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GARMIN 630 235 230: new FORERUNNER for RUNNERS

GARMIN 630 235 230: new FORERUNNER for RUNNERS

An original and exclusive launch expected from Garmin Italy for three new products dedicated to the world of foot race: 630 Forerunner Forerunner and 230 to which is added the Forerunner 235, the first device with heart rate measurement directly at the wrist by Garmin ™ High technology.
Garmin Forerunner 630 is the new sportwatch dedicated to running in combining high-tech functions than its predecessors the ability to gather data on the physiological condition of the athlete, in this way even more conscious of its form and then be able to better manage stress during training or competition. Innovative new Advanced Racing Dynamics: bound to HRM4-Run heart rate monitor provides values about the Cadence, the ground contact time balanced between right/left foot and vertical oscillation, and is able to estimate maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max). But in two functions that the FR 630 is unprecedented: the "anaerobic threshold" we estimate the threshold heart rate deflection of the athlete based on heart rate and pitch of the athlete, and with Stress Score measured heart rate variability to evaluate the overall condition of the athlete to set the right workloads. alongside the Forerunner, Garmin has 630 Forerunner 230, a GPS running watch that lets you record data of distance, time, heart rate. But not only that, it also able to estimate maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max). This is a really important data through which the tool provides a prediction of the end time of a competition, but above all it is useful to identify the proper recovery time between workouts. As well as the Forerunner, 630 also functions as a real fitness band.

Forerunner Forerunner 230 and 630 are fitted with colour touch screen. By joining to your smartphone via smart notification, you can receive on the wrist warning device messages such as email, SMS, incoming calls and calendar notifications, so you have everything under control to stay connected with friends and family. Software platform Garmin Connect IQ ™ the sportwatch can be customized with applications, widgets, screens and new data fields, so as to make it more functional for your needs. Forerunner Forerunner 230 and 630 are able to download, via Wi-Fi ®, the data directly and automatically on Garmin Connect ™ through your smartphone and the Garmin Connect Mobile application.

The Forerunner 235 is a real jewel of technology that goes into the path of technological evolution. In fact, the new sportwatch is able to record heart rate values without using the chest strap, but acquiring a pulse from your wrist thanks to proprietary technology the company: Garmin Elevate ™. These and other values are displayed on a color interface easy to consult, so that every athlete has the opportunity to keep monitored the progress of a workout or a race. The new device provides important data for the modern runner: in addition to distance, speed, pace and heart rate, Garmin 235 is able to estimate the maximal oxygen intake. The VO2max value is important to identify the right recovery time between workouts, in addition to providing weather forecasting competition final. The color touchscreen display shows the data recorded in a clear and intuitive, so as to ensure the athlete the concentration required to achieve its objective. Forerunner functions 235 smart notification through which you can view directly on the device, your smartphone, called notifications, sms and e-mail. Using audible alerts, the athlete is kept informed on the progress of his race and then motivated to keep up the pace. Simple and unobtrusive design, they can be worn every day, working also as a fitness band. Garmin Forerunner 235 is compatible with the new Connect IQ ™ platform that can be customized with data fields, widgets and applications, making it even more functional to the needs of athletes.

For the launch of three new products for the foot race, Garmin Italy flies overseas to present, and exclusively to a group of Italian athletes entered the 42 kilometers of the Big Apple, the new Forerunner family designed for demanding runners, as the Italian quattrocento shipment Born To Run the New York City Marathon the next November 1 that on the eve of the race will participate in the Gala presentation of new sportwatch Garmin. But not only because these marathoners will experience first hand the products over the collective training planned in Central Park with the Athens 2004 Gold Stefano Baldini and Fulvio Massini trainer in the days before the big event.

The highlight of the initiative will be on the eve of the marathon, Saturday 31 October, with the exclusive meeting between the technicians and the 400 members of the expedition of Born To Run: in this occasion will host the premiere of the Forerunner, 630 230 and 235, with valuable advice, coaches and technicians on proper use of new sportwatch. In fact, to witness the baptism of Forerunner there will be Stefano Baldini who alongside Fulvio Massini and Silvia Schiapparoli (sports & Outdoor Marcom Manager of Garmin Italy) will run the New York City Marathon wearing the three newcomers.

Of course Garmin Italy will be supporting all our countrymen: in the days before the competition Italian staff will be present at the expo area of the New York City Marathon, the nerve center for the withdrawal of the breastplate, to provide assistance and support "to the thousands of Italian runner. All project related to the launch of the new Forerunn will be documented by a video that will be produced and "shot" (including) with the action cam Garmin VIRB XE.

Garmin Forerunner 630 will be available in the best stores from November 2015 at a suggested retail price of 399.00 Euro 449.00 Euro and the full bundle with heart. To purchase it from MOTUS at the discounted price of 339.15 euro (euro 381.65 bundle version) CLICK HERE

Garmin Forerunner 230 will be available in the best stores from November 2015 at a suggested retail price of € and 249.00 Euro 299.00 per bundle version with heart. To purchase it from MOTUS at the discounted price of euro 254.15 (296.65 euro in the bundle version) CLICK HERE

Garmin Forerunner 235 will be available in the best stores from November 2015 at a suggested retail price of 349.00 euros. To purchase it from MOTUS at the discounted price of 296.65 € CLICK HERE

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