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Each runner is different from everyone else. Our DNA makes us unique. However travel specialists BROOKS are finally managed to decode the DNA of runners. So far, all-absorbing systems of modern sports shoes were built for runners absolutely average, of medium stature. The taller and faster had to settle for shoes too that they were too soft. The lowest height runners and slower the perceived as too harsh. In all, absolutely average runners are a rarity. Therefore most of the racers racing with shoes with cushioning that isn't really suitable for them. With the name of BROOKS DNA ™ High Performance Running brand has now developed a cushioning system that can adapt to the needs of all runners.


What is DNA ™? BROOKS DNA ™ offers the perfect balance between cushioning and energy recovery. The material is not properly a rigid material, but rather a liquid substance to overflowing even, that at the molecular level behaves as millions of small springs. The BROOKS DNA cushioning technology ™ adapts immediately to biomechanics, the speed and weight of each runner.
The new shock absorbing technology benefits from optimal energy recovery. With materials traditionally used for the soles, recovery of energy decreases with increasing force of impact. For this many shoes give at some point become the feeling of being "flat". With BROOKS happens exactly the opposite. With BROOKS DNA ™ increase the force of impact is also increase energy recovery.
To draw the apothecary items form DNA ™, BROOKS broke down so very thoroughly many runners and racing styles. So BROOKS has studied and understood where it is greater than the compression load on the sole and placed in these DNA elements ™ points.

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