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Sale Frame Wheels ARGON 18, Nitron Pro, Gallium Pro, E119 TRI, E117

Sale of chassis Road bikes and Triathlon ARGON 18, Nitron Pro, Gallium Pro, E119 TRI, E117

ARGON18 is a Canadian street bike brand and Triathlon born in 1989.
Over the last 25 years, ARGON18 has constantly innovated to provide its athletes and their customers with a more productive product. The first 100% carbon cycling frame dates back to 2001.
In 2007 ARGON18 is 2 times on the podium at Kona's Ironman World Championship.
After numerous collaborations with professional cycling teams, in 2005 ARGON18 became the official sponsor of Team BORA-ARGON18 and participated for the first time at the Tour de France.
In 2017, ARGO18 becomes the official supplier of Team ASTANA PRO CYCLING.
Also in 2017 ARGON18 is the 5th absolute brand for the number of bikes at KONA's latest IRONMAN. But we see some models of the ARGON18 bike range for the 2018 season.


Frame we read just 830g, but at the same time very rigid. The geometries of this frame have a particularly aerodynamic design that offers maximum rideability even in the most demanding slopes. The NITROGEN PRO chassis also comes with a carbon-built aerodynamic handlebar that guarantees better aerodynamics (less than 30% strength compared to a traditional 4-blade front handlebar with a saving of more than 5 watts). This winged handlebar offers greater rigidity thanks to the solution in a single handlebar-attachment, without losing the chance to have all the adjustments of a traditional solution.
Finally, the presence of front aerodynamic brake calipers placed behind the fork liners should be emphasized.
MOTUS price of the chassis kit: 4312 euros. Possibility of assembly with components, wheels and transmission unit at will


The weight of the ARGON18 NITROGEN frame is only 990gr. The fork weighs instead 366gr. Unlike the NITROGEN PRO, the NITROGEN chassis kit does not include the carbon-built handlebar. The rear derailleur fork is carbon and replaceable. The central movement box, like in all ARGON18 frames, is BB86 type. Note the carbon reversible aerodynamic seatbelt. MOTUS price of the chassis kit: 2631 euros. Possibility of assembling with components, wheels and transmission unit at will. BUY NITROGEN TELG ARGON 18


Available both in the disc brake version and in the traditional brake version. The weight of the frame is 769gr (861gr in the DISC BRAKE version). This is an extremely light and comfortable frame, suitable for all routes. GALLIUM PRO is the perfect bike for climbing lovers. It allows mounting of wheels up to 28mm thick. The GALLIUM PRO steering tube, like other ARGON18 models, features 3D HEADTUBE technology, with integrated spacers of 10mm and 20mm, allowing 3 different height adjustment for the steering range and increasing the rigidity of the front axle compared with the use of traditional thicknesses . Plus note of this frame is the central movement with ceramic bearings CERAMICSPEED The GALLIUM PRO is also available in the TEAM REPLICA ASTANA version. MOTUS price of the chassis kit: 3079 euros. Possibility of mounting with components, wheels and transmission unit as desired ACQUISTA GALLIUM PRO TELAIO ARGON 18


One of the lightest ARGON18 frames, with its 798gr weight. Thanks to the thicknesses supplied, the steering range can be adjusted in height from 15mm to 25mm. The ASP1600 carbon seatpost is reversible and allows a saddle back from 15mm to 25mm. GALLIUM is a chassis tested on the most important routes of the WORLD TOUR circuit.


ARGON18 E119 TRI is a gorgeous frame with geometries specifically designed for triathlon. In monocoque carbon, the E119 is designed for maximum aerodynamics. Handlebar and wheels are easy and fast to disassemble for those who often travel. The vertical column has a 78 degree angle. The front brake is embedded in the fork and is covered to improve aerodynamic efficiency. The brake is also considerably lighter than a Dura Ace brake caliper. The rear brake is positioned over the oblique lashes, in an aerodynamic position that increases the wheel housing, avoiding the friction of the rim on the skids (eliminates the need for quick release allowing a faster wheel change).
In size M the frame weighs only 1130gr. The cables run 100% inside the piping. The chassis kit also includes a carbon handlebar with attachments.
ARGON E119 is also available in the TRI + version, which also includes storage systems (for fingers or accessories) and for hydration, front and rear, designed in synergy with the chassis to ensure that it does not compromise the aerodynamic efficiency of the " bike set + accessories. MOTUS price of the chassis kit: 3863 euros. Possibility of assembly with components, wheels and transmission unit as desired BUY E119 THREE ARGON FRAME


The younger brother of the E119 TRI model is a UCI approved frame of 1470gr., Also 100% carbon monoxide. Equip the same fork of the NITROGEN model, The rear fork is horizontally mounted on the wheel, machined CNC and interchangeable. The seat is made of aerodynamic carbon, with a 78 degree angle. Fremo bodies are aerodynamic TRP, for maximum performance and reliability. For the E117 TRI chassis, the TRI + version includes front and rear accessories for hydration and storage. MOTUS price of the chassis kit: 1848 euros. Possibility of mounting with components, wheels and transmission unit as desired BUY E117 THREE-STANDARD ARGON 18

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