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Newton Running is an American company founded only success in 2006 but already at the top of the major international sporting events (the second most used shoe the IronMan of Hawaii 2010).

Newton shoes are a true revolution in the world of travel, within everyone's reach! Newton offers a forefoot (English forefoot running) rather than the heel (heel striking): this is because the most recent studies have shown that an overload on the heel is one of the main causes of injuries such as tendinitis, periostitis, etc.

The forefoot is facilitated by the anatomy of the shoe, very flat, i.e. with a final heel-toe much reduced (2-5 mm). This causes the drum roll begin later than using a traditional shoe, which usually has a differential heel-toe from 10 to 15 mm.

The forefoot is protected by 4 shock absorbers placed under the metatarsals, which serve to cushion the impact and return a thrust forward.

Newton Running range consists essentially of 4 product lines:
-Performance Racer (Distance): fast or racing shoe for advanced athletes.
-Performance Trainer (Gravity or Motus): race shoe/fast workouts for everyone or training to advanced athletes.
-Guidance Trainer (Sir/Lady Isaac): shoe for everyone.
-Earth Momentum: shoe for all with treads by dirt road.

Some myths to dispel about Newton:

-The Newton shoes are for professionals: anyone can run with Newton! Less-experienced runners/heavier can begin with the Guidance and then move to a second phase to the performances.

-The Newton are slightly cushioned shoes: the Newton are cushioned shoes on avanmpiede and not on the heel.

-The Newton are shoes for tri-athletes: nothing more wrong! Are shoes for running, period.

-The Newton are care: are shoes with an innovative highly relevant content that cannot be sold, much like some of the most popular running shoes (Nimbus, Adeniyi, etc.).

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