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scarpa running ON CLOUDSURFER 2016 MEN NAVY & STEEL FRONT.jpgOn: A totally different running sensation.

Yes/no cushioning. Minimal cushioning or not. No cushioning. Support. No, no support.

You can still come up with something in the field of running shoes? You can, so they thought those On a few years ago.

Put three friends. They run. Stop them. No, you can't.

Olivier Bernhard and his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti thought that perfect shoe have not yet made any. Olivier was a champion duathlon which often had suffered from tendinitis. He was convinced that it was because of the shoes. Talked to his friends and together they began to do prototypes. The idea – like all brilliant ideas – is that running develops energy that is dissipated: is discharged to the ground, but for whose benefit? About what? Better to recover it, to give the runner a new and fuller running experience. Thus was born the idea of a patent which stores the energy accumulated during the compression phase and releases during deadlift, increasing the energy developed in the deadlift, but in pure mechanical form. Makes it so more efficient running.

Inspired by a hose to water the garden.

Well, it's not the tube itself has persuaded. It is more correct to say that this tube was used to create the first prototypes: do they cut a few centimetres long, the sections they glued under the sole and came up with a prototype that contained the germ of future form: cloud, cloud-shaped section feature that characterizes the cells of these innovative sole shoes.

The new size of the harmonisation.

The cushioning – thought the three friends – only works during compression: reduces that is pushing the foot down. But there's no jumping like kangaroos. It is pushed forward. Then why not exploit this energy stored? Yes, but how? Reinventing the cushioning system, which does not just softens but it loads like a spring, to release during deadlift, making the ride more smoothly and efficiently, as well as more natural. And "natural" is another interpretation of this revolutionary footwear: its inventors wanted the feeling of racing was as natural as possible: they wanted to feel the road beneath the foot (compression) and harness energy when the foot comes off the ground.

Running on clouds.

Is the promise of the founders of On, born in October 2012 in 2010 and that operationally sold the 100millesimo pair of shoes.
The sky is full of clouds, but are clouds that do not bring rain and they are soft. And push us towards new roads.

The ons are available from MOTUS rates ranging from 114 € to 153 € in Italy. To purchase online, click here.


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