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The revolution in podium is at the door, because today with the new Forerunner 620 the runner is able to estimate its VO2max value and calculate recovery times during and after training. Combined with the new HRM-Run Card Heart Rate Monitor, Forerunner 620 allows time-based analysis of the ground and vertical oscillation, in addition to cadence. Like Big Brother, also Forerunner 220 with built-in accelerometer to detect cadence without foot pod, automatically uploads workout plans and activity data to Garmin Connect, and synchronizes with your smartphone to start LiveTrack and share activities on Facebook And Twitter.

A wrist coach or coach wrist? Both! In the new Forerunner 620 and Forerunner 220, both the racing souls coexist. Two Garmin instruments can replace a real coach for those who want to improve their podium performance, but also for whom the "mister" already has and must share with him times, frequencies and more.

Never seen before.

The new sports watch of the Forerunner family is one of the lightest, advanced wristwatch dedicated to the podium, with extremely sophisticated features such as the recovery advisor for recovery time and race predictor. Performance in case of competition. To obtain this data, the Forerunner 620 is able to estimate the VO2max value, ie the maximum capacity to consume oxygen during a maximum stress. Using the new HRM-Run card strap, the Forerunner 620 delivers interesting racing values: in addition to cadence, the runner will discover the contact time with the ground and the vertical oscillation. For treadmill workouts, the built-in accelerometer detects the distance traveled, thus avoiding the use of a foot pod to be inserted between the shoe strings.

"Whether it runs to the park or a treadmill in the gym, the new Forerunner 620 and Forerunner 220 will change the way runners plan and run athletic training," said Maria Aprile, Marcom Manager at Garmin Italia. Recovery advisor, race predictor and VO2 max estimate, combined with connectivity features and workout planning options in both models, will make these sports watch real coaches at all wrist runners, whatever their Level of technical and athletic preparation ».

Maximum oxygen consumption.

Forerunner 620 is able to estimate by 10 minute test, maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max), an athlete's respiratory and cardiovascular system efficiency indicator. Used with the new HRM-Run card, the newcomer Forerunner is able to estimate the value of VO2max thanks to a specific algorithm that processes the athlete's physical data (age, sex, weight, height ...) and the Integrates with travel speeds and heart rate values. But why is VO2max so important? For resistance sports coaches this is an important fact: the higher the value of VO2max, the higher the speed or power the athlete will be able to keep before it is exhausted.

Color recovery.

For ease of reading, the Forerunner 620 has a touchscreen display with a colored indicator that will show the VO2max index. Also, based on the VO2max value, the Forerunner 620 will estimate the end time of a racing race: this will give the runner a new goal to reach, so that they will motivate them more and more. With the recovery advisor function, the Forerunner 620 helps the athlete set the right time to retrieve between a training session and the other. Just as a true coach, relying on the heart rate data and the rider's physiology, it calculates the time needed for full recovery before the athlete starts a new workout. All this thanks to the new HRM-Run band that provides real-time display of the Forerunner display of recovery status, even during the first few minutes of racing. Once the training has been completed, the racer will know how much time it will have to wait before repeating it. The color display will make it easier to understand and read the recorded data: naturally green will indicate good physical shape and the ability to resume physical activity immediately, red instead of the need to take the right recovery time or switch the rest to A light ride.

New values ​​to be analyzed.

With Forerunner 620, Garmin integrates a cadence sensor into the device and introduces the new HRM-Run cardiac belt incorporating an accelerometer that records the bust inclination and produces three different parameters:

• Cadence: the number of steps per minute, and of course the total passes of the race;

• Vertical oscillations: evaluates the oscillatory motion of the runner bust (measured in centimeters);

• Earth contact time: the time period in which the foot remains in contact with the ground (measured in milliseconds).

"There is no doubt that the Forerunner 620 represents a step forward in sport watches dedicated to the world of walking," said Fulvio Massini, a well-known training consultant - because with this tool, every runner will be able to monitor the dynamics of running their own Body during a race and receive useful and accurate feedback to be transmitted to your coach that will have the ability to optimize the training program. No doubt a great novelty, indeed a real revolution. "

An increasingly social race.

With the Bluetooth® technology, the new Forerunner 620 and Forerunner 220 support LiveTrack: with a simple connection to your smartphone, friends and family can follow live, step by step, evening workout or Sunday race. At the end, and automatically, the race will be stored on Garmin Connect (the free online community where you can save, plan, and share your activities) and will be "posted" (if you like) on facebook or Twitter. In addition, from the Garmin Connect platform you can download training plans targeted at the distances of the podium: 5 and 10 kilometers, marathon and half marathon. Not only that, because of the new wireless capabilities, the Forerunner 620 can send data to Garmin Connect without having to connect to a computer: in addition to transferring data to the Garmin Connect Mobile app through its smartphone, you can configure it One or more Wi-Fi hotspots (home or office network) and Forerunner 620 will automatically synchronize to Garmin Connect as soon as it enters a network.

And for those who are approaching the race.

For many, the approach to the world of walking is done (rightly, we add) gradually with the run & walk method: it alternates the race with the fast walk. In this way the physique gets used to it progressively, without excessive joint and muscular trauma. For these, the new Forerunner 620 and Forerunner 220 are ideal, because it is possible to activate the beep that warns you when to resume or start walking. Auto Lap and Auto Pause options will still remain active during a run / walk session.

Stylish and efficient even racing.

Both the Forerunner 620 and the Forerunner 220 are water resistant up to 50 meters and are waterproof to rain and sweat. In both models, the display is in high resolution color, but the Forerunner 620 is also a high-sensitivity touchscreen-enabled touchscreen that can also be used by wearing gloves. The Forerunner battery is rechargeable lithium with up to 10 hours of autonomy in running mode (with GPS enabled), and about six weeks in clock mode.

Forerunner 620 is available in blue / white and black / orange colors at a suggested retail price of 399.00 Euros, while the Forerunner 220 is available in black / red and white / purple colors at a recommended price to the public starting From 249,00 Euro.


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