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The triathlon has a particular history, stems from a madness, a try so much to see who survives: now according to many is the most beautiful and complete sport in the world. The "madness" 1977 date, Hawaii. There were then three races are known for their incredible hardness: the Waikiki rough water swim "(3, 8 km of swimming), the" bike race around Oawu "(180 km cycling on roads in the middle of the desert), the" Honolulu marathon "(42, 195 km run). Now why not add these three races and one behind the other?

This was the idea of Navy commander John Collins who, perhaps kidding, maybe he had been drinking, so he created the triathlon that was born with his most legendary race: the "Ironman of Hawaii", now one of the most popular sporting events in the world.

The first edition of the legendary 1977 involved 14 adventurers and anecdotes about abound: there are those who bought his bike the day before, some people stopped during the race to eat Mac Donald (other than nutritional supplements).Gordon Haller Won.

Of water under the bridge is passed: the triathlon is a sport that historically countries praticatissimo the more you "understand" sports such as Usa, Australia, Northern Europe: Italy is slowly emerging. Meanwhile, the triathlon has adapted by becoming more "human" and diversifying the distances in order to involve as many athletes as possible. Today you don't need to be Ironman for trying, but if there is one sport that can become "iron" that is exactly the triathlon and a recent scientific research published in the German magazine Focus the test: the triathlon is the most complete and healthy sport, practice and discover that is also more fun and rewarding.

The triathlon was born in Italy in 1984 when the first race, an Olympic, is organized at Ostia, near Rome. In 1988 is recognized by CONI and with the Pentathlon Federation. Since 2000 the Italian Triathlon Federation

Triathlon now enjoys the highest recognition, this is evidenced by the fact that from the Olympics in Sydney 2000 the sport joined the Olympic program officer and assigns the medals: in Sydney touched at triathlon open games. The Olympiad has so the boost to the sport that definitive increasingly conquest also positions in Italy.

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