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Sale ON RUNNING running and trail running shoes

Sale Shoes On running: running and trail running shoes for those who love running.

Sale Shoes On running: running and trail running shoes for those who love running.

From motus you can find the Shoes on running at the best price: men's running shoes, running shoes for women, trail running shoes for men and trail running shoes for women

No one, more than the creators of the On running shoes, must have wondered what a runner is looking for in a pair of running shoes. It is a question that only those who really run can answer. And whoever imagined and then created the shoes On running knows this well. Because behind it there is not only experience but three experiences: those of three fans for running, able to look at the race with different eyes. A former duathlon champion, an engineer from the Zurich Polytechnic and a simple, so to speak, lover of running. Together, they decided to create the perfect running shoe. The shoe that in just eight years has become the running shoe chosen by millions of runners worldwide. At the base of the global success of On Running shoes, there is only technique and passion. The technique behind the design of every single model is the passion of the race, which makes On a shoe suitable for the amateur race as well as to face the toughest routes and allow, for example, Frederik Von Lierde to win in the 2013 the title of Ironman cutting the finish line first with his On Cloudracer at his feet. Or suitable for those who, like Triathlon champion Nicola Sprig, get on the podium at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro after running with an On running pair

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What makes On running shoes so special?

Technique and knowledge of the race. Of the ability to give to those who run on a pair of shoes, the feeling of "running on clouds". Extreme lightness is accompanied by a cushioning capacity limited to just the foot support phase, letting the shoe be free to follow the natural thrust of the foot a second after touching the ground and giving, literally, the feeling of taking flight from the ground. Cushioning and take-off thus become a natural sequence that never hinders the race but accompanies it making it incredibly light. And it's not just a feeling. Studies carried out on On shoes, performed by leading scientific institutes such as the Swiss Federal Institute in Zurich, show that those who have raced wearing On shoes on their feet, run with a lower than average heart rate and lower blood lactate levels.
Wearing On Running shoes means choosing a company that makes research, innovation and development a goal to be achieved every day. And the succession of prototypes and models over time testifies to attention to the race that never fails. As in 2014 when On launches the On Cloud shoes, the first fully cushioned shoe.
Today On running offers models based on patented technologies such as Helion super foam, which ensures maximum resistance to stress and, at the same time, the highest levels of lightness that combine cushioning and elasticity, maintaining maximum performance in all weather conditions.

The leading shoes are ON RUNNING, running and trail running shoes: ON CLOUD, ON CLOUD X, ON CLOUDSWIFT, ON CLOUDFLOW

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