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The Triathlon on the Olympic-remote and travel 10 km-concern all the efficiency of speed (Paul Larkins writes).For us, triathletes, acceleration sprints can be often seen as a bit of a waste of time, but if addressed properly can provide a huge boost to your weekly schedule.
1 session
So let's start with a workout on the speed, going to work on the style and relaxation-vital to run faster.You will be able to run 1 x 1 x 60, 70, and so on, going up in increments of 10 m to 200 m;walk or run slowly, for recovery.Don't worry about top speed, simply working on the style of racing fast and relaxed.It's a great training session of your travel style.You will also find that naturally drive the speed of the first reps. next efforts, taking two birds with one stone-greater resistance to speed and a better stroke technique
session 2
Similarly lead a session of 9 x 200 m, running easy-easy, fast and sustained, etc with a recovery walk between repetitions.Work on the perfect style, knees high, upper body relaxed, easy patterns and partemdo by transporting it on fastest repetitions. The specialist sports John Brewer maintains that the best runners are certainly the ones with the best technique/style in speed, then the sessions like this are definitely useful, ...
session 3
In simple words, think about flexibility and hip mobility ... and you're wrong.Much of current scientific research will tell you that the greatest fast runners are those with the best hip mobility.So with that in mind, dynamic stretching before a workout-just once a week-I will repay with interest.Leg Swings or arcs or through the body up and down, static on a table or Chair will do a great job.Well also lunges and side eservitazioni of cross-over when you move from one side to the other.
session 4
A couple of quick rules for you when doing exercises classics like with heel flicks, fast feet (small steps Pitter patter) and external rotations of the ankles (walking slowly in small steps).Work on 15, remain high, go slowly and be relaxed.Do these exercises when you are fresh, so before a race-for the perfect form.
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