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In the Prologo range of cycling saddles came a new one: the DIMENSION saddle.
An innovative saddle for both size and performance. The strengths of the Prologo Dimension saddle are Comfort, Lightness, Performance and Perineal Protection from annoying compressions.
The saddle has a short "nose", about 3-3.5 cm shorter than the traditional saddles, in order to eliminate any annoying contact in the front area, especially in the run-in stages where the cyclist stays more aerodynamic .
The shape is thus shorter and wider than the traditional cycling saddles. This new model is only 245 millimeters long, has a width of 143 mm and a weight of 158 grams (Nack version). The support surface is wide but is also designed to allow freedom of movement to the cyclist's legs. The shape is designed to take pressure from the most delicate parts, an advantage that will be especially appreciated in "running" position with low hands on the handlebar.
The greater saddle width allows you to distribute the weight of the cyclist on a larger surface, benefiting comfort in longer outlets.
The open PAS channel runs along the saddle in the longitudinal direction, eliminating pressure on the perineal area, thus reducing the risk of prostate trouble.

Dimension is a saddle that is offered for all disciplines: road, MTB and triathlon stopwatch.

It is on sale by MOTUS in black or white, double version with Tirox rails (114.75 euros) or with carbon NACK reails (187 euros)

For details and purchases of the new saddle Prologo Dimension CLICK HERE

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