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Olympic Triathlon Italian Championships: Classifications Caorle 2016

Public performance at Venetian beach in Porto Santa Margherita; Facchinetti and Steinhauser Italian champions of absolute Olympic triathlon today in Caorle
Tricolors under 23 for South Tyrol and Delian Stateff.

What a day in Caorle: a tricolor show on the Venetian beach of Porto Santa Margherita where 230 athletes were welcomed, exhorted and looked curiosely by the many spectators present. An attentive and enthusiastic audience prompted participants in the Italian Triathlon Championships under 23 with flags and trumpets in green, white and red colors, fascinated by the discipline that combines swimming, biking and walking. To win the absolute title in very competing races Luca Facchinetti (TT Ravenna) and Verena Steinhauser (Triathlon Cremona). For the latter also the title under 23, the male won by Delian Stateff (Flames Azzurre), second absolute.

The men's competition is a fierce race since the first boots. After 1500 meters on the Adriatic Sea, headed Stefano Rigoni (Padovanuoto Fidia), Marco Dalla Venice (Liger Team) and Gregory Barnaby (707), Tommaso Crivellaro (DDS) and Luca Facchinetti (TT Ravenna). In cycling, at the end of the second round of the eight scheduled, a group of a dozen athletes is formed, on which Giulio Molinari (Carabinieri) has returned, recently second in the Challenge of Iceland. In the Molinari half race, the escape is successful. Kilometer after kilometer, the Etu Challenge champion on average distance in 2014 and vice champion 2015, increases the lead. In the change zone he comes first. After 1'03 in the change zone - T2 comes Dario Chitti (Cus Parma), Marco Corrà (Minerva Roma), Facchinetti, Barnaby, Stateff, Massimo De Ponti (Carabinieri) and Dalla Venezia. In the fraction of walking, however, everything changes. Molinari is taken shortly after, by Stateff and behind us we are on the rush. On the goal of Piazzale Portesin, after 1h52'24 '', he raises his arms to the sky and graduates Italian champion of absolute triathlon, the Ravenna Facchinetti. Reached and passed, one mile from the arrival, Stateff, second in 1h52'43 ''. For the young man, who is already part of the absolute national rose, after a bronze under 23 in the same distance, finally the tricolor of the category. On the third step of the absolute podium, in 1h53'10'', De Ponti, this year bronze in the Ettu Cup of Melilla, which proves not only specialist sprint but also very much grown in the Olympic distance.
In the podium of the category, a great satisfaction for the Venetian From Venice, between Stateff and Dario Chitti (Cus Parma), two athletes with many international experience. For Chitti, a recent European silver under 23 of triathlon and victorious in the Criterium Universitario which gave him the pass for the world championships which will be held in Nyon, on Sunday, August 7, a valuable bronze.
"This first absolute title, after a silver and two bronzes, really wanted me - said the Facchinetti - after the disappointment of the Olympic qualification escaping a breath, this shirt takes me a bit bitter in my mouth. Otherwise, I will go to Rio to do the technical support of the two Olympic races for Rai. Today, the swim part was quite complicated for the strong current we found, in the bike I knew that Molinari would have tried to escape and so I tried to save myself. Then on foot I believed, when I have to suffer sometimes I can do it more than others. I tried to get closer to Stateff, I saw his advantage tapered and I did not give up until I reached the finish line . "

Absolute podium men caorle2016
To open the women's race the tricolor day. After the swim, comes Sharon Spimi (Polisportiva Riccione) for the first time, followed by Sara Papais (TD Rimini) and Giulia Sforza (Triathlon Cremona) and other athletes for a fortnight. After a few rounds, a group of 12 athletes settled, including Angelica Olmo (Carabinieri), Margie Santimaria (Gold Flames), Verena Steinhauser (Triathlon Cremona) and Elena Maria Petrini (Fiamme Azzurre). Behind, however, Giorgia Priarone (TD Rimini) is recovering very fast and is recovering seconds on seconds at every turn. Sara Dossena (Raschiani Triathlon Pavese) fails to scratch and stays behind a few minutes. At the entrance to the change zone - T2 enters first Santimaria, but Steinhauser is fast, first comes out for the walking distance fraction and immediately pushes on the accelerator. Kilometers after kilometer the Cremona caretaker earns on trackers, Olmo and Papais. But by subway the positions of the podium change, except the first step that is firmly in the hands of Steinhauser. Twenty-one South Tyrols after 2h05'12 '' is the absolute Italian champion and under 23. For her, the statement that crowns a really positive season, started with the duettle duo under 23 and continued with a brilliant third place in the Eu Cup Elite of Melilla, Spain, April and the 11th place in the Cagliari World Cup event in May. Behind her, with the turn of 2h05'58 '', Papais confirms the excellent year, he started third in the Eu Cup in Madrid in May and climbed up to the 12th place to Elite triathlon Europeans. For Steinhauser and Papais a wonderful double, with gold and silver both in the absolute category and in the under 23. Third place for Giorgia Priarone (2h06'35 ''). To complete the podium under 23 Olmo (2h07'25 ''), who suffered in the last fraction on foot.
Absolute podium women caorle2016
For quick, video, photo visit the Facebook page " Silca Ultralite Triathlon ", source and the channel You Tube " Silca Ultralite Vittorio Veneto ".

Italian Triathlon Olympic Championship
(1.5 km to swimming, 40 km by bike, 10 km race)

Male. 1. Luca Facchinetti (Triathlon Ravenna) 1h52'24 '', 2. Delian Stateff (Fiamme Azzurre) 1h52'43 '', 3. Massimo De Ponti (Carabinieri) 1h53'10 '', 4. Giulio Molinari (Carabinieri) 1h53 '50' ', 5. Gregory Barnaby (707) 1h54'12' ', 6. Marco Dalla Venezia (Liger Team Keyline) 1h54'31' ', 7. Dario Chitti (Cus Parma) 1h54'44' ', 8. Tommaso Crivellaro (DDS) 1h54'56 '', 9. Alberto Casadei (Flames Gold) 1h55'42 '', 10. Stefano Rigoni (Padovanuoto Fidia) 1h56'35 ''.

Female. 1. Verena Steinhauser (Triathlon Cremona) 2h05'12 '', 2. Sara Papais (TD Rimini) 2h05'58 '', 3. Giorgia Priarone (TD Rimini) 2h06'35 '', 4. Elena Maria Petrini (Fiamme Azzurre ) 2h06'46 '', 5. Ilaria Zane (DDS) 2h06'56 '', 6. Angelica Olmo (Carabinieri) 2h07'25 '', 7. Sara Dossena (Raschiani Triathlon Pavese) 2h08'00 '', 8. Margie Santimaria (Flames Gold) 2h08'34 '', 9. Francesca Ferlazzo (TTS) 2h12'02 '', 10. Sharon Spimi (Polisportiva Riccione) 2h12'09 ''.

Under 23.
Male. 1. Delian State (Flames Azzurre) 1h52'43 '', 2. Marco Dalla Venezia (Liger Team Keyline) 1h54'31 '', 3. Dario Chitti (Cus Parma) 1h54'44 ''.

Under23 men podium



Female. 1. Verena Steinhauser (Triathlon Cremona) 2h05'12 '', 2. Sara Papais (TD Rimini) 2h05'58 '', 3. Angelica Olmo (Carabinieri) 2h07'25 ''.

Podium under23 women


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