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The discipline of Triathlon is developing exponentially more and more among the amateur world; more and more amateur athletes pass from a single activity, such as podium, cycling, swimming, to multidisciplinary, or in any case complement their collateral workouts with respect to Their main discipline. We have seen in several articles the reasons why many amateurs choose the Triathlon:

· Minor injuries and therefore more frequent workouts

· Greater sports life (longevity)

· Better results even in single discipline

· Better maintenance of body weight

· Best body balance between the different segments

· Greater self-esteem and greater awareness of their potential

· May Motivation in Practicing Physical Activity

In the same way and simplicity that many athletes from the single discipline to Triathlon practice, it is not possible to consider the organizational aspects of training, nutrition and eventual integration as simplistic. In fact, an aspect that characterizes and differentiates Triathlon with respect to the single discipline (Race, Cycling or Swimming) is precisely the organizational and complexity of combining workouts, double daily sessions, nutrition and integration to be programmed, and in sessions Training and both in the race. This does not mean that it is impossible, but only that you need to leave nothing to chance to avoid management training issues and racing and to continue practicing this wonderful discipline to everyone's reach. So let's look at how best to be able to get organized during workouts and sports integration. Bearing in mind that, especially for those who come from racing and swimming, the triathlon is best able to feed and integrate even during workout due to the use of the bike in the combined sessions or because of the availability of the bath edge For Swimming.

Triathlon feeding

As for the triathlon feeding, it is assumed that you definitely need more caloric gain during the day and the whole week available for workouts than in the single discipline. We do not hypothesize training sessions like IronMan, but already for an Olympic and Ironman 70.3 race preparation, you need to pay close attention to what you are eating, both in quantity and as food quality, and how to Hiring during the training day. We refer to several examples of training during the day!

1. Morning training Swimming 1Hora + Bike 2h00

In this case, we assume that workout starts at 7.00 in the morning with an hour of Swimming and continue with the Cycle for about 2 hours. Surely we will not have the chance to have breakfast, but we could handle the nutrition and integration as follows.

· 6.00 o'clock Light breakfast (Slices 2 + jam + juice or juice)

· 7.00 pm Swimming Training (during Mineral Saline Training)

· 8.00 am Cycle Start Training (during Training Integration with an Energizing Barrette with Mineral Salt, Carbohydrate, and Branched Amino Acids in a Single Solution)

· Hours 10.00 Immediately after training Integration with product for energy and muscle recovery (Carbohydrates, Mineral salts, Amino Acids, Glutamine) to follow Breakfast (Sliced ​​jam and honey snacks + cereal and milk or soy drink, or rice, fresh fruit, fruit Dried nuts or almonds, fruit juice).

2. Lunch break training Lunch 1Hora + 1h30

In this case, we assume that the workout begins at 13.00 with an hour of Swimming and continue with the Race for about 1h30 'assuming a basic aerobic workout. Surely we will have a good breakfast and a snack in the middle of the morning if the work permits.

· 7.00 o'clock Breakfast with roasted slices (or Rice / Butter / Cereal Gallettes) jam and honey, cereals and milk or derivatives, fresh fruit, juice or juice, dried fruit (nuts or almonds). Omega3 Integration!

· 11.30 am Sandwich with Bresaola or Turkey or Salmon or Fresh Fruit Yogurt

· 12.30 pm Idrosaline Solution Pre Race Endurance

· 13.00 Swimming Training (Drinking Water with Addition of Salt and Maltodextrine)

· 14.00 Training Course

· 15.30 pm Muscle and Energy Recovery Integration

· Follow Lunch with Rice or Pasta with Tomato or with Oil + Chicken Chicken + Fruit; If you do not have the opportunity to eat it is good rice salad with tuna!

3. Afternoon / Evening Training Swimming 1 hour or 1h00 or Cycling 2h00

As above in this case, we will have to eat breakfast, snack mid-morning, lunch and snack mid-afternoon. In this way, when we do the training we will not need much, possibly only a mineral solution, carbohydrate with different assimilation, branched amino acids and glutamine to prevent muscle fatigue.

Regardless of what you prefer to eat and integrate before, during and after workout, it is essential to keep in mind some general rules and tips that can make you live a good workout (or race) without having any energy drops making the most of your potential. These rules are valid whether you train early in the morning, at lunch breaks, or in the afternoon / afternoon work.


· If you do not have the opportunity to have breakfast in the morning before training, it should be integrated during training with mineral salts, carbohydrates and amino acids. Between a session and the other may eat a small energy bar.

· How Much is Combined Workout Swimming and Cycling is preferable to integrate during cycling sessions even with something solid (energy bars) or liquid solution containing mineral salts, carbohydrates and amino acids.

· When combining Swimming and Running Combined Workouts, it is preferable to get full of energy before starting swimming session and between a discipline and the other drinking solution for energy and muscle recovery or an easy-digesting energy bar to prepare for Better at the second session (race).

· After combined training it is always better in the 20'00-30'00 post workout to integrate with a recovery solution containing both mineral salts, carbodrates, branched amino acids and glutamine. After this time it becomes harder to recover, especially if we then have a double training session, which often happens for those who do Triathlon.

· It is preferable not to skip meals during training days and especially after training, as muscle and energy recovery would be really compromised, even in the days to come, feeling more tired. So always get organized with the chance to leave me a 30'00 to have lunch or have breakfast right after the workout.

These are the main indications that you should adapt to your needs but that, however, are good for everyone if you are able to apply it best, bearing in mind that recovery post training and then the success of the next training depends on how your body has Recovered and eliminated the previous workout toxins. This means giving a lot of importance to both pre-workout feeding and training integration, and to post-workout (or race) nutrition and integration.

As I always conclude, remembering that these are not empirical indications, but they have to be put into practice every day in each workout to figure out what the solution is to improve for your own needs and technical / physical features! Try to improve your workout and better deal with Triple Discipline.

Good Triathlon and Fun!

By Prof. Ignazio Antonacci

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