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Santini TriO Senigallia: Rankings and Reports of Olympic and Sprint

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Triathlon Weekend at Senigallia for the second leg of the Garmin TriO Series circuit.
On Saturday, July 16th, we were planning the Olympic, but adverse weather conditions forced the organizers to turn the race into DUATHLON, with a 5k distance / 40k bike / 5k race distance.

The difficulties have changed the cards from the strategic point of view to the athletes who counted on the nudge to take advantage of the opponents, but they did not excite the enthusiasm: at 12:00 the first female drum started and the other 5 men in Rank of national rank. The women's race was dominated by Sara Dossena (Raschiani Tri Pavese), a strong racer who reached the T1 with 30 "lead over Gaia Peron (TTRavenna) and Denise Tappata (Civitanova Triathlon). The fraction of cycling saw Dossena take another advantage over Peron and both ran the 40 kilometers of solitary and windy walks. Behind them a small group of opponents tried not to lose too much ground fighting for third place. Arriving in T2 with further detachment, Sara Dossena ran the last 5 kilometers on foot cutting the finish line at 01:53:16. A great victory for Sarah, who has just returned from competitions after a long stop due to a stress fever in the peloton. On the second step of the podium Gaia Peron, with 6'30 "detachment and third Denise Tappata with 06'39" detachment.


Olympic sanctuary


On the male side of the race, Gregory Barnaby (707), Nener Kenji (AUS) and Riccardo De Palma (CSE army), followed a few seconds by Riccardo Mosso (707) and Camporesi Mattia (TDRimini). Partying for the fraction of cycling together, they faded right at the beginning of the ascent when Gregory Barnaby attempted an escape followed by Nener Kenji, unfortunately then disqualified because he left in the wrong battery. The goal banner was cut by Gregory Barnaby at 1:40:22, according to Riccardo De Palma with a posting of 02'19 "and Marco from Venice (Liger Team Keyline) at 02'44"


Olympic santini prizeU

On Sunday 17th, Weather gave a wonderful day and SPRINT went on a regular basis and at 10:00 am, with a crowd packed with tourists, caretakers and spectators, this race turned out to be really fast And fought.

The women's race saw a gritty Alessandra Tamburri (ASDMinerva Roma) out of the water with almost a minute of advantage over Myriam Grassi (707) and Giulia Bedorin (707). "At the end of the initial straight I noticed that the 707 girls were close enough so I waited for them to ride together. They have tried a few clicks, there is, "says the Tamburri," but we stayed together until the end of the fray. I went to T2 to try to get away Myriam right away and I did my race to cut the finish line. " Queen of this first edition of the sprint Santini Trio Senigallia is therefore the young Alessandra Tamburri closing at 01:08:31. Second Myriam Fats in 01:09:32 and third Giulia Bedorin at 01:10:33

Santini photo awardSPRINTD

The men's race was fought up to the end: the first of the Marco Dalla Venezia (Liger Team Keyline) golf club followed by Gregory Barnaby (707) and Alessio Fioravanti (ASD Minerva Roma). The bicycle fraction saw the head group struggle and attempt several attacks, though no one was able to break away and the arrival at T2 saw a few seconds to get together Alessio Buraccioni (ASDMinerva Roma), Riccardo De Palma (CSE army ), Andrea Pederzolli (ASDCus Trento), Riccardo Mosso (707), Alessio Fioravanti (ASD Minerva Roma), Manuel Biagiotti (Friesian Team), Gregory Barnaby (707) and Marco Dalla Venezia (Liger Team Keyline). Speedy in the gearbox, Riccardo Mosso decided to leave for the rally "I came out of T2 for the first time only to Alessio Fioravanti, we were then reached by Gregory Barnaby. I tried an escape of about 30 meters, but then I had to slow down, keeping my first position down to the finish line, "says Mosso at the finish, cut at 00:58:10. On the second step of the podium Alessio Fioravanti at 00:58:15 and third Gregory Barnaby at 00:58:27

Santini awardSPRINT U


(Fonte Azienda Organizzatrice - FITRI )


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