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The ski mask: Discover tips for choosing

When should you buy a ski mask, is very important to consider some key factors that can topple the choice of a product over another: material, shape, atmospheric conditions of use and compatibility with helmet or glasses.


The masks of the best brands are made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), to ensure a double advantage:
-deformability at any temperature, to prevent the mask become stiffer if intense cold;
-better absorption of shocks, to prevent cracking and be dangerous after an impact.

Size optimization of the face:

Not all masks fit similarly to your face: MOTUS range are both larger masks that fit to visi -wide average, both models closer to visi -average small women and young boys, both forms of standard sizes to suit all face types.

Weather conditions:

To deal with whatever the weather, there are masks with specific lenses, can so optimal viewing in any situation. To make sure you don't see you ever in trouble, consider bringing with you a spare mask suitable for different conditions: you avoid problems of vision, allowing you to enjoy the most of your output.

- Neve/nebbia:
Transparent or yellow lenses
Usage: increase contrast for optimal visibility in low light conditions, bad weather, and on special occasions such as night skiing.

- Cloudy days:
Lenses: orange or blue colour, ideal light conditions medium-low.
Use: for those who want to have a "purpose", able to adapt to different conditions

- Sunny:
Lenses: e/o dark mirror with anti-glare
Usage: sunny days, primavera/estate glaciers.

- Variables:
Lenses: brown colour, light or mirror
Usage: give good visibility in alternating sole/nubi.

A final factor to be reckoned with is the compatibility with helmet mask or with eyeglasses: as almost all ski goggles are helmet-compatible, there are some models that create problems of fit and therefore difficult to fit to your face.

If you're a carrier of eyeglasses, know that there are specific masks sovraocchiale enhance your corrective lenses inside the mask frame.

The characteristics of each form are available in the single article. In this way, choose your ski mask from the comfort of your home in our online shop will be simple.

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