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Six-month training plan for the 70.3 Triathlon or Half Ironman race

Six-month training tables for the 70.3 Triathlon or Half Ironman race Six-month training tables for the 70.3 Triathlon or Half Ironman race

Switching to middle distance triathlon and want help with your training? Here's all the advice you need plus two free training plans

A 70.3 distance triathlon consists of 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21.1 km of running . It is also known as a half Ironman or middle distance triathlon .

This race distance can take the fastest athletes in under 4 hours and has an upper limit of 8.5 hours. This makes it a distance that represents a big step up for most athletes.

You will need : a wetsuit that will support you during a longer swim, protective glasses, road bike, helmet and trainers .

You can usually change between disciplines, but a good triathlon suit is ideal for medium distance racing.

You will also need : a nutrition plan that includes salts, hydration and fuel for cycling and running . Often training will be completed twice a day during the week, so your lifestyle needs to support this - make sure you're sleeping and fueling well.

Middle distance races are often said to be the “perfect distance” because they combine the endurance of long distances and, more importantly, the speed of short course racing.

For many triathletes, tackling a 70.3 race is the furthest they will ever go, for others it is a stepping stone to full-distance IRONMAN racing. Whatever it is for you, it should not be taken lightly and requires a commitment to training for race day to be successful.

To complete a 70.3 it's best to have some experience racing triathlons and, ideally, know how your body reacts to exercise stress after 2-3 hours.

Before starting this training program, we expect that you will have already done some basic training during the off-season so that you can complete the sessions described from the first week.

This training plan consists of three different phases: BASE PHASE (8 weeks) + BUILDING PHASE (8 weeks) + PEAK PHASE (8 weeks)

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