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Eight Week Half Ironman Training Plan

Training Tables for Half Ironman - 6 days a week - 8 Weeks Training Tables for Half Ironman - 6 days a week - 8 Weeks

This half Ironman training plan is designed for those who are able to commit to six days a week training for eight weeks
You will need a decent base level of fitness and the ability to work at different levels of intensity.

A key element in this half Ironman training plan is that some weeks have a number of "double days" where there are two training sessions: it is not necessary to do them in succession and, in fact, it is better to recover between training sessions. 'other and be ready to execute each session as strongly as possible.

Consider the best way to refuel between sessions on double days, with the right hydration and nutrition.

Each week includes a swim, possibly in open water. It is absolutely crucial that you spend enough time preparing for the swim; if you can feel as comfortable as possible in the open water environment and start the race well, then you have a great chance of overall success in the race.

Practice spotting, group swimming and getting used to physical contact, as well as building your swimming stamina.

If, as an athlete, you're used to running shorter distances at higher intensities, part of the transition to middle-distance races is to reduce your speed slightly but improve your endurance to tolerate stress for longer periods.

Longer bike and rides, as well as combined sessions, are your ideal opportunity to adjust your middle distance race pace.


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