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In the world of cycling De Marchi is synonymous with tradition. If you think of vintage bicycle, the so-called heroic cycling, you can't help but think of De Marchi, the brand has dressed the greatest champions in the history of international cycling.
Born in 1906, Emilio De Marchi was the founder of the homonym "maglificio sportivo" and a pioneer of cycling. Friend of legendary athletes such as Ottavio Bottecchia, Gino Bartali, Louison Bobet and many others, began his career in the late 1920s as a bike mechanic and motorcycles and then work with the top professional teams of the era and start a few months after the end of World War II, production of the first leaders who contributed to the creation of a real standard bicycle clothingbefore then, it was generically "Sportsman". Only three factories at the time used these garments in Italy. The growing economic prosperity together with the spread of sport contribute to the rapid success of the Maglificio Sportivo and in short order the jerseys "De Marchi" are worn by legendary champions like Bottecchia, Magni, Bartali and Coppi, Bobet.
When after twenty years of great successes and satisfactions, De Marchi decides to withdraw from the activity, are his daughter, Elda and her husband Ezio Coccia to detect the company. Shoulder to shoulder with his father-in-law, Coccia selects chamois leathers softer to be applied to the bottoms of his pants and works at the technical development of products. Under his leadership the vertically integrated production, now, continues with the same attitude of yore: respond to the individual needs of the rider. It is said that the same Moser, for the Milan stage of Giro del ' 68, has demanded at all costs a couple of shorts De Marchi, due to their comfort. Mauro and Stefano, sons of Ezio and Elda, are proponents of the undisputed success of the last twenty years, both technical and commercial terms. With the exception of anatomic gel bottoms shaped "Crescent", exclusive shorts solution De Marchi, many of their technological innovations were adopted at international level: the first seamless trousers, the elastic bottoms, the introduction of sublimation (borrowed from swimming), straps or superanatomici cuts. High performance, comfort and simplicity of design have allowed the brand to be appreciated as much by the amateur from the professional cyclist. Suffice it to say that only in the last 15 years have 38 the world titles won by athletes dressed as De Marchi.
maglia-ciclismo-demarchi-belgium-1974-vintage-cycling-jersey.jpgRounding out the production, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary, the capsule collection: sweaters and lightweight merino wool polo shirt, gloves and hats inspired by historical models of the company, worn by the legendary champions of the past. Testimony of great tradition but also synonymous with a highly developed contemporary taste, each of these items is made in Italy through the features of yesteryear. Because those who produce true quality stands from the details.
Today the charm of the heroic cycling, love for vintage bikes, clothing and accessories used by great champions of the past, always involves a greater number of fans. We are witnessing demonstrations reminiscent of vintage cycling, such as the famous and HEROIC cyclotourism event held for many years in Tuscany, Gaiole in Chianti, near Siena.
De Marchi reproduces today cycling jerseys that are replicating the same jerseys that De Marchi made for champions like Mercx, Gimondi, Moser, bass, Koblet, Adorned and many others. The jerseys worn by cyclists of professional teams that have made the history of cycling: Atala, Bottecchia, Cinelli, Filotex, Wilier Triestina. The jerseys worn by athletes who have represented their nation in competitions iridate by road: Australia, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, etc etc
Are sweaters Merino Wool and acrylic, fiber wearable even in his spare time: cutting, attention to detail, fidelity to the past, the quality of the materials and the maniacal precision packaging makes them unmistakable and clothing from great appeal.
Motus is brand dealer De MArchi. At the point of sale of Arezzo and online shop you can buy the chiefs De Marchi, ... and ... wear them ... and savour the scent of heroic cycling which was ... that unmistakable aroma that never will vanish.
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