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Superlight (A1)
Superlight shoes are the fastest. Curve shape and low weight (maximum 250 grams in size 9 US), with little difference in height between the forefoot and heel, flat and almost always with very limited cushioning. The reduction also involves a drastic reduction of the number of motion control systems to ensure maximum freedom of action, great flexibility and a reactive response. Recommended for the road races of light and quick athletes; banned instead to runners and heavy lenses and pronatori.

Intermediate (A2)
Running models of the intermediate category are between 250 and 290 grams (9 in US). These shoes are a good compromise between the clubfoot, cushioning and forefoot flexibility, and a medium gradient between the heel and forefoot. In some cases are equipped with motion control media which is still limited. The cushioning is almost always good. Most athletes in shape and light can use some models of this category also for trainings; heavy runners more or less fast as race shoes.

Massimo Cushioning (A3)
To categroria cushioning running shoes are heavier than 300 and less than 400 grams, half bent straight or shaped, with a good gap between the forefoot and heel to protect the tendons and joints from injury. These models are the ones most used by runners in training and usually are the most suitable for any mileage (from 2 to 100 km to taste). Are ideal for athletes with neutral or reverse support (hard foot). In addition, almost all riders that use custom Orthotics shoes used for this category.

Stable (A4)
Stable shoes weighing between 300 and 400 grams, straight shape, designed to correct the excessive pronation, or for those with flat feet tend to curl your footwear inside. Resist to the movements of the foot median longitudinal axis without permanent deformation occurring in their structure inward. In some models of weight you can find a good compromise between cushioning and stability. All shoes in this category is definitely not recommended to supinatori, i.e. riders with foot support your foot hard on the outside.

Trail Running (A5)
The trial running, off-road racing that is practiced in complete freedom on country paths, the paths of forests, streams, le greti desert dunes, the shoes must be special ² ³. The footwear in this category are in fact small tanks, light but indestructible, able to ensure maximum performance even more slippery funds and difficult. The fit must be perfect, your foot should not ³ dance and the shoe has to give the feeling of maximum hold.

Nailed (A7)
Category nailed and encompasses all shoes designed specifically for the various specialities of athletics that you can practice in a stadium, or jumps, racing, launches. There are then three shoes, and disk speed, but also nailed by high, long, from middle distance, and Javelin.
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