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What factors to consider when choosing a mute?
Insulation - Generally more often is the neoprene and the mud is hotter. The maximum permissible thickness of neoprene is 5 mm. The type of neoprene can also be relevant. For example, some nuts are now made with integrated air bags in the thickness of neoprene to improve both buoyancy and heat retention, and ultimately to reduce the thickness of the mated to the same thickness. Some water leaks may occur at the zip; So the longer the zipper is and the more the cooling is, but this will not make a big difference. The nuts are designed to allow a thin layer of water to settle between the mud and your body, so the shape of the mute is important. If the muff is too large, more water can flow through the mud and this will have a cooling effect.
Floatability - For very muscular athletes or for first-time athletes, buoyancy is very important. P thick rings on your abdomen and in the legs can help lift you more in the water. Integrated air bags in these regions can also make a difference. Faster and / or slim athletes do not require additional buoyancy as they may also experience a disadvantage if the trim rises too much, preventing them from keeping the bucket under the water.
Flexibility - Freedom of movement is the key, especially around the shoulders and arms. Some mutes are made with more flexible and thin materials around these areas to reduce the resistance to movement while swimming. The quality of materials and coatings is fundamental to this. The quality of the neoprene can be good, but if the coating is cheap or has been attached in the wrong direction the elasticity of the mud will be limited. If the fit on the body is too short or narrow the damage is consistent, so the shape of the wrist becomes fundamental.
Resistance - The surface of some mutes is coated with a material that reduces resistance. There are several types of lining that make the waist more or less slippery.
Weight - It's not an important factor, but like many other things related to sport ..... the lighter is better. Even in this case, the drowned air technologies in the neoprene can help, as well as help the way it is cut and molded. The weight factor will be greater if you swim in the pool or lake and the bad fit of the muta will force you to carry excessive water bags at places where the mule does not dress properly; this water has to 'carry it' throughout the path of Swimming with you! . The poor fit of the body dul can also increase the frontal section of the man + muta assembly, which is equivalent to greater resistance to advancement.
Cost - We all have a budget and need to find the best option possible for that budget. The only area where you should not compromise is the right fit. If the mute does not dress well, do not buy it ...... although it costs a little
Quality - The following has an impact on the length of the mud:
- Are seams sewn and glued?
- Neoprene and lining are durable as well as flexible?

When a mule is of the right size?
If you wear the muff for the first time you might feel a bit claustrophobic, but do not panic! A mock triathlon is designed to fit like a second skin. However, in spite of this "claustrophobic" feeling, the mud should look comfortable when wearing it.
When you start swim the mud will fill with a little water, which will expand along the mud by lifting it a bit from the body. Water between the mute and your body quickly warms up to a comfortable temperature.
Your neckline should be flush with your skin to prevent excess water from entering the mucus, but do not rub or force your neck too much. They are claiming low-waist lines on the market , as they feel more natural. The only way to know if your neckline rubbing is to bathe with the muff, because the position and the movement of your head is so decisive.
Once worn, try to pull the muff away from the skin: ideally it should act as a vacuum, or suck the muff to you if you just released it. If there are obvious creases, these are the points where water can over-stagnate once you are swimming.
Flexible arm materials are widespread as they provide greater comfort and a better feeling of water, but the negative aspect, if the fit is not sufficiently adherent, is that the wristband can be stretched / widened by allowing the water to flow, While swimming (resulting in increased strength effect). Wrist holdings have been designed to ward off this effect.
If the mucus is too tight on the chest, you can work hard to completely swell the lungs with the effect of having the short breath. If it is too large, too much water enters the mud. If your arms and legs are too tight, pull out the mud at the end of the bath becomes a business and you can also get cold and numb hands and feet. Even in this case too wide a limb in the limbs allows too much water to enter the mud. If the length of the trunk is too short it will increase the pressure on the shoulders and arms. In that case, the mute can detach itself from your lower back and you feel as though the muta was pulling you back.
Ideally, the arm and leg length should match exactly, but if so, there is the possibility of cutting and removing the excess length to make the mud easier to remove. However, it should be remembered that the limbs are tapered and, if the lining is too short, the lining can then be wider around the limbs.
Instructions for care and maintenance
Check the instructions provided with the mud. If there are no then the information below is a good start:
- Use non-petroleum lubricants only around the wrists, neck and ankles to avoid rubbing or to help remove the mud. They are effective and do not make sewing or damage the neoprene.
Rinse with fresh water after each use
You can find a muddy shampoo or use a normal baby shampoo, but just use this from time to time.
- Ascend first inside and out,
away from direct sunlight or heat
After dry check to see if there is damage.
If you find some small cut or grease, you will immediately repair it with neoprene glue.
Keep the mud in a cool and dry place on a well-groomed grout to prevent creasing.
To find out more about serious issues, contact MOTUS, the triathlon store that can advise you on what to do.
Remember: Most nuts have a one-year warranty, with repair or replacement for any manufacturing defect, but not in case of accidental or inconvenient.

How to wear a mute
Take care to put the mud. While it is important to be able to pull it out quickly, there is no need to hurry in wearing it. You may need to ask a companion to assist you in closing the zip.
- Remove watches or wrist jewelry
Avoid neoprene contact with your nails, use your fingertips to avoid tearing off the smooth surface of the muff.
If necessary, apply non-petroleum based lubricants (such as MOTUS) to the wrist, neck and ankles.
The jumper of the suit goes to the back.
Get into the mud with your legs up to your knees and then get up to the horse. Make sure your suit is threaded up to your horse before you start with the upper body.
Slip in both arms, working first one and then the other up to the shoulder. Do not close the mud until most of the game has been worked up to the shoulders.
Ask for assistance to close the zip. Pull the shoulder blades inside before asking a friend to close the zipper.
Remember that it will be much easier to make final adjustments when you are wet. Put the mud as comfortable as possible, then dive into the water and swim for a few seconds, stop, adjust and work the space left up to the horse and shoulders. Now you're ready to go.
How to remove the mud
Start pulling the mud as soon as the water comes out . It is easier to remove when it is wet .
Pull down the zip and pull out your arms before pulling the top of the mud down . In this position you should be able to run efficiently up to the gear change zone .
Once you reach the change zone, remove the headset and the goggles shortly before reaching your seat.
With a single movement lower the waist up to the knee , then standing upright and without using your hands to move and kick your legs individually to remove the mud
Finally put the suit in the assigned area .
For information on the models of mute triathlon and the prices you can find from MOTUS, click here
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