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altOsymetric crowns are designed by Ing Rocks and Jean Louis biomechanical Talo two
French specialists of Physiology and biomechanics applied to the bike.
The Osymetric have a special feature.Not the oval elliptical or crowns.
They are Twin Cam or crowns with double cams.
Have been designed so that the Crown RADIUS varies in proportion to the force produced by the leg from the top dead centre to the bottom and vice versa.
In fact the t.d.c. 's leg 2 times more faint than when the crank is horizontal. This causes a slowing of angular velocity in the upper dead point resulting in suffering of the musculature pedaling at this stage especially Vastus outside due to a very high torque to the leg and a recovery area as is commonly assumed.
The goal of the geometry of the Crown is to facilitate the work where the leg is weak
(LDCs and SMEs with the implication of a small RADIUS) and generate a greater boost to the leg and strong (i.e. with the crank at the middle of the horizontal axis where the Crown RADIUS and more developed).
Basically where the weak and the small radius while where the leg and strong the RADIUS and bigger.
In summary a 54 teeth Crown to LDCs and SMEs has a minimum radius which produces a resistance of 50 teeth. report.
Among the two dead spots the RADIUS grows in proportion to the strength expressed up to maximum range equivalent to a 58 tooth chainring when horizontal crank and then
decrease until you reach 50 again when the leg goes to the SMEs.
The conditions are those of an annulus by 54 with
concurrent development changes to ride more or less favorable.
We have therefore a Crown of variable geometry that behaves as a third front derailleur.
All regulated by the strength of the legs and not the condition of the course.
The pm is much more quickly then we have greater overall effectiveness of pedalling.
In 2005 the influential French magazine Le Cycle called la corona Osymetric as the best compared to other atypical models 5.
Better for efficiency, weight and price. With a power of 250 Watts, the heart rate and lowest achieving ' energy savings and therefore perform better.
The different studies allow us to determine the efficiency of the crowns are Biomechanical, physiological type at the Monaco Principality ITOPS Cardio Thoracic Centre, Elettomiografico
And with models of mathematical development.
According to what has been said about the studies the Biomechanical study established that
Is there a better adaptation between torque and resistance in pedalling action.
This new balance generates an improved pedaling that becomes more roundabout.
The torque applied and more constant in cycling and this raises the possibility of more grip and then wheel motor with an increase of 10%.
Physiological studies were performed on 21 riders with their bikes and with a test double
For a test of VO 2Max had.
These made it possible to detect a pot Max Aer highest of 10%, most high thresholds of 12% and a lower oxygen consumption of 10%.
Ellettromiografico study allows to establish that there is a higher mobilization of muscle fibers which affect the athletic movement.
Many more muscle fibers work, therefore each fiber works less.
A less intense muscular activity and more profitable side of the PMS then better facilitates passing point.
Mathematical models have allowed us to better synchronize the action of pedaling with the development of the report vary so don't alter that magical balance that exists between the Act of riding and modularity that raises the Crown.
Professional teams demonstrate data to hand an improvement with the use of Osymetric of 3 seconds per kilometre in the lowlands and hilly paths 5 where exceedances of the pm and more difficult and detrimental.
Wiggins and Farrar in the current season got two overall victories in the tour with
Bike that adopted our Crowns. A test of efficiency and an important confidence that showed using our solution.
All tests performed with these study methods on any kind of terrain to determine that the Osymetric make it possible to develop,
Aerobic power better than the 10% thresholds taller by about 12% a muscular level acidity lower than 10 percent in a better aerobic maximum power up to 10% of max power usually expressed.
The results of our athletes who have used and are using Osymetric the testimony.
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