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The ISM cycling saddles, famous for their comfort, are still growing in the most famous triathlon race in the world.
KONA -. HAWAII 2017: 828 !!
This is the record number of ISM saddles on the 2018 edition of the IRONMAN World Championships at KONA, HAWAII.
In practice, 1 athlete on 3 pedaled on an ISM saddle along the famous QUEEN K.
We can say that the success of the "two-point saddle" does not stop. The undoubted benefits of pedaling are at the heart of the success of the ISM saddle.
The patented form provides a different support that eliminates annoyances and annoyances. With the ISM saddles, the support is no longer on the perineal area but on the ischial bones, leaving the nails and nerves passing through the perineum free from annoying and harmful compressions.
ISM saddles are unisex, as they work both for men and women, and help reduce the pain and annoyance associated with longer bike trips.
Today, many triathlon and cycling professionals (especially cycling on track) use ISM as well as for its comfort even for its shape that allows to keep the aero positions more comfortable over time.
MOTUS is ISM's dealer: in its catalog you can find all ISM models
The S (short) series is very suitable for triathlon and racing against time: PS1.0 and PS1.1
The L (long) series is particularly suitable for comfort: PL1.0 and PL1.1
The series PN (narrow) or narrower odds indicated for traditional cycling: PN1.0 and PN1.1 and PN2.1
Also the PM2.0 model suitable for off-road cycling, X-country MTB
For details and information on the various models at ISM: CLICK HERE
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