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For sale by MOTUS new home power meter ROTOR. Available in different versions, the new power meter is used in various disciplines of cycling: MTB, ROAD, TRIATHLON.
What's important is inside: the new ROTOR and INpower ' based on the principle of measuring the bottom bracket axle.
ROTOR Bike Components has launched these days a new category of very innovative power meter based on its axis of movement called INpower.
Thanks to its technology-wrap in the bottom bracket, INpower is protected from shocks, falls, and external contaminants and also retains the original aesthetics of the bike.
In future all high-end cranks have a power meter.
Thanks to its location in the frame, you can convert each INpower crank arm ROTOR in a power meter based on the principle of the axis, which is able to meet the needs of mountain bikers, cross racers, and triathletes, as do racing cyclists from time.
Similar to the ROTOR's flagship product which is the QRings, also has unique features such as INpower TORQUE 360 and analysis of Optimum pedaling Chainring Angle (OCA), which helps cyclists understand precisely and accurately changes in the strength of forces.
TORQUE 360 and GOOSE values allow cyclists to orient their QRings around the distinctive features of the ride so you get the benefit of the most productive.
' We wanted to create a power meter that exceeds recent trends in gauges and technology that could be used in other disciplines,'' said Pablo Carrasco, head of R & D of ROTOR and inventor of INpower.
At the same time we wanted the benfits of laminating QRings and build a sophisticated but power meter that could be easily used if compared with other power meters. '
INnovative features and Intelligent metrics
Inpower uses a standard AA battery and is equipped with a UBB30 axle system, 30 mm diameter that is compatible with virtually all frames on the market.
Because the data in the measure INpower left leg, cyclists who have a set of ROTOR cranks have the option to purchase only the left arm and installarsela by yourself with the use of the manual.
The fact that it is centered in the bottom bracket axle, INpower gets more clean and great accuracy thanks to ANT + ™ Protocol without interruption and temperature-related fluctuations.
A sophisticated metric with the Torque Effect and the roundness of pedalling determine the degree of twisting torsion total power, positive media towards the maximum power respectively.
Developed and tested IN competition, available for all cyclists
ROTOR's ambitions were to dedicate for use INpower of pro teams like MTNQhubeka
Samsung/b, MMR and Rocks & co. MTB teams, as well as a variety of elite triathlon theme.
ROTOR has also unveiled its new INpower on a dedicated microsite, an official document entitled ' Technology in Training: refining the pursuit of physiological gains, and in several videos on the web visible on or on the ROTOR's YouTube channel.
Here is the manual and specifications of ROTOR: INPOWER
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