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Bluegrass: D3o protections for MTB

Bluegrass presented already in 2011 a full range of protections that flanks the helmet line. Knee pads and back protector/bust are available in two different models. The Grizzly and the back knee/elbow pads Bobcat are made with hard material protection. Grizzly models d3o and Bobcat d3o, that represent the top of the range, are manufactured with the innovative d3o material. The d3o molecules remain free and furniture among them both in static phase for low-speed impacts. In this way you can ensure maximum lightness and an excellent fit. At the time of a high-speed impact the molecules of the material is compacted them by providing superior protection to that of a traditional hard material. The use of this material has enabled the creation of very comfortable protectors and read that, in the event of impact, provide a superior shock-dissipating to the traditional protections with rigid materials. The back protector Grizzly d3o literally "doesn't feel" on him. Mobility in driving is extreme, as in the case of d3o Bobcat Kneepads. The most skeptical certainly turn up their nose in front of protections that are feel so soft, the well-established laboratory data (see d3o site for more info) and numerous field trials allow however to say that the performance of these new materials are truly exceptional. On the other hand many Cup rider now use knee pads that adopt such solutions. The fit of these new products Bluegrass is cured in every detail. No seams "painful" for the skin or put in the wrong place. Finishes and colours very appealing. In essence a product absolutely recommend. For more information visit Bluegrass. You can buy products online Uprotezioni oper Bluegrass MTB, XC, Freeride, DH) on, click here
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