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In POC we never give up on our mission to do everything we can to reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and we are constantly looking for new materials and innovations to enhance safety. SPIN swabs , our new patented technology, have been developed to reduce the impact of falls, reducing oblique forces in any direction.
The most common type of fall produces angled or oblique impact on a surface, which can lead to a rotation of the helmet and head. Research has shown that the force needed to cause severe head injuries is much lower in the case of an oblique impact rather than in the case of a linear impact, so protection against this type of fall is of vital importance.

The SPIN pads are designed to be able to dissipate the forces in any direction, so they work to improve the protection against oblique bumps by allowing the helmet to move over the head.
Placed inside a helmet and in direct contact with the user's head, the SPIN pads replace the traditional flat rubber padding and are able to dissipate any force in any direction so as to reduce the force transmitted to the brain in case of fall.
Spin pads provide comfort and convenience as well as increased safety. By replacing the traditional pads with a technologically advanced system, we have been able to provide an additional level of protection without altering the shape or comfort of our helmet.
In the range of POC helmets for winter skiing and sports, the new POC SPIN technology is available in models such as ARTIC SL SPIN, SKULL ORBIC COMP SPIN, AURIC CUT SPIN, AURIC CUT BACKCOUNTRY SPIN, SKULL ORBIC X SPIN.
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