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Sale Hoka One One shoes: speed instinct, speedgoat, mafate, stinson, challenger, clifton, vanish, gaviota

Choosing the right shoe with HOKA ONE ONE between speed instinct, speedgoat, mafat, stinson, challenger, clifton, vanish, gaviota

You are a runner or a trailer, your goal is speed or strength, performance or comfort. Have you ever wondered, "What will be my right shoe?" In this article we will look at the whole collection of HOKA ONE ONE winter fall 2017, many of them considered the shoe of the moment for both the trail world, which surely represents the core business of the brand , both for road racing.
The investments made by the two French companies Jean Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud have been directed both to the mountain and to the asphalt, and this has led to the historic result in the KONA 2017 scandal where HOKA has hit the competition on 18 , 1% of Lava magazine's shoecount preferences vs. 12.6% of SAUCONY and 12.4% of ASICS.
Not only at EXPO's show HOKA sold 625 pairs of shoes over the old record set in the last edition and record of all time.
It is a clear sign that HOKA has raised the stand of performance and comfort not only for track but also for running models. Let's look at them in the specific one for one, pointing out the features and differences between model and model. To help you choose the right shoe, we list the innovative features of the new HOKA ONE ONE collection.


Inspired by Karl Melzter, who holds the record of races over 100 miles in addition to the record of the Appalachian Trail (2,190 miles), which embodies the motto "Go Everywhere, Run All", this shoe is designed to attack all categories of technical route . And with this daring and fully redesigned iteration, we have improved form, stability, and durability. Built on a new slab, the larger midsole creates even more stable platform for the foot and offers a wider fit on the tip with reinforced areas where they serve. The Vibram® sole is deeper and more aggressive and adapts to all types of challenging terrain, while the revised upper improves comfort in the upper part of the shoe. The SPEEDGOAT is a fast shoe for demanding tracks. Sale from motos HOKA SPEEDGOAT 2.


A soft and responsive shoe, SPEED INSTINCT 2 incorporates HOKA's PRO2Lite ™ technology to provide a more cushioned and durable heel. Light cushioning with lightweight midsole is achieved thanks to a full rubber sole, equipped with multidirectional tabs for better traction. Above the sole is a more sophisticated upper with an adaptive fit, a more breathable mesh pattern and a foot support. The SPEED INSTINCT 2 is one for a track runner, adaptable enough for running on the mountains and for the most demanding downhill. Sale from motos HOKA SPEED INSTINCT 2


The MAFATE SPEED 2 has been designed to provide support and cushioning on any technical ground and at any distance, featuring a deep chassis designed for foot support and a Meta-Rocker tuned to facilitate soft footsteps during travel. The sole uses deep grooves to fit a variety of terrain and the 5 mm Vibram® Mega-Grip sole grip ensures stability even in the most debilitating terrain. The MAFATE SPEED 2 is suitable to follow you kilometer after kilometer, far enough where your trail takes you. Sale from motos HOKA MAFATE SPEED 2


HOKA STINSON AT4, built on a new, broader base, the STINSON ATR 4 has a much improved shape that suits what is meant for long and technical routes and on any background you want to explore. This All Terrain model is equipped with a wider area of ​​the forefoot, coupled with the dampening feature and the durability of the sole; this means that with this model you can go faster and longer with a small impact on the articulation of the foot and lower limbs. The new sole allows it to be used in any condition and situation that you will find in an ultra-durable race where you can alternate different background and weather conditions even within the same performance. Stinson 4 really puts All Terrain in ATR. It has an aggressive look for aggressive performance, HOKA STINSON ATR 4 can take you away with maximum comfort. Sale from motos HOKA STINSON ATR 4


A versatile shoe, this shoe excels in the mountains, on the roads, and in any medium. Nicknamed Clifton for trail ruinning, this updated CHALLENGER is soft, fast and very safe. The now well-defined geometry of the HOKA intersuola allows a smooth travel throughout the movement and the 3 's suportive fit for the metatarsus makes it even more comfortable on the road or on the trails. The breathable upper with reinforcement and rubber overlays and the pulleys for traction in all terrain complete the offer. Sale from MOTOR CHALLENGER ATR 3


