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Those who buy a bike or triathlon time trial, often finds it difficult to choose the correct size of the frame as a function of their anthropometric measures. The cyclist's positioning on a trial or triathlon bike differs from what the same cyclist has on a traditional bike geometries. Different is the use that is made of the bike, different is the pace on the bike (speed), different is the driveability, etc etc. ARGON18, Canadian House specialized in time trial and triathlon bikes, with his models E118, E116, E112 and E80, provides useful tips for choosing the size of the frame as a function of seat height. That is, the distance between the saddle and bottom bracket (depending on the rider's leg length). for each of its models/triathlon time trial bike, ARGON18 suggests the size most suitable chassis. It also provides, for each combination seat height and frame size, minimum and maximum measurements of a fundamental parameter for the time trial triathlon bike: the drop saddle-poggiagomiti, which is the vertical difference between the seat and the padding of poggiagomiti. The value of this difference has an important value to determine the comfort and efficiency of the rider's posture. An excessive or too low level would compromise the pedaling efficiency and the ability to maintain an aerodynamic position for a long time.
To see the tables and ARGON18 be helped in choosing a measure of a triathlon time trial frame, open the file below.
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