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Treat them and clean them well will lengthen their lives.

One of the problems common to all swimmers, professionals and amateurs, fogging of glasses. How many times have you gone mad behind this issue and how many glasses you have changed for this reason? Well, extend the life of our glasses is not impossible, just observe a few simple rules.

Because the goggles fog up?
The goggles fog up because of the heat and moisture generated by the body. This generates condensation that goes to form on lenses that have a very different temperature. To increase the chance that the goggles are tarnish, grime that accumulates on the lens if not cleaned well after each use loupes. We are talking about just the patina that are formed after a while you use the goggles.
The goggles are normally equipped with an anti-fog film but it is not indestructible as the shield of Captain America! Has a finite lifetime according to the use that is made of glasses. Some brands of glasses last longer, others less, but everyone sooner or later end up tarnishing. But sometimes it happens that a couple of new or used few times, cloud. In that case it means that there is a difference in temperature and humidity too high between the locker rooms and the bath floor. To protect itself from this issue, it is good to fill the glasses of warm water from the fountain inside the locker room, at least ten minutes before entering the tub floor. This precaution will help the glasses to adapt more gradually to the temperature difference they will encounter.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????How to treat and store the goggles
The first thing to do is to never touch and in no way the lenses, neither outside nor inside. Try to clean the lens strofinandoci fingers, cloths or towels, because scratches and damage to the film anti-fog coating or whatever remains after using the goggles off a number of times. In any case, touch the lens makes them more vulnerable!

Clean the glasses gently and with fresh water after each use thoroughly before storing them in a case, in order to eliminate residual chlorine that attack and damage lenses and straps. Once at home, it's good to let them air dry. Leave the glasses inside the bag, perhaps wrapped in towels, goggles will come into contact with moisture and bacteria that cause premature aging.

It is also important not to expose the goggles toward heat sources that can change its shape and deteriorate the quality of the lenses, reason for which it is better not to use hot water when washing.
Glasses should be cleaned thoroughly after each use will prevent the formation of the patina of dirt that also contributes to the formation of tarnish on the lenses.

appannamento-occhialiniHow to avoid fogging of glasses
We arrived at the focus of the argument! Among the swimmers are said by various methods to prevent fogging of glasses but they often turn out to be ineffective. From shampoo to rub on the lenses to toothpaste, dish SOAP to soda (which is fine for the silverware), until you get to the more classical method that involves the use of saliva. None of these methods help prevent fogging goggles really.
Distilled water and white wine vinegar are the answer. You must soak the glasses in warm distilled water mixed with five tablespoons of white wine vinegar and let it soak, ben, for about two hours. Then you need to rinse the glasses again with distilled water and allow to air dry completely, without using any cloth, before storing them in their custody. Some athletes also use the anti-fog spray that simply contains water, isopropyl alcohol and detergent but involves the use of a cloth.

(Taken From Swim4life)

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