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Preview! Transcend: the future of running according to Brooks


Innovation is always ready to turn, when you least expect it. So, just when we were getting used to hearing about Natural Running and minimalism in running shoes, we are now to deal with the counter-revolution of ultra cushioned running.

brookstranscend4This preamble I need to think a little bit on the last born House Brooks shoe. Unexpected, unexpected. Definitely a real revolution. It's called Transcend and, regardless of what that will be its success and its evolution, certainly opens a new era in running shoes. The tendency of all companies towards the "natural motion" in this model is combined with the search for maximum protection. In summary it is a neutral shoe that can stabilize the support thanks to a kind of life preserver, which the Americans call the roll-bar, located along the whole perimeter of the shoe and that continues on the outer shell, in the heel.

BrooksTranscend-1This system, instead of the classic anti-inserts, pronation is not invasive because it works only if and when you exit from the axis support limiting both ideal hyper-pronation and Supination.

Very interesting is also the size of the midsole. The bead has width and height classic (24 mm) but is a little more rounded to make more natural the first phase of the drum roll. The medial area is much wider than normal and fully endorses the terrain favoring cushioning and stability while the forefoot is 4 mm higher than the standard (then 16 mm).

Brookstrascend-2Thanks to this increased height there is a better distribution of weight drain while turning (less concentrated in the heel). Changes noting midfoot and onwards are much more marked in the forefoot area where 4 mm in addition should give a feeling of softness very accentuated.

The midsole is made from a new compound, called Super DNA, which merged the BioMogo base compound and the improved version of DNA. Brooks claims to have improved by 25% shock-absorbing capacity. The new mixes, more flexible than the standard ones, and an advanced study of bending lines allow you to maintain optimal sensitivity under the forefoot in spite of 4 mm of additional material.

Brookstrascend-4The shape is unusual, especially if it compares to minimalist shoes of the last period. Of course we could not yet discover it by testing it on the road. We have limited ourselves to tell this shoe according to preliminary indications that Brooks has provided when American preview a few weeks ago.

This model will be available in stores starting in February 2014.

You can buy online from MOTUS by clicking here

(edited by Rosaruio Palazzolo)

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