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triathlon allenamento tabelle gara agonismoTriathlon training tables: When set to a whole season of training and participation in triathlons , here the training tables suggested by Nicola Camba, fortissimo Sardinian triathlete and coach FITRI. It is 48 tables each concerning a microciclo of 7 days (one week). Are grouped into three phases: the first season of physical adaptation, the second relating to the fundamental period of winter, the third period feelings present together and finally the fourth phase, the competition. To maximize the effectiveness of these tables, it is recommended that

respect as much as possible the movement and rhythms offered for each training session. Shows in this regard even a esplicatica table of codes used to identify the different gaits, which here we summarize briefly:

  • A1: recovery
  • A2: aerobic resistance
  • B0: moderate
  • B1: anaerobic threshold
  • C1: Vo2max
  • C1: capacity to lactic acid
  • C2: lactate peak
  • C3: speed/strength in water
  • FR: resistant force
  • FMV: maximum force fast
  • TC: technique

Last point: the tables are designed for recreational activities , or for the Age Group.

You can download
-48 Tables for training for the Triathlon at this link
tabelle allenamento triathlon agonismo gara age group

-Table and Pace codes for Triathlon trainingtabelle allenamento triathlon agonismo gara age group

All good workout!!

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