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Now measure your Watts of power on a bike isn't all that expensive. With the new power meter for cycling ROTOR POWER LT, lightness and affordability are affordable for all cyclists who want to train and compete by monitoring their parameters of power on the pedals. An easy and light, with only 535g of weight (Crankset, powerLT complex, without the crowns). Available co aluminium shaft with a diameter of 30 mm and with a BCD 110x5.
This new power meter is a collaboration between ROTOR and the UCI Pro Team Lampre-Merida.
In contrast to his older brother ROTOR POWER METER, the new POWER LT detects the power just on the left crank. Therefore in this case it is not possible to have both the performance data of the right leg and left leg.
The power is detected with high accuracy, thanks to data sampling frequency of 500 Hz.
Reading data of deformation on the left crank is along three axes, preserving the power given by disorders related to asymmetric deformations, lateral loads, road conditions, etc.
Also the POWER LT ROTOR is immune to errors induced by temperature changes, because the sensors are positioned where you don't generate tension-related deformations caused by temperature variations.
Also the new POWER LT has no MAS, i.e. the MICRO ADJUST SPIDER, the POWER METER device that allows a fine adjustment (2.5°) of the OCP QRING crowns and QXL ROTOR.
The new POWER METER ROTOR is compatible with ANT + devices, allowing, for example, transmission and power data visualizzaizone on computers like the GARMIN EDGE or similar.
The cranks of the ROTOR POWER LT are available in three different sizes in length: 170 mm, 172.5 mm, 175 mm
The power of the battery POWER METER is replaceable so easily, without the need to use appropriate tools.
For more details and to purchase the ROTOR POWER LT, CLICK HERE
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