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The best advice on Javier Gómez Noya's triathlon

JAVIER GOMEZ ONRUNNING No triathlete approaches Javi Gómez's wins: five times ITU World Champion, Olympic Medal, nine times the world's top ITU ranking and, recently, the Ironman World Champion 70.3 (for the second time). We sat with Javi to hear his best tips and secrets for triathlon success.

1. At the end of the bicycle section, start running the race

As Javi says: "If you can, stretch it over the last kilometer of the bicycle fraction." This helps you prepare the transition to the stroke and activates those muscles in the legs that at that time might not be in use - a smart way to really start with grimace.

2. Train for the race you want

If you are trying to avoid greater distances, the World Champion suggests to rethink your mindset. "Longer does not necessarily mean more tiring, sometimes less time means more tiring because of intensity and speed." What matters most is having a plan and training process for the triathlon that suits your goals and following them consistently to turn them into reality.

3. Speed ​​generates speed

As the old saying goes, the practice makes it perfect so if you're trying to score a new personal record in the triathlon or finish a race at the top of the podium with a broken neck speed, be sure to do everything in your workout as you would in the day of the race. As Javi says:

It's simple: if you want to run fast you have to train quickly.

4. No to negativity

Triathlon is a mental game. Your body is tired and tells you that you want to stop. This is where your mind comes into play, Javi says. You have to convince yourself that you can overcome the internal rumors that tell you to quit, realize that you still have another march and remember that even the opponents are suffering. Tell yourself that you are stronger than other competitors out there and overcome negativity.


5. It's not over until it's over

The final sprint. One of the things Javi is best known for. Your advice? When you see the line of arrival use this motivation as an additional internal boost and think positively remembering the workouts to know that you can do it without a doubt. As Javi says:

At this point in the race nobody is rested then sometimes it is the one who is more mental-minded to take home the victory.

6. When it comes to food, from straight to your body

Before the race, Javi recommends rice, eggs and sweets to have the initial energy and the power that is needed during the race. His favorite meal after the race? Something salty, like pizza, which is one of the favorites of the World Champion.

Ironman 70.3 World Championship Shoe Used by Javi

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