish company is planning to create a bottle or a porta-objects/fingers to be installed on a horizontal pipe, filling the empty space if you drive with a stem in high position.

Peter Shigo, manager of R & D, BH has been designing the bike with a specific rule of bracket-BB386, which is quite large, in order to achieve the goals of lateral stiffness. They do not consider other types of BB. The aerodynamic characteristics of the bike have been designed in relation to that specific feature sets.

After completing the project of Aerolight, BH has tested a prototype form equal to that of the final bike, wind tunnel FASTER in Arizona. The shape of the frame has not been altered or modified as a result of this test, it was just a "validation", says Shigo.

Borrowing a strategy of Cervelo, BH has blunted the tube where the bottle cage mounts, so wrap the bottle to improve performance in real race conditions and not the test conditions without water bottles mounted on the bike.

As you can see in the photo gallery, the rest of the tube is an aerofoil with a ledge down that acts as an invitation of the front wheel. The steering tube is wide enough for needs of stiffness, and uses a headset 1-1/8th ". Shigo says that the frame has been designed in consideration of the UCI, "with all forms of pipes in accordance with the 3: 1 ratio imposed by the governing body of cycling, ...

Instead of using a single brake support, Shigo has provided many so that the frame Aerolight can use different brake types. The bike in view and all complete bikes planned for 2013 include use of TRP V-brake, but we can also accommodate the typical road style clamps.

"The brakes give you the freedom to use virtually any brake on the market," says Shigo. "During the development cycle, came out interesting proposals for the brakes, in particular hydraulic calipers RT 8TT Magura, and so we wanted to be able to keep them. The multiplicity of brakes provides flexibility in price, and also provides consumers with the ability to create the bike you want. "

The downside of this flexibility seems to be mainly aesthetic: brake unused media become slightly unsightly (open hole) but this has no functional impact on the bike.

BH sells the set frame and four full versions of Aerolight.. GH Aero frame will remain the Foundation of their bike triathlon at lower prices

The Aerolight is compatible for both transmission groups both electronic and cable
Full range of bicycles BH is available from MOTUS: click here
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