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Here is a table of preparation for the half marathon in four weeks ... proposed by David Lyrics
... This is a reference table not suitable for beginners due to the need to have a good aerobic base (bottom) already consolidated. To improve the quality of resistance and the "duration" to the rhythms in a half marathon training is needed based on repeated long. The table provides specific exercises based on rhythms of medium.
Training Means:
LNT = slow Fundrace pace + 20%--->ALLP = stretch in progression
LNG = bottom alongrace pace + 15%--->LNGL = long, slow stroke
MDO = mediumrace pace + 7%--->AS = average pace race
VEL = fast Fundrace pace + 3%--->RPTL = repeated long
Training pace
For a perfect adaptation of the following table to their personal traits you must know your anaerobic threshold (SAN) in order to accurately calculate the rhythms. For those who don't is knowledge and wants to use the table can use a more accurate calculation but quite accurate. It takes into account the best personal time in a 10 Km race and they get the rhythm to miles. Es. my record is 38 ' .11 " at a rate of 3 ' 49" at Km. At this rate should be added a few seconds to get the timing right for each tutorial.
Considering the means of training set out above numerically get the rhythms for each session:
LNT = +55 "
LNGL = +50 "
AS = +30 "/20"
RPTL = + 0/5 "
The table is based on 4 workouts per week with 4 week cycle before the race. We are just in time to begin training next week starting Tuesday, December 23.
Remember to precede each session with a good heating (15 ' -20 ') to slow race followed by a proper cool down (5 ' -10 ').
1LNGL 15 km
5 x 100 m ALLP
RPTL-5 x 2
Rec 3 ' 30 ' '
LNGL 13 km
5 x 100 m ALLP
AS 14 miles
2LNGL 15 km
5 x 100 m ALLP
RPTL-3 x 3
Rec 4 '
LNGL 13 km
5 x 100 m ALLP
LNGL 20 km
AS 5 miles
3LNGL 15 km
5 x 100 m ALLP
RPTL-4 x 3
Rec 4 '
LNGL 13 km
5 x 100 m ALLP
AS 10 km
4LNGL 12 km
5 x 100 m ALLP
RPTL-3 x 2
Rec 3 ' 30 "
LNGL 16 km
5 x 100 m ALLP
Good workout at all
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