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"Nature" is the magic word. In all its variation: natural, natural movement, purity. "Pure" is called the declination of Brooks of nature: a movement of the foot that the shoe does not prevent, and indeed helps and supercharges.
"Pure" is also the natural running line of Brooks and his u.s. House development did treasure trove of insights and teachings and has transferred to them running more traditional. So the new Brooks: the creature It.

The DNA of nature.

Brooks noted that not all runner looking for a natural running experience: often people who come from a traditional shoe – and support – suspension is intimidated by a shoe that lets the foot too free and search anyway the smoothness and responsiveness of a well-structured outsole.
With these assumptions has created It, evolving some patents of successful and highly appreciated by Brooks, as DNA cushioning technology (which now becomes "Super DNA" and cushions with a 25% effectiveness in addition). But not only.

  • Guide Rails:Specific support in the midsole that leave the foot joints by helping and supporting them (an evolved form of antipronazione braces)
  • Ideal pressure Zones: the pressure exerted by the foot is uniform over the entire sole and the entire sole of the foot
  • Ideal: Heel the heel is always well aligned, the race is more natural and easy.
  • Soft Upper: comfort in fit, naturalness and softness: a natural and pure sensation.

Run in the clouds.

So Brooks describes the experience of It: shoes that transcend, which are over. Beyond the earthly experience, beyond gravity. And so the presents, like a rocket ready to overcome the stratosphere and sidereal distances, beyond the clouds.
For the test we will have to wait a few months, however: the It will be available in stores by February 2014.
You can buy online from MOTUS by clicking here
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