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Incredibly responsive Shoe with a comfortable fit;
Ideal for the road
Price. The template is positioned on the low end of the range of shoes Newton is still well over 100 euros. Anyway, the price is definitely comparable to the boots aligned competition.
The Newton energy is a good option as a lightweight training shoe for runners with neutral support who want a responsive shoe

Newton Energy General information
The Newton Energy is a new addition to the Newton line and offers a unique technology of Newton Action/Reaction ™ in forefoot sole, though the fins were reduced to welcome and introduce the Galaxy Newton new runners.Action/Reaction technology ™ is designed to provide an optimal response and receive from the ground a high energy return with every step.

Newton Energy Impressions
Newton offers eye-catching colors constantly and light ... and these shoes are no exception. With its flat sole, the Energy is better on the roads, where wings are able to provide an optimal heel-toe transition.The no-frills upper fits comfortably and the shoes seem to match perfectly to the size indicated. The sCARP of Newton are all designed to accommodate custom Orthotics if necessary.
For those who have never raced before with other shoes Newton, the Energy certainly impresses from the very first release.You feel immediately that this is a very refreshing. Both ran easy, but also during some quick progressions, the Energy allows a passc cycle efficiency, which translates into a more efficient stride.
These shoes are snappy and make me want to run fast. Good behavior on moderate pace.With a 6 mm differential heel-toe, the Newton Energy lie somewhere between the traditional workout shoes and models drop to zero and the minimalist barefoot movement.
Newton Energy Midsole
As mentioned, the sole adopts Action/Reaction technology ™ by Newton in 5 actuators (or fins) just under the metatarsal heads of the foot.This feature provides a high level of response and energy return.The support is controlled and comfortable. Newton shoe Energy may take a bit of getting used to, especially for riders who prefer a soft and highly cushioned shoe.
I very much appreciate the fact that in the midsole medial hard plastic element that can be found in many running shoes.The midsole and outsole are made, like all Newton, shoes with recycled materials.The Energy has something to offer to both corridoriabituati a traditional workout shoes, both runners who prefer a minimum and responsive.It's a shoe can be used both for medium to long distances, both for separated and the threshold.

Newton Energy Upper
The upper is simple and comfortable.There are no irritating seams.Flexible Panels allow the foot to expand with natural movements.The toe-box provides enough space for expansion and thrust fingers.

Newton Energy NR Review
Newton has really spot the Energy model.This shoe offers something for nearly all runners, in terms of responsiveness, efficiency and energy return on the road.

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