As you would expect from its prestigious Clifton brand, version 4 is light, soft and very, very fast. Inside there is the midsole with the famous geometry of HOKA, to which an updated foam layer has been added to ensure a constant cushioning throughout the life of the shoe. The surprising look of CLIFTON 4 will surely attract everyone's looks. And this before you experience the best fit and mesh mesh. It is still very Clifton but with an air of refinement in this latest version. We put this new Clifton into the fastest-performing HOKA brand's family of shoes, and certainly the one presented in this collection is the best Clifton ever. Sale from motos HOKA CLIFTON 4


VANQUISH 3 is made for the runner in search of a premium, brilliant ride that requires comfort and reactivity to a new level. Built on a new midsole consisting of two layers of EVA, lightweight and versatile, further refine the Vanquish 2 Competition Winner of the Competitor Magazine Editor's Choice. Asymmetric external upgrade supports all parts of the foot and improves breathability. Sale from motos HOKA VANQUISH 3


Designed to run on hard, artificial surfaces, BONDI 5 gives you comfort for long walks, and enough traction to accompany you in the trails if you want to deal with them. The evolution of the Bondi family, 5 is the most cushioned in the specific street line of HOKA ONE ONE. With another foot tip fitting, enhanced breathability and support, and better compression set, provides a smooth, cushioned and balanced effect in the travel movement. The full-EVA midsole and the Meta-Rocker layer are mounted on an up-to-date Comfort Frame frame and the padded tongue with a superior comfort throughout the foot. Sale from motos HOKA BONDI 5


An excellent stability shoe, GAVIOTA has a better cushioning with the new HOKA ONE ONE J-FrameTM technology. The HOKA J-FrameTM provides support and protection during the foot guide without the use of rigid and unreasonable materials. The improved sole thanks to the new EVA / Rubber RMAT® ensures longer wearing durability: this is an ideal shoe for the runner who wants to shake off the constraints of traditional support shoes. Sale from motos HOKA GAVIOTA


HOKA ONE ONE, known for its innovative approach to the race, tackles stability issues with the arrival of Arahi. Quite light and cushioned, the ARAHI redefines what it is you can do with a support shoe. With HOKA's new J-FrameTM technology, technology designed to further enhance the active frame provides support and protection while riding the foot without the use of rigid materials. They call it dynamic stability. We believe this is the future of the stability racing shoe. Sale from motos HOKA ARAHI


HOKA ONE ONE Clayton 2 shoes are a low heel-toothed model, designed to provide maximum damping. Ideal for those who like to run daily and have a support to the ground with supination or neutral. The Hoka One One Clayton 2 is a versatile model for anyone who is running daily. The forefoot is harder than the heel, so it can be more propulsion in the race while the high soles absorb the impact of the impact on the ground. the RMAT sole promotes shock absorption while the wide impact area disperses the vibration. These Hoka One One Clayton 2 are a sporty model for every dynamic sport. Sale from motos HOKA CLAYTON 2


Agile, responsive and dynamic, the TRACER 2 is our lighter walking shoe. You will not find another shoe with the same lightness and the same softness elsewhere. We kept everything you liked the original. Specifically, the dual-density PRO2Lite dampness offers optimal damping in the heel and forefoot response, the feel of fitting footwear and its unique balance between protection and performance. Adding to this is a new ultra-lightweight upper featuring a mesh designed with a more wrap-around forefoot and TPU overlay for those looking for performance when the race gets fast. The top is finished with a repeat pattern inspired by the Doppler effect. Sale from motos HOKA TRACER 2


Called by the Maori HUPANA word meaning "return to spring", this model thanks to its RMOT® sole and midsole creates a feeling of flying just above the ground. This feeling is reinforced by the ultra-breathability of the knit top. Hupana is a shoe that you can wear all day long. From the racing to the race to the city, the feeling of softness for which HOKA is renowned and the lightness of the sole and midsole RMAT® create a unique combination of durability and responsiveness. With its clean lines, great versatility and great fit, Hupana is a shoe that you want to add immediately to your collection of running shoes. Sale from motos HOKA HUPANA
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