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ITA Triathlon Cross Country Championships - Farra d'Alpago 2016: Reports and Rankings

2016 Farra 902 Podium Tricolor Autorita


Spectacular race on the lake of S. Croce in Farra d'Alpago (BL) for the Italian Triathlon Cross Country 2016 Championships, played Saturday 9 July us, on distances: 1 km swim / 21.3 km MTB / 6.3 km run

Wearing his first tricolor jersey is Marcello Ugazio of Atletica Bellinzago-Azzurra TriTeam, which confirms his extraordinary period after winning the European Bronze Championship in Switzerland on June 26th. To the feminine, lonely ride for Monica Cibin (Triathlon Novara), which conquers its third specialty title, the second consecutive.

The chronicle of the race sees Leonardo Ballerini coming out of the swim with an advantage over the immediate pursuers, Leonardo Piccolo (Padovanuoto Triathlon) and Daniel Polizzi (Riviera Triathlon). Slightly backward the jubilee triathlon crown vice champion Jakob Sosniok (Laufer Club). After the first km of mtb, Ballerini is still in the lead, but Sosniok recovers on Piccolo and Polizzi, grabbing the second position. In the middle of the race, the virtual podium is still changing: to put it on Ballerini, with Ugazio reducing the detachment from the tread to 20 'and De Paoli is the author of a great comeback (for him now the delay is 40' '). In the change zone, first comes Ugazio. Thirty seconds is De Paoli, who has failed to complete the miraculous comeback. Ballerinas is third. From the first lap of the last three of the last Ugazio, it looks awesome. But Paoli does not manage to recover ground. At the second round, Ugazio is set to launch his first tricolor title. On the finish line, after 1h40'44 '', he raises his arms to heaven for his first ever tricolor title. But Paoli, with the turn of 1h41'49 '', has to abdicate by being content with the title of vice-champion. On the third step of the podium, after an intense part on foot, climbs Filippo Galli (Pool Cantu 1999) with the time of 1h43'26 ''.


Three CC female podium

In the female race, Cibin comes out in the head of the swim. Behind her, about 1 second, Martina Giagolini (Friesian Team) and Elisabetta Curridori (Villacidro Triathlon). In the first km of mtb the detachment remains practically unchanged. But in the middle of the race, Cibin manages to take off, so much to put almost three minutes between her and Curridori. The Italian champion in charge enters the solo change zone. There are only 6.3 km away to win the tricolor title again. Cibin quietly leads the fraction on foot. For her, who cuts the finish after 1h57'07 '', the third tricolor title (the second consecutive) in front of Curridori (1h59'50 '') and Genziana Cenni (Vis Cortona), the beautiful aretin color carrier that, Incredible comeback in mtb, he manages to climb on the podium with the time of 2h06'33 ''.


Source - Organizing Society

Order of arrival. Absolute. Male. 1. Filippo Galli (Pool Cantu 1999) 1h43'26 '', 4. Fausto Fognini (Pool Cantù) 1h40'44 '', 2. Mattino De Paoli (Gp Triathlon) 1h41'49 '', 3. 1999) 1h45'26 '', 5. Fabio Guidelli (Vis Cortona) 1h46'35 '', 6. Leonardo Ballerini (Triathlon Pavese) 1h47'16 '', 7. Davide Gabardo (Cus Trento) 1h47'24 '', 8. Marco Saia (Friesian Team) 1h47'38 '', 9. Carlo Zucca (Blue Tribune) 1h47'51 '', 10. Carlo Gattavecchia (Pool Cantu 1999) 1h48'57 ''.

Absolute. Female. 1. Monica Cibin (Triathlon Novara) 1h57'07 '', 2. Elisabetta Curridori (Villacidro Triathlon) 1h59'50 '', 3. Genziana Cenni (Vis Cortona) 2h06'33 '', 4. Irene Fagherazzi (A3) 2h19 '42' ', 5. Samantha Dalla Libera (Padova Triathlon) 2h20'05' ', 6. Martina Giangolini (Friesian Team) 2h22'50' ', 7. Elisa Berton (Oasi Laura Vicuna) 2h23'13' ', 8 Giulia Ramponi (Padovanuoto Triathlon) 2h26'37 '', 9. Elisa Nardi (Granbike Veloclub) 2h29'31 '', 10. Silvia Ottaviano (Olimpic Swimming) 2h34'23 ''.

Category winners. Male . Junior. Jakob Sosniok (Laufer Club in Bolzano) 1h50'58 ''. S1. Marcello Ugazio (Bellinzago) 1h40'44 ''. S2. Carlo Zucca (Blue Tribune) 1h47'51 ''. S3. Fausto Fognini (Pool Cantu 1999) 1h45'26 ". S4. Davide Gabardo (Cus Trento) 1h47'24 ''. M1. Fabio Guidelli (Vis Cortona) 1h46'35 ''. M2. Simone Calamai (Trievolution Sport) 1h49'21 ''. M3. Massimiliano Donati (Team Duemme Corse) 1h52'10 ''. M4. Tino Bettoni (Granbike Veloclub) 2h06'09 ''. M5. Diego Gesi (Turin Triathlon) 2h16'27 ''. M6. Andrea Latrofa (Nadir on the road) 2h39'53 ''. M7. Eros Tassinari (TD Rimini) 3h34'44 ''.

Female . S1. Martina Giangolini (Friesian Team) 2h22'50 ''. S2. Elisabetta Curridori (Villacidro Triathlon) 1h59'50 ''. S3. Giulia Ramponi (Padovanuoto Triathlon) 2h26'37 ''. S4. Genziana Cenni (Vis Cortona) 2h06'33 ''. M1. Monica Cibin (Triathlon Novara) 1h57'07 ''. M2. Silvia Ottaviano (Olimpic Swimming) 2h34'23 ''. M3. Virna Stavla (Padova Triathlon) 2h46'36 ''. M5. With Luisa Iabiche (Road Runners Club) 2h53'59 ''.

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