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New POC PROCEN cycling helmet, for races against the clock.

Online sale of POC cycling helmet at a discounted price 
The new POC Procen helmet takes inspiration from existing time trial helmets in the POC range, Cerebel Raceday and Tempor (which will remain in the POC range) combining them in a more conventional shape than we are used to from the Swedish brand. POC says its goal for the Procen was to improve the helmet's cooling characteristics, without sacrificing aerodynamic performance compared to the Tempor or Cerebel Raceday.

The Venturi effect: aerodynamics and thermoregulation
The three large ventilation holes on the front use the Venturi effect to improve cooling and reduce drag.
The Venturi effect – the reduction in pressure that occurs when a fluid (or airflow, in this case) passes through a choke point – helps improve the Procen's cooling and aerodynamics. The three large vents on the front of the helmet allow air to flow through it, over the rider's head and out the back of the helmet, carrying excess heat with it.
From an aerodynamic point of view, these holes are "designed to drain the high-pressure area at the front of the helmet." This reduces the buildup of “stagnant air and additional air resistance” that cyclists would otherwise have to overcome. The POC Procen helmet was designed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modeling and analysis and 3D scanning of numerous athletes from the sponsored men's and women's WorldTour teams, EF Education-EasyPost and EF Education-Tibco-SVB.
The rear trailing edge of the Procen helmet has been shaped to reduce turbulence and allow airflow from the outer edge of the helmet to combine cleanly with that from the inside. The "tail" of the Procen is slightly flared at the rear side edges in order to direct the air flow onto the cyclist's shoulders.

What is POC's fastest helmet?
When asked "which helmet is the fastest?", POC responded that it will "depend on the rider" and their position on the bike, but that they are "extremely satisfied" with the aerodynamic performance of the new Procen helmet.

He also noted that getting the best out of the Tempor typically “requires precise body position and technique.” The Tempor helmet is in fact very sensitive to changes in the position of the head, therefore not suitable for cyclists who are unable to optimize the fit of the bike around the helmet or maintain a constant head position during the ride. The Procen takes advantage of the knowledge gleaned from the Tempor (and the Cerebel Raceday) but puts it in a package that is better ventilated and less sensitive to changes in head position.

Adjustable visor, one size, colors
The Procen's final trick up its sleeve is an adjustable and detachable visor.
POC says the Clarity lens can be positioned so that it sits “approximately 10mm” away from the helmet to prevent fogging while a rider is waiting to start the race. It can then be quickly pressed into place just before starting.
The POC Procen is available in one medium size (54 to 60 cm), but includes different sized pads to optimize the fit.
The helmet made its race debut with EF Education-Tibco-SVB riders on Monday at the Vuelta Femenina and will be available for purchase from November 2023.
The two colors available are Hydrogen white and Uranium black matt

The public list price set by the POC parent company is €400.00. But it is possible to purchase it at a discounted price here:
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