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SHOE RUNNING ON CLOUD X MEN 000020M storm flash 2017 was the year of some of the most sensational product launches in History On. The protagonists were the Cloud model (revisited) and the brand new Cloud X. To help you find the right shoe for running, training, everyday life or any other need, we will explain the details and differences between the two models.

Cloud is the favorite shoe of millions of runners since 2014. With an open-cast outsole, this is the lightest running shoe that offers maximum damping to keep rid of rivals. Time flies and today a new Cloud is born: thanks to the feedback of runners using the first version and adopting the latest technology and materials, Cloud remains one of the most popular running shoes on the market.

At the same time Cloud X was launched. A new On going in a different direction from the Cloud model, but retaining many similar features. Below we have listed similarities and differences between the two shoes, to see what can really be your case.

Comfort and Performance: the shoe to wear all day, everyday. How not to have it!
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Cloud X
The world's lightest cushioned shoe developed for Running Remixed.


Cloud and Cloud X have the same CloudTec® sole, revised and patented. Lightweight, with an expanded channel and cloud elements redesigned to the original Cloud soles, provides exceptional cushioning during training but also during a long day. Born as a prototype, he won the podium during the 2016 Olympics. When it comes to testing, the new sole reveals itself to the height of both models.


The main difference between Cloud and Cloud X is probably in the upper and the material used.

In the Cloud, a finely sewn mesh overlays a new one-piece jacket, giving the outside a simple look that can provide the right support. The Cloud tab is padded to ensure cushioning and to facilitate fit, as well as eliminating any strain on the neck.

Cloud X, on the other hand, provides a softer exterior with a mesh that lets you glimpse a second inner layer of the same material (the "stocking" of Cloud X, which we will discuss in more detail below). This two-layer system allows you to wrap your foot further, ensuring more breathability and more dynamic motion without forgetting the right support (necessary, for example, during a mixed training). In the Cloud X, a slimmer tab provides superior performance, giving up the extra cloud cushion for greater breathability and lower weight.

Another difference is the more "traditional" lacing system to allow Cloud X to better embrace the foot. Despite providing a couple of common laces inside the box, the Cloud is equipped with a fast On system that lets you wear it without having to hook it up. All this adds to the comfort and simplicity that characterize the Cloud, not to mention the convenience when you have to overcome safety checks at the airport or you need to take off your shoes at the end of a busy day.

Finally, also for the back of the Cloud X: an external counter-balloon designed to support, reinforce and maintain the 360 ​​° foot in perfect Running Remixed style.


The last piece of the puzzle to find the shoe that suits you: the differences inside. The first thing to notice in the two Cloud models is the unique fit for the fit. The Cloud features an opening to facilitate foot entry, padded on the edges to support ankles that naturally tire throughout the day. The Cloud X has a slimmer cushioning system, strategically positioned and thought to keep the foot firm and support where it is needed during the race.

Cloud X's fit is more adherent than Cloud's thanks to two-layer mesh that is visible from the outside (the inside acts as a sock, ensuring maximum breathability). Imagine it as a second skin, which supports the foot movements in all directions.

Although both shoes fall into the category of "light", the Cloud X mesh weighs less than the outside of the Cloud, reaching a total weight of 218 grams compared to the 230 grams of the Cloud (US8.5 size). Another factor affecting the weight of the two shoes is the greater cloud cushioning than the two layer Cloud X mesh, thinner and more elastic. That said, when you wear it you will not notice a difference of 12 grams, which practically corresponds to an apple slice.

The verdict

Knowing the technology behind the two models should be easier to understand which one could best suit your needs. Cloud has always been a lightweight, high performance shoe and the new revised version will continue to be. Throughout the day, every day, the Cloud is designed to provide maximum comfort, but also the readiness to deal with whatever life has in life - virtually as though not having it.

Cloud X, however, has been developed for more dynamic movements (in perfect Running Remixed style) with its unique upper and special internal structures. This shoe is synonymous with action. After winning important races around the world (like when he won the last podium step during the Great Scottish Run at the foot of champion Chris Thompson), we can not wait to see what he can do now is available for everyone.



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