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Venous Physiology

The blood volume of the human being is made up of the arteries that bring oxygen to the muscles and, for more than 80%, from veins that eliminate toxins. Located at a distance from the heart and lungs, the venous blood of the calf meets many difficulties during the ascent. During the course of a sporting activity, be it amateur or intense pleasure, calf behaves like a real sponge it fills up quickly. If stress is intense, the cardiac output can increase up to 5-6 times and the blood flow to muscle over 20 times. This translates into a hydraulic overload with venous hypertension and expansions that can be due to a bad muscle oxygenation (tiredness, heaviness, cramps ....) and a decrease in their productivity and performance. The repetition of these conditions leads to fragility of the muscle fibres with increased risk of injury. To address this situation, we must act on the calf, this famous peripheral heart.

It is clear that the real target is the calf and that pressure must be greater at this level and not at the ankle. In fact, in ankle-level sport there are no muscles but bones, tendons, nerves and blood vessels. The vessels and nerves are both inaccessible to compression because it protected (the back) is somewhat vulnerable (vases and nerves fibulari) in the front. Furthermore, according to the law of Laplace, the pressure transmitted to the level of the calcaneus tendon (Achilles) should not be strong because poorly supported.

That's why Progressive compression with its gradual pressure specifications (weak and stronger ankle to calf) is perfectly suited to the physiology of sport. Through his anatomical structure conical or rounded and in relation with the law of Laplace, the calf will always sportsperson of strong pressures and adapted for efficiency and optimal tolerance. This measurement of pressures cannot be currently calculated through the research and Development Centre BV SPORTS grazi para-clinical examination (Eco-color Doppler, MRI scanners), thanks to clinical trials bought (randomized double-blind trial of grade A) and to a continuous and uninterrupted clinical experience on athletes for more than 15 years. It is essential to remember that BV SPORTS is the precursor and the inventor of the compression for the recovery and stress Booster (without foot sock) intended for sportspeople and their physiology in particular.

The "plus" of BV SPORTS

The recovery

Patent of progressive contention BV sports. The compression effect specifies BV SPORT acts on the main reserve of the calf, proper muscle and vascular sponge. Calf fit pressures allow the peripheral heart lower effort against a quicker elimination of venous blood oxygenated and pain of toxins (lactic acid, CO2 free radicals, etc.) Minimum pressures if not void at foot level.

The performance

BOOSTER Patent BV Sports. The restraint effect or Aponeurosis allows better containment and muscle performance during stress and COMPRESSIVE effect, thanks to the pressure adapted à this improves oxygenation (turbo effect) and calf congestion delays under stress. Taken regularly the concept SPORTS BV (recovery + Booster) improves performance and reduces the risk of injury.

A new concept of restraint – compression

Evaluation by means of Eco-Doppler colour (EDC) and blood pressure in an acoustic window.

In sports, we have defined what was to be the range of pressures to apply Progressive compression on ankle (weak pressures) and calves (strong pressures) for a maximum benefit without side effects. The analysis of the behavior of the veins in particular through EDC muscle at rest or under stress and pressure monitoring through the meter allowed us to fine-tune the stocking intended for recovery, wellness and the Booster. The above has led us to file a patent Progressive compression, which owns BV sports.

Morphological assessment through NMR, dynamic and functional via FleboScanner

These ultra-modern diagnostic techniques have validated the concept of Progressive compression and distribution of pressure to be applied on all the tissues (FAT, muscle, tendons) and blood vessels (arteries, veins, lymph) on all of the leg (from knee to foot). The calf should be treated as a peripheral heart submissive sometimes stress physiological safety during exertion and recovery. Through a specific manufacture, the restraint effect or Aponeurosis of the Booster allows you to increase your muscular performance and retention. The adjusted compression effect by reducing the likes of veins and residual volume allows a better oxygenation during exertion and a quick elimination of toxins in the recovery phase. The contribution of the Progressive compression improves performance SPORTS BV by means of a good recovery recovery but also by optimizing the functioning of the muscular and vascular pumps of the calf
